What’s worse than being hated? Well, it seems that being ignored is much worse than if someone simply doesn’t like you at all.

Many times in life, you may be ignored. And when this happens, sometimes it’s considered abuse. You can even be ignored by the people closest to you, and that’s when it really hurts. When someone ignores you, it can feel as if you’re invisible to them, and if you’re not strong in self-worth, this feeling is incredibly painful. But not all hope is lost.

What can you do about being ignored?

There are some people who aren’t as affected by the silent treatment, and they usually have strong personalities. Yes, there are incredibly resilient people out there who could care less if they are ignored, at least for the most part.

But this is not the common case. More often than not, people cannot handle feeling neglected or insulted in this manner. And if a particular situation arises, even those strong people that I mentioned earlier can feel the hurt. So, for those who can’t stomach the emotional hurt, here’s what to do when someone ignores you:

1. Be sure/don’t assume

There’s always a possibility that you’re not being ignored, and if this is true, you should find out for sure. Do not just react to what you think. Only react to what you know. If you’re brave enough, just ask the person in question if they are ignoring you.

It could all be just a misunderstanding, and then you can stop thinking about something that was formed in your imagination.

2. Retrace your interactions

Maybe you offended someone, and you don’t even know it. Not everyone tells people when they’re offended, and I’m not exactly sure why. There are probably various reasons why people don’t admit offense, and these reasons have deep roots.

So, if you think that you may have offended someone who is ignoring you, retrace your previous steps in their presence. Think about things you’ve talked about together and see if there may have been hard feelings. If you cannot think of anything, again, approach them and just ask.

3. Set boundaries with loved ones

Unfortunately, your family and loved ones sometimes ignore you the most. If you’re being ignored by these important people in your life, then it might be time to set some boundaries. Their actions are hurting you, but yet, you are constantly reaching out to them.

It’s time to let them know that if they continue to ignore you, for instance, by being on their phone during a lunch date, you’re changing things. You may want to tell them you’d rather have lunch by yourself than fight their phones for attention.

Setting boundaries may make them angry at first, but there’s a better chance to improve your relationships if you are honest about what you won’t tolerate.

4. Don’t try to0 hard

Instead of constantly trying to get someone’s attention when being ignored, just do something else. I don’t necessarily mean ignore them back, but still, don’t put energy into begging for their presence in your life. If they choose to ignore you, then let them.

Show that their silent treatment doesn’t work (just in case, this is a manipulation tactic). Most of the time when you send this message, they come to you and want to talk again.

5. Give more space

Being ignored isn’t always meant to be abusive. In some circumstances, people start ignoring others because they need additional space. If you want to know what to do when someone ignores you, consider this: maybe you’ve been suffocating them for quite some time, and their avoidance seems like they’re ignoring you.

Maybe they’re only trying to carve out some space as long as they can before reengaging in your relationship. To deal with this, ablige them, and give them the space they need. They will appreciate it, and they will come back around soon.

6. Take care of yourself

If you’re feeling ignored, you may be tempted to let yourself go. Maybe you feel better just sleeping or ignoring everyone else as a reaction to one person. Well, it’s not healthy to do either of these things.

First of all, make sure you take care of your health, both physically and emotionally. Also, be nice to people, and don’t project your negative feelings toward those who are hurting you. You can do this.

7. Cut ties if you must

In the worst-case scenario, the person you thought was your friend was not really that close to you. In situations such as this, it’s sometimes better to just cut ties and move on. There is no point in trying to get attention from or impress someone who could care less about you or spending time with you.

There are little details that can help you recognize such a person. It’s usually pretty obvious when you try to communicate, as they smile and act like nothing is wrong, but they otherwise continue to ignore you. It’s so much better to give your attention to those who really appreciate you.

One of the most hurtful feelings

For some people, being ignored is one of the most painful feelings in life. When you’re ignored, you often struggle to keep your self-esteem afloat. And many times, you never get to know why they treat you this way – I think that’s the most unfortunate part of all.

At least when you understand why, you can try and fix things. So, if someone is ignoring you, it’s okay. I know you can find a way to solve the problem. Try these steps and be patient. You never know – it could just be a simple fix. Good luck.


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