If you’re wondering how you’ll ever get your proverbial act together, you’ll be glad to find out about a few clever organization apps.

With the right collection of mobile apps, you can organize your time, your communications, your collaborations and daily to-do lists. Chat apps can make it easier to stay in touch with people that matter. Some apps help you find lost things, and some help you manage your home life, as well.

Let’s have a look at the best organization apps designed to remove the clutter from your life:

Organize your personal and business life

Awesome Note for iPhone is a winner when it comes to personal organization. This standalone app helps you create schedules, lists, calendars and other time-saving life organizers. Personalize Awesome Note any way you want, with amazing colors, icons, fonts and other features that make this app your best organizing friend.

Evernote is another must-have app that’s just right for students, educators and anyone else who needs to corral their info in one easy-to-retrieve place.

Add Evernote Clipper, and you can collect Firefox, Chrome and Safari info easily and quickly.

What’s the password

LastPass stores all your personal passwords in one secure place. Categorize passwords in category folders and launch them anytime you need them. LastPass is a browser extension that you’ll find in the Google Play store and in Firefox add-ons.

IfThisThenThat is a remarkable app that connects with hundreds of other apps and programs such as Spotify, Instagram, Fitbit, and Google Drive. Program the app to remind you when your preferred topics are discussed on cloud platforms with this easy-to-enable app for Android and iPhones.

Share and share alike

If part of getting your act together involves organizing and sharing files, Dropbox is for you, recommends PopSugar.

For real-time communication, go for Slack. Use your iPhone or computer plus the Slack app to invite group members to collaborate and comment on whatever project you’re working on together.

Need to take notes on an important call, but don’t want to pull to the side of the road to do so? Get an Android call recorder app that automatically records your conversations for playback later. No longer will you search for pad and paper or get a ticket while holding your phone while you are motoring.

24Me is the closest thing to a personal assistant you can get for free. This automatic task manager does virtually everything you’d ask a personal assistant to do. To-do lists, errands lists and bill paying are about a thousand times easier to enact with this simple-to-use app. 24Me can even tell you about traffic, so you know which route to take.

In the 21st century, there are myriad organization apps for Android and iPhone devices. So there’s no reason a smart person like you should ever be late or miss and important appointment again. Visit the Google Play store to find call recorders and other slightly astonishing organization apps.

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  1. Alexis van Dam

    Nice tips. From a security point of view I’d rather recommend 1password (doesnt save passwords in the cloud) than lastpass.

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