online learningRecently, technology changed our everyday life. Almost every human habitant of the word can’t leave without modern gadgets. By using gadgets – people communicate and keep in touch with their friends and relatives, they run business and learn.

With the Internet and IT technologies learning process becomes easier and more fascinating. Among different kinds of the learning process, it is worth mentioning how the IT technologies affected the process of writing assignments.

Of course, one of the most visible proofs of IT technologies is online libraries. From now on, students don’t have to spend their time in libraries. Instead, sitting in a cozy chair at home, one can go to an online library and choose the literature that fits the assignment.

Besides online books, most newspapers and journals have online versions so it is easy to find something interesting that will be relevant to the topic. In this case, Google is your best friend. Multiple archives of newspaper and journal articles can become of great help and one does not have to spend time traveling halfway across the city to get to such records.

Online dictionaries are of great help not only for high school and college students but for any person who needs to write an assignment for any learning institution, any sort of application, or even a resume. Besides dictionaries, online/built-in grammar checker is one of the best tools that are worth mentioning.  Grammar checkers are being improved year after year and that makes it very useful. It can check spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and even punctuation and plagiarism.

With the growth of IT technologies, it is almost impossible to hand in a plagiarized paper. On the Internet, there are all kinds of software that help you detect plagiarism and even tell you how to properly cite it.

Valerie Soleil, B.A., LL.B.

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