• Set boundaries

Want to rise above a bad influence today and in the future? Start creating barriers between you and your friends. This way, you’ll make it clear on how they should treat you. You must be very direct on what is okay and what is not when interacting with people.

But how exactly do you set these boundaries? Here are some solutions.

  • Genuinely express your needs and feelings
  • Limit the amount of time you socialize with bad influence friends
  • Don’t force anyone to change but leave it to them
  • Leave friendships where you feel offended or endangered
  • Turn negative people into supporters

Did you know that you can change even the most notorious individual into a supporter? While you may reduce interactions with a bad influence in the short term, you have a great opportunity in the long term to influence them positively.

This is a bold move where you try to reconnect with a negative person after a while. Most likely, your past friend will realize how your life has changed and might also want to emulate you. But you need to be very assertive when expressing your beliefs and ideas.

Let them know that your new lifestyle cannot be altered. The greatest benefit of reconnecting with a past friend is that you get to learn more about yourself.

  • Sleep on it and stay away

One of the main objectives of bad influence friends is to get you into an emotional rollercoaster so you can react. The first thing you should do is get away from the relationship and their environment as soon as you can.

This move will not be easy, especially if you are in the same school or workplace. It is going to turn awkward and you might hurt their feelings. There are several decisions you can make to stay away from them:

  • Stop talking to them and your mutual friends
  • Cut phone communications with them
  • Quit following them on social media

Ensure that you’ve made the above decisions when you are not in an emotional state to avoid regrets. Make sure you have pondered on the matter and are in a relaxed state of mind.

Remember that a bad friend wants you to make irrational decisions and that’s what you want to avoid. So, any time you deal with them, make sure you are in your right frame of mind. You can delay your decision if you feel anger.

Sometimes, you don’t have to react because some people are not worth wasting your time. When you act calmly, your success increases significantly.

  • Initiate relationships with successful people

We all need someone to lean on. When looking for friends, ensure that they are ahead of you in terms of professional and personal development. Remember that success attracts more success. The best thing about successful people is that they are always busy so they don’t have time for gossips.

They are more likely to hang out with you only when you have something important like business ideas. Some might not initiate anything, but don’t be afraid to contact them. As you meet for coffee, emulate their lifestyles and let them guide you.


Do you know the reason a negative person goes out of their way to make you feel miserable? It’s because you may lack self-confidence, plus a combination of other factors which have a lot to do with your life and not the bad influence friends.

To overcome the impacts of bad people on you, it takes a lot of bravery and confidence in yourself. Yes, you can defeat them no matter how influential they are. It’s time to say no to anyone who insists you follow their ways of doing things. Use your self-development tools to defeat these circumstances.

Sure, some friendships are very toxic and it may take a while to abandon them. But keep in mind that nobody should try to make you perfect. So, instead of dwelling on the situation, use the above ways to rise above the bad influence.

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