Using autosuggestion could possibly improve your mood and even help you achieve your goals in life! The main thing is to believe in the power of your own thoughts.

When we face obstacles in our lives, many of us don’t always try to overcome them. Instead, some people tend to expect help from the world. They listen to the advice of their friends (or not-so-friends) and family. Sometimes, they simply expect that eventually, the problem is solved by itself.

The suggestion, which is a pretty powerful tool, plays a very important role here. However, it is not always able to help us, and very often, it may even do harm. Everyone has heard stories about how someone robbed people using suggestion.

But you can also remember the stories with happy endings, for example, the ones about the placebo effect.

But what if you use the powerful tool of suggestion for peaceful purposes such as helping and healing yourself? Why would you rely on others when you can solve your problems without their help?

A well-known notion is that humans do not use the abilities of their brain at 100%, and most of them are still not disclosed. While the myth about us using just 10% of our brains has long been debunked, we still know very little about our most important organ.

It could very well be that we all have some kind of hidden reserves, capable of performing “miracles”. Self-suggestion is one of them, and some people claim that this striking power is capable of truly amazing things, including healing. You can find plenty of examples suggesting that it works.

Autosuggestion in the placebo effect

For example, Italian physician Fabrizio Benedetti who treated patients with Parkinson’s disease gave them a simple saline solution instead of their usual medications containing dopamine.

As a result, patients showed the same reaction as to the real drug. With this experiment, Fabrizio Benedetti demonstrated that the use of the saline solution as a result of autosuggestion triggered the production of dopamine in the body of the patients.

Similar results were also obtained by other doctors and scientists who were experimenting in the field of anesthesia, as well as by those trying to find the cure for rheumatism and gut health issues.

But how to believe in the black when it is white? If you know something for sure, it is hard to convince yourself of the opposite. It is easy to believe in something because of the lack of awareness, even if this deception is for good, and instead of painkillers, a patient takes a piece of chalk.

Blind faith in its healing properties will most likely relieve pain. For example, one scientist did experiments with placebo surgery, which involved patients that were going to have vertebroplasty. It turned out to have a similar level of effectiveness as regular surgery in terms of pain relief.

But it is difficult to make yourself believe that you are taking a great effective medication knowing that it is chalk. And without faith, there will be no result.

An autosuggestion exercise for you to try

Try an experiment. Lie down as comfortably as possible, completely relax, and close your eyes. Imagine a cold winter day, snowflakes, wind, and an ice lake. Visualize an ice hole in the middle of the lake and a person wearing a lightweight swimsuit and getting ready to dip into the hole.

Do you have goosebumps? If yes, then you have managed to ‘take’ yourself to that place. Imagination is the key to effective autosuggestion.

In order to achieve noticeable results in this field, train your imagination by trying to visualize that you are cold when in reality, it is hot and vice versa, or that you have no pain when you do.

You will see that very soon, you will have better control of your own states and will see the power of your thought in action. And most importantly – believe in yourself and always have a positive attitude.

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  1. Sergey

    Your post is very interesting for me, because I am psychiatrist and suggestive therapist.

  2. Alex

    WoW meeting a person like you just puts either more hope and faith in other people, and obviously drives skeptics away (who needds em anyway)! But you are anything you put your mind to believe in, it will attract the circumstances (obviously by action) and somehow the higher the frequency well the better, better situations and people will be attracted, but action is very important, and that drive comes from the mind! I can’t really say what happened, but since I do believe in miracles, I got what I wanted just by keeping faith and acting, and believing:D… can’t say which though and how :S but ya!

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