The road to enlightenment is a long one

Enlightenment is not the result of some thorn-filled journey. It is in fact the recognition of our own consciousness. Enlightenment is the result of being fully aware of one’s true nature.

It is something that people are, have always been and this is why there is no “long road” to follow that leads to enlightenment, it is just the process of recognizing something that has always been there, and this process does not need to be a long one.

Enlightenment guarantees you blissfulness around the clock

This is not true. Being blissful is circumstantial and will depend on a lot of things. Just like everything else, this phase of being in bliss will come to an end after a while. A human being who is fully enlightened will experience a burst of pure emotion regardless of the nature of the emotion. Such a person will be sensitive to all that is happening around him. This means that if he sees someone in despair he is likely to feel just the same.

Enlightenment will rid you of all of your problems

Enlightenment refers to being awake, to actually connect with your consciousness. However, it does not imply that enlightenment will eradicate all of your problems. But it will make you much more aware of them. The first step to solving any problem is knowing what the problem is. Enlightenment helps you to understand the real issue and resolve it. Once you become enlightened, you will stop viewing things as either negative or positive. You will accept life and all that occurs in it as common life occurrences. The important thing to consider is that tough situations play the most essential part in human development. The best route to be enlightened is to face these rough and tough situations rather than running away from them.  Every time you solve a problem you will end up on the other side, enlightened, knowing a little more about yourself.

An enlightened person has no ego

Ego, contrary to popular belief, is not always a bad thing. It is considered as a natural human emotion which can be used to recognize the differences between a safe and dangerous situation.  No matter how important ego is, it is important to make sure that you do not become your ego. The best way to do so is to put space between yourself and your ego. You need to understand when exactly you turn egoistic and use that information to prevent this feeling from taking over your personality in the future.

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