20. Contumacious

Perverse, stubborn, obstinate, rebellious or willfully disobedient.

21. Hydra

This word comes from the water serpent in Classical Mythology of the same name, whose heads regrew as they were cut off. This word means a persistent, many-sided problem that is difficult to solve.

22. Toska

A Russian word that can be roughly translated as sadness or melancholia.

23. Desiderium

An ardent longing or desire, often for something lost.

24. Hikikomori

This Japanese word means “pulling inward, being confined” and is often used to describe social withdrawal. Hikikomori is a perfect word to describe when a young person becomes obsessed with video games and withdraws from society.

25. Woebegone

Exhibiting great sorrow, or misery.

26. Pusillanimousstar

Cowardly, faint-hearted, fearful or timid. Lacking in courage.

27. Saturnine

This comes from the Latin Saturnus and refers to the planet Saturn which was supposed to have a gloomy influence over people. It means having a gloomy or surly disposition.

28. Languishing

This was a favorite of Victorian romantic novelists where heroines would often let out a languishing sigh because of unfair treatment. It means tender, sentimental, melancholy.

29. Unrequited

Not returned, as in unrequited love. Also an unrequited wrong as in when you have not avenged yourself against someone who has done something bad to you.

30. Taciturn

Inclined to silence, not conversing readily, unsociable.

31. Estrange

To break contact, remove or keep at a distance from someone. To remove affection or attention from someone, or to behave in an unfriendly or hostile manner towards someone you previously liked or loved.

32. Morose

Sullen and ill-humored or pessimistic.

33. Deluge

Heavy, drenching rain or a great flood. Can be used to describe anything that overwhelms such as ‘a deluge of information‘.

34. Pettifog

To bicker about unimportant issues. To be petty.

35. Chicanery

To use subterfuge to trick or deceive.

Closing thoughts

Of course, words that seem beautiful to me might sound ugly to you and in the end, it is just personal preference. But I hope you can use some of these words and that they might make you feel a bit better about some of the ugly things in life. We’d love to hear your beautiful words for ugly things – or just beautiful words in general. Please share them with us in the comments below.

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