So, there are only a few ways to approach this subject. Either there are aliens or we are alone. I suppose that’s the only idea, or is it?

Among the many discussions on this subject, we see an overwhelming passion to understand what aliens look like, if, in fact, they do exist. Are they little green men, or something much smaller? Scientists believe they may be just like humans! Oh, if they do exist, I remind you.

Similar sentient

According to an expert in evolution at Cambridge University, aliens look a lot like us! Simon Conway Morris says that aliens have evolved much in the same way that we have. This is because an earth-like planet is necessary for “our” type of life form, and that is what we have been looking for.

It’s a theory called convergent evolution. It is the well-established idea that similar environments produce somewhat similar creatures. For example, our human eye in comparison with the photo-eye of the octopus, it’s eerily the same.

Does this make interplanetary diplomacy easier? I think so.

The Runes of Evolution, a book published this week, discusses this theory in detail. It also drives the reader to look deeper into the convergent theory. It seems that characteristics such as intelligence, tool-making, and sophistication are also convergent.

This book is trying to convince the world that convergent evolution is fact,” says Morris.

Similar arrangement

As with earth, other planets should have similar arrangements as related to life form classification and evolution. Morris believes, it seems, that animal life, just as humanoid life is also similar across the board.

In fact, it has to be! If lifeforms are mammals, it is the same there as here, or similar. The same holds true for sophisticated plants and insects. It is true, however, that life may not exist on some of these habitable planets, but where there is life, there will be creatures that look an awful lot like our own.

And finally, the book approaches the paradox suggested by Enrico Fermi: If life exists, then why haven’t we found it yet?

Morris says,

“All evidence points to the fact that we are, indeed, alone. Of course, there is the idea of Arthur C. Clarke: “Maybe aliens are hiding”, or as Steven Baxter suggested: “Maybe we live in a virtual world”. I am not sure, but one thing is for certain, we have only begun to discover the mysteries of the universe.

If Morris is right about alien life forms being similar to us, they may already be living in our world today. What do you think?

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  1. John

    He’s right. The humanoid form is the most common throughout this universe. With great variations of course. Then there are those that look strange (to us humans) to, well, impossibly strange. But they are all benevolent and loving.

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