A recent study has shown some interesting results about people and the way they like their coffee or beer. Your food choices can actually show a lot more about your personality than you think.

Results that were published in a journal called Appetite show that people who prefer bitter/sour foods and drinks are more prone to have psychopathic tendencies.

Several studies have been done to show the correlation between what kinds of foods can be linked to common personality traits, and the results are in the least, very interesting.

These studies discovered that people who prefer sweeter things, such as cream and sugar in their coffee, have a tendency (on a larger scale) to be nicer people who are more thoughtful of others and more agreeable in most aspects of life.

So if you’re looking or new friends, your best option will be to befriend the person loading up on sweets and cream and sugar at Starbucks.

However, the study found that those who prefer bitter and sour flavors, like black coffee, gin, radishes, and beer, are more prone to exhibit traits that are more psychopathic in nature (so all attorneys and the entire IRS, right?). Sadist traits were first determined by the Comprehensive Assessment of Sadistic Tendencies to determine the level at which things were measured.

Then study applicants were given four questionnaires to allow them to self-determine their levels of aggressiveness, asking questions about hitting others and what the “breaking point” would be.

These questionnaires measured traits that are generally considered sadistic, psychopathic tendencies, narcissistic qualities, and Machiavellianism (the cunning and deceptiveness used in different aspects of life).

So each applicant actually answered these questions based on their own thoughts about themselves, and researchers analyzed the results.

What they found in the results

More people who exhibited the qualities of aggressiveness, narcissism, sadism, and Machiavellianism preferred, by choice, the foods that are ranked bitter and sour.

Using the law of large numbers, it was presumed that the majority of people who display psychopathic tendencies prefer foods that usually make the normal person’s toes curl at the thought. The people who exhibited nicer traits like agreeableness were more prone to sweet foods.

The only problem is that since the applicants rated themselves, there’s no guarantee how truthful the statements are – only safe to assume the majority of answers each person gave was sufficient enough to determine the traits each individual possesses.

It’s not about “guaranteed”, it’s “more answers on this questionnaire pointed towards sadism, so it’s safe to assume this person has sadistic qualities”. Which is what science is really about, honestly.

The funniest part about the black coffee part is that black coffee is the healthiest way to drink your coffee. So before you start shying away from the coffee drinkers who like their coffee black, keep in mind that it’s only a study and that they may just be health conscious. They may not be psychopaths!

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