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Tsur Taub is a Philosopher and a researcher of the mind and its potentials. He is also the founder of Lucid Thinking: A YouTube channel dedicated to sharing deep and accurate mind-opening insights – a result of 15 years of his research.

Shedding New Light on the Nature of Consciousness

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The nature of consciousness is one of the biggest mysteries science faces. While most scientists nowadays believe consciousness is an emergent property of the brain, if we look deep enough into this assumption, we will find that it is physically impossible (At least, with the current knowledge we have in physics). This insight was termed [...]

Who Am I? Finally, There Is an Answer to the Eternal Question of Self-Identity

By |2019-02-28T19:26:40+03:00March 11th, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Self-Improvement, Spirituality|Tags: , |

Throughout history, one of the deepest questions mankind has asked itself is the question of its true identity: Who am I? While science refers to human beings as a biological organism, philosophers understood that this perspective isn’t sufficient. Our body is changing continuously, yet we remain ourselves. For example, it is claimed that every seven [...]