It can be hard to be nice in a world where everything has changed considerably including our personal values, traditional norms, integrity and equality.

We can find a lack of love, a lack of peace, a lack of tolerance, a lack of patience, a lack of understanding, a lack of acceptance, and a lack of empathy everywhere in our age.

People of the 21st century have become more self-centered than ever. People these days don’t try to understand the feelings, needs and problems of others. They are always keen on satisfying their own needs and goals even by hurting others’ feelings.

The 21st century presents many new challenges to one’s personal, professional, and social development. The world is witnessing unbelievable progress in all walks of life, but it has also become incredibly tough to be nice or kind in today’s world due to the issues that we face in our daily lives.

In this fast-moving era, we are required to gain knowledge of cognitive flexibility, stress patience, and creative thinking. While technology can make us more efficient in our personal, professional and social life, it can hardly help someone be nice.

Lets us have a look at the top reasons why it is so tough to be nice in today’s world:

Economic Needs

Money is an essential thing for us to live in this far and wide developed world. We need money for everything, from buying food to paying bills. These financial needs have made people ready to do almost anything to earn money.

It has become so hard to earn money, especially for those who come from the least privileged layers of society and those who didn’t have a chance to acquire a better education.

We can find a lot of people who engage in robbery, smuggling, drug buying and selling, and many other illegal activities in order to just accomplish their financial needs.

Religious Intolerance

One of the main reasons that stop someone from being nice in this world is religious intolerance. Even in the present day, people disrespect and kill each other for the sake of religion, which is a shame for our educationally developed world.

A lot of issues and violence are taking place in every nook and corner of the world because of religious differences. There are many people who are over fanatical about their religion and are unable to accept and respect other religions.

To be nice in today’s world, you should be open-minded and non-judgmental, which is rarely the case when it comes to strongly religious people. We don’t have the right to interfere in others’ religious faith and hurt their feelings. Keep in mind that everyone has the right to have their spiritual beliefs.


Inequality is another top reason why people fail to be nice in modern society. Some people nowadays experience inequality in every field of their life, including professional, personal and social life. Racial segregation, prejudice against women, the privileged position of wealthy people in society, etc. are still very common in our world.

A lot of poor people are not able to obtain an education while the wealthy ones are always welcomed in educational institutions because they have money.

Women in some countries get too low salaries compared to their male counterparts in the workplace for the same work. Some white people still think that they are superior to black people, and this further promotes inequality in today’s society.

Gender Roles

A lot of people consider that gender issues don’t exist in our era, but it is a wrong guess because they are still present in our modern developed world. In a number of societies, women are not enjoying the same freedom and opportunities as men. Traditional prejudices are still seen in some corners of our world where men are superior and women are inferior.

Women are required to obey men fully and live for their men and children, sacrificing their goals and wishes. In a number of countries, women are not allowed to work and earn money for themselves because of the so-called gender roles.

There are, indeed, a lot of things that stop people from being nice in today’s world. The 21st century creates many challenges and obstacles even though it has also brought us impressive progress in all spheres of life.

The times we live in are cruel and hard, and that’s why things like honesty, sincerity, integrity and compassion towards one’s fellow human being are particularly important today.

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  1. Jack

    I read your thought provoking article on how difficult it is to be nice in today’s world. Its not just true about the developed countries like yours. But it’s also happening in developing and not developed countries. And, frankly speaking, people have gotten used to it. Moreover, why be nice to others? Is it not true that The Nice Guys Finish Last because, after all, what’s so interesting and exciting about being nice? Aren’t we thrilled, excited and entertained by the people who are not nice? Aren’t such people our heroes? And, do we not indulge in hero worshiping them as our role models?

  2. Samwel

    The article was so open to discussion. it was neither a yes nor a no question. The perception is individual’s based thus that was my stand.

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