I prefer a laid-back life, but unfortunately, that’s not the card I was dealt with. A busy life is usually my norm. What does this mean?

You’re making me think harder this morning, making me dig deeper into what forms the “me” in my mind – my subconscious, whatever. You’re making me take a look at whether or not I really have a purpose in life, at all. Do I? Oh goodness, I don’t know. Now, if you were to ask me if I had a busy life, I could tell you yes…clearly, I do.

Is my busy life the enemy of my life?

I know that subtitle sounds strange, but read it a few more times and let it sink in. Did you know that you can become so busy that you forget about your life’s goals and dreams?

Yes, I believe you can. You’re distracted, distracted by getting the kids to school on time and rushing back to finish your work. Or maybe you’re rushing to get that coffee, pick up a newspaper, and then get to the office. As these things are important to a certain degree, could you be losing your sense of purpose completely?

A few indicators that you’re losing your way:

1. Your energy is depleting

When you’re younger, it seems like you have more than enough energy to go around. When you get a bit older, this energy store depletes and continues to do so a little more as time goes on. If you’re living a busy life, say, trying to juggle multiple things at once, you may be keeping your mind too far from your purpose in life.

For instance, if you’re worn out by the afternoon, you have no time to do the creative things that make you happy. I know, for some people, their purpose was once to be a painter or a musician.

Unfortunately, the distractions of work and other such things will not allow these goals due to lack of energy. If you’re tired all the time, this is a huge sign that maybe you are too busy, and maybe you are annihilating your dreams.

2. You never go on vacations

You know, I have forgotten that taking a holiday was even a thing. Honestly, I’ve become so busy that a holiday of taking a break from work is watching a television show or stepping outside for a moment. It’s ridiculous.

If you haven’t been on a vacation since 2002, for instance, you are overdue a little time to rest and reflect. You’re too busy and yes, even the important priorities can distract you from the biggest picture of all…your end goal.

3. You’re just unhappy

Sit for a moment, with no distractions, no sounds, and no other people, and ask yourself, “Am I happy with my life?” If you’re not happy, then this might be because you’ve buried yourself in your busy life and forgot all about your own feelings.

You want to make sure your husband, children, friends, and family members all get attention and love, but what about love for yourself? Oh for shame, you’ve forgotten yourself again. You see, taking care of everything else and everybody else has robbed you of yourself and any of your goals.

I bet, this unhappiness reveals you no longer have that purpose that used to be firmly implanted in your mind. It’s okay, you can get it back. I’m just revealing who needs to find clarity and happiness.

4. You’re in the wrong relationship

Yep, you knew it was coming. Sometimes you get involved with the wrong person. Sometimes you marry them too. Then you become busy living their lives instead of your own. Oh, what a distraction that can be, and it can last for years, even decades.

I won’t beat a dead horse here, but I just want to say, if you’re with the wrong person, you will stay busy, feel unhappy, be distracted by your mate’s problems and you will forget your own purpose. Unfortunately, the only two ways to fix this is to stay and insist on your own happiness or leave the relationship.

5. You’re sick all the time

Have you ever been so busy that you don’t even notice you’ve caught a cold? Well, as soon as you take that first little break from life’s demands, that illness will hit you like a ton of bricks.

This will happen often when you’re running around trying to be a superhero in life’s responsibilities. You will stay sick, simply because you’re not taking the time to exercise, eat nutritious foods, and get any real rest.

Yes, life’s responsibilities are important, and if they don’t get done, sometimes bad things happen. But, if you don’t take responsibility for your health, even worse things can happen. One of the worst of them all, you could forget who you are, and never find your way back to your dreams. That doesn’t need to happen.

6. Your thinking is unorganized

When you’re spending all your time working or trying to complete projects, your mind is often in disarray. It can get so bad that you even forget the dreams you once had and your purpose is now lost in the pile of thoughts tangled in your head.

These tangled thoughts are also of busy things that sometimes contradict and make no sense. Most of the time, thoughts of creative ventures or holidays aren’t even on the menu. You feel as though you just don’t have time for the things you love anymore.

You’ve been distracted by a busy life, and basically, you live and breathe work. Better thinking means getting back in touch with your dreams.

Never forget your dreams and goals

Sometimes your purpose does get drowned out by a busy life.  Although I would love to be able to do whatever I want and follow a straight line to my dreams, it’s not like that. I do get lost in a busy life, with everyone else’s interests in mind.

While it’s good to care for others and make sure important things get done, it’s also just as important to remember your purpose. I hope you give yourself a break today and dwell a while in your dreams.


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