Some people have a real talent for creating beliefs about their lives and their goals. It is just unbelievable how wrong they are.

The worst thing is that these beliefs are not only wrong but they are also detrimental to people’s lives. However, when people reject these beliefs and focus on the truth, they eventually find themselves able to make progress in life.

Here are the 8 most common unproductive beliefs that sabotage your success:

1. I know exactly what’s going on

Attention! If you think like this, it’s time to stop and look around. Usually, we believe that we see everything when we are aware only of a small aspect of a situation. Check out all the facts, get more detailed information, and then go on.

2. I do not need anyone’s assistance

A few people in history have achieved success solely by their work, completely on their own. Someone else’s assistance and a “fresh look” always help. And it’s not so difficult to find someone who can greatly contribute to your work with their views or knowledge.

3. I do not need education

Education gives you ideas and leads you to the actions that create success, and it’s not just about getting a diploma. Believing that you don’t need it means to substantially hinder your progress in life and sabotage the implementation of your projects.

If you want to get a formal education, in today’s digital world, there are many ways to get it even online. Some of these ways may not be traditional but are no less effective.

4. I do not attract money

If you don’t have money now, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it in the future. Focus on how you can earn, borrow, and save money, and it will help you in the future.

5. I do not have enough time

Time is constantly moving forward. But are you moving together with it? You may need to change your priorities and to stop doing some unproductive things, but you’ll never have more time than you do now.

6.  I can not implement my ideas

Most of the greatest successes were born from thoughts that were far from realistic. Dream more. Dare. Even if you are criticized, continue thinking about your goals. Think about this saying: “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on“.

7. I do not deserve to be successful

Really? Why not just go ahead and ask someone about it? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that your opinion is wrong!

8. No one can understand what I’m doing

Maybe the people who surround you think like that, but look around and you will see a world full of wonderful people, fighting for their dreams and goals. Share your own dreams with them and soon you will find more supporters than you can imagine!

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  1. Ryan Biddulph


    6 kills more dream than anything.

    Hiding from the fear of criticism stunts your growth, and diminishes your gifts. Like someone who dies a little bit more each day, you are miserable when acting out of fear, not faith.

    Be bold. Move toward your dreams, and to hell with people who don’t have the cajones to chase their dreams. Critics are scared, small people who wish they had your courage. They are confused admirers, actually, and pay you a complement by criticizing you.

    Implement your ideas. Start now. Experiment now. Keep experimenting, and let the dogs bark, for as you note, the wagon will still ride out of town.



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