Big Bang: what did it look like?

///Big Bang: what did it look like?

The digital images that follow are the result of a controlled “Big Bang”, made by ​​scientists at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

The reason scientists went to the realization of this experiment was to determine how exactly the Universe began to operate. To achieve this, they created subatomic explosions, similar to those which had happened at the time of the Big Bang, using particles of lead.

These particles were cast at a speed equal to the speed of light, and when the accelerator collided in vacuum at a temperature 271 degrees below zero C, these unique photographs were taken.

The spokesperson of CERN, particle physicist, Christine Sutton described the process: “When two ions of lead are colliding, then basic particles, such as π-ions, release.

Such main subatomic particles are found quite often in the Universe, which means that by being further studied they will help us better understand how exactly and by what the Universe was created.

In fact, what is depicted in the photos are the traces of particles, as far as these particles are impossible to see.

The CERN is built to be able to handle incredible powers. For example, when scientists use 9300 magnets to force two lead ions to collide with each other, the produced heat is 100,000 times higher than the Sun’s one.

However, in order to make the magnets operate, the helium in superfluid form is used to maintain the temperature of the accelerator at-271 C.

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Big Bang: what did it look like?