Did you know that there are some great benefits of cannabis for mental and physical health ?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is changing the dialogue over the use of marijuana as a healing medicine. While the medical community can’t seem to write off THC – the active ingredient in marijuana that makes users “high” – CBD isn’t associated with negative findings. In fact, the positive word on CBD continues to grow as researchers discover more healing benefits of cannabis.

CBD isn’t psychoactive as it doesn’t function on the pathways that are adopted by THC. The pathways – named CBI receptors – occupy the brain and become the reason for THC’s mind-altering effects. Cannabidiol doesn’t inhibit psychological and psychomotor functions. It is safe and well-tolerated, even if the user’s consumption goes above the recommended dosage.

Scientists label CBD as a promiscuous composite as it delivers therapeutic benefits in a variety of ways while tapping the biological and physiological functioning of the human body. Some clinical studies found that cannabidiol has a good amount of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral, anti-psychotic, and neuroprotective content.

CBD’s compounds also function as a healing agent for the following:

1. Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorders are common in adults, and users of marijuana complain of increased social anxiety. This is probably due to high THC levels being proportionate to low CBD levels. CBD may reduce cognitive impairment and anxiety.

Conventional treatments include medications and counseling, but CBD-based treatments may work better because the compound doesn’t cause withdrawal symptoms or side effects and works quickly.

2. Digestive Illness

The digestive system needs to be in good health for general well-being, especially if your body is in a state of healing. Some ailments kill the appetite to an extent that the body isn’t able to heal itself quickly. CBD increases appetite in the human body.

The CBD compounds bind to the cannabinoid receptors inside the human body; these receptors play a major role in controlling feeding patterns. After docking into these receptors, CBD stimulates appetite.

3. Loss of Appetite in Pets

Extended periods of appetite loss in your pet is alarming. If your pet hasn’t consumed food for more than a couple of days, something isn’t right. A canine appetite stimulant for dogs, cats, and other pets can be beneficial in the instance of sudden loss of appetite.

Reliable companies adhere to the requirements of CBD usage for pets and tap the diversity of cannabinoids (even beyond CBD) offered by crops and plants beyond marijuana. While making products, they incorporate varieties that increase the uptake of CBD.

Other Benefits of Cannabis

Incredibly, a specific study recently highlighted the impact of CBD on healing brain cancer. According to the study, when CBD is used simultaneously alongside radiation therapy, it may actually reduce the increase in cancer cells in gliomas – the fastest-killing brain tumors. They may do this by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, and by stopping cancer cell spread.

Moreover, the neuroprotective agent found in CBD is thought to protect against Alzheimer’s and other aging specific neurodegenerative ailments.

The current and unexplored health benefits of cannabis are likely to continue to fascinate researchers. Expect more consumers, physicians, and scientists to learn about the pros of CBD and incorporate it in their healthy lifestyle routine.

As adoption rises, cannabis growers around the world will produce crops with higher levels of CBD to facilitate the creation of better medicine.

Are you fascinated by the healing benefits of cannabis? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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  1. Ozlat

    I am fascinated by the healing benefits of cannabidiol… researched and anecdotal evidence has shown that CBD treats well over 33 different ailments, some with low doses and some with high doses… from pain, to psychosis, to depression, and the ailments you have listed above… and let’s not forget epilepsy which has been heavily featured in the media as one of the major ailments that cannabidiol can help treat… keep sharing the love for this “mother’s wonder child”. 🙂

  2. Sheena

    There are lots of benefits. I am taking it for some health issues and i am quite satisfied.

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