Being selfish may not sound like something positive, but still, it may be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make.

This is a harsh reality that we live in a selfish world where people would do everything to accomplish their objectives. They will try to use the emotions and feelings of others in order to fulfill their own desires or expectations by any means. In reality, all they do is to care about themselves.

However, there are people who live their lives according to the expectations and demands of other people. They try to do everything to make others happy and satisfied.  They value and give importance to the needs of others before their own demands and perceptions.

This is really an excellent quality which is not found in every individual because it takes a lot of courage and hard work to satisfy and make others happy accordingly. Meanwhile, during these kinds of situations, people forget and do not take good care of themselves.

Caring about others, I was more concerned about their views and thoughts regarding myself. After years of caring about what others felt and said about me, I began to focus on myself and decided to hide in my little cave of words and quotes, and as a result, I became selfish.

Then, I was able to improve myself and this also helped me influence the ideas and perceptions of others to a certain extent.

Significant Quotations about Being Selfish

Some of the best quotes regarding being selfish are described here in order to provide awareness about being selfish in the right way. These quotations are described as follows:

According to the views of Richard Bach, who is regarded as a most prominent American writer of his time,

your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness so listen to it carefully.”

Another view of Marie Louis Rame, who was a famous English novelist, regarding being selfish indicates that

intensely selfish people are always very decided as to what they wish. They do not waste their energies on considering the good of others.”

The above quotations reveal that selfishness does have long-term influences on the minds of the people to a certain extent. As a consequence, people need to build the habit or instinct of being selfish in order to become more valuable and influential for others in their lives.

As far as the importance of selfishness in my life is concerned, this is one of the most beneficial decisions I ever made. Consequently, I would highly recommend you to go through these 7 most influential reasons that can help you enhance your life.

1. I tried to develop a long lasting relationship with myself in order to maintain the desired level of connection with others

First of all, I began treating myself in an appropriate way and I surrounded myself with those kinds of people who wanted me to be happy and satisfied.

In this way, I started loving myself; I was appreciated by my fellow friends and relatives as well. I also let go of grudges that I had held onto as these feelings of resentment were so deep and were pulling me down.

2. I ultimately understood the importance of remaining calm and happy

There are various situations or scenarios where you will have to tackle difficult and tricky issues, hence, it took me years to accept this bitter truth. This is not the ideal way if we start spending hours of our lives feeling guilt or fault because we should realize that these things are out of our control.

Consequently, you should keep this truth in your mind – you cannot change or alter the whole world, but you can bring the desired level of change in your personality and thoughts.

This is how I realized the significance of calmness or happiness practically as I decided to take initiatives in order to make this world attractive and peaceful.

3. It helped me understand what I wanted in my life

My parents wanted me to become an engineer, but my teachers said I should become scholar as I had an ability to explain various notions and subject matters in an appealing manner.

However, I did not want to be an engineer or scholar at all because I was still exploring my hobbies and interests at that time. In the end, I realized that it was my life and I had to be my own boss after all. As a result, I knew what I wanted and this helped me identify my hidden talent in a better way.

4. A self-centered approach helped me become a better companion

Before analyzing the effectiveness of the self-centered approach in a true way, I was confused because of the darkness and perplexity in my life. After discovering myself, I literally identified and experienced a new way of thinking about my personality.

Moreover, I was beginning to recognize my true friends and well-wishers. This scenario actually helped me become a better individual and friend.

5. I became less judgmental

If you want to lead a peaceful and hassle free life, then you should avoid negative aspects of others as much as possible. Practically, this is one of the most effective ways through which you can transform yourself into a less judgmental individual. Consequently, you forgive or overlook the faults and weaknesses of other people.

6. I started to accept my faults and failures with grace

For the sake of attaining happiness and contentment in your life, you have to give happiness and feeling of joy to others first. By acting on this strategy, you will be able to enjoy your life in a true and actual manner.

During my childhood, I used to blame others for my failures and faults. After some time, I accepted the truth that I was the only one responsible, which helped me learn to love and appreciate myself. In this way, I began to deal with my failures and weaknesses using a more positive and realistic approach.

7. Every new day gave me more hope and opportunities

Our life is the most precious gift which has been given to us by the nature itself, so we should remain thankful for all the good that happens to us on a daily basis. You should accept the fact that your life is very much valuable and significant for others as well.

Thus, you should plan each and every day of your life with the purpose of improving yourself and your life.


Thus, you may want to reconsider the true importance of being selfish. In my case, I have actually implemented the concept of selfishness as I usually put myself first before others.

At present, the whole world looks now more pleasing and appealing to my eyes. I also know that nobody is perfect, and I am quite satisfied with this perception.

I have become much more sensible and mentally strong and I also believe that there is so much positivity left in the world. I have also started to see from another perspective, which is quite unique and amazing because I did not see the world from this viewpoint in the past.

Have you ever thought about the bright side of being selfish? If not, then do not waste your precious time and start revolutionizing your life as early as possible. It is never too late to make the correct decision and implement the notions of being selfish in your life.

All kinds of comments, views and suggestions will be highly appreciated. So please provide your valuable feedback and do not hesitate to share any new thoughts or perspectives in the comments section below.

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