When you think of the MRI machine, you probably think of a simple scan ordered during routine tests. The noninvasive brain scan, however, a form of magnetic resonance imaging, can actually be used to detect a deeper set of warning signals.

Finding tumors and other serious growths within the brain is just the basics with this piece of equipment. It has been recently found that the MRI can actually detect signs of future issues as well — and neurological aspects seem to serve as preventative measures.

What are we looking for?

What researchers are looking for are telltale signs of future behaviors, such as learning. An article from the January 7th issue of the Cell Press Journal highlighted the behaviors that we are looking for: criminal instincts, drug, behavioral and health issues. If these indicators are correct, we can personalize clinical and educational formats.

If we break these indicators down further, we can predict whether criminals will become repeat offenders if drug addicts will relapse and other very detailed aspects of human flaws. According to Dr. John Gabrieli of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, we can even map the learning of a future student all the way from his infant stages!

The Present Problem

At the moment, all we can do in society is to bring correction after failure. If imaging helps shed more light on precursors to human behavior, we can avoid many disciplinary actions taken for crime and failure. The entire way we go about doing things will be greatly changed and individuals can attain a higher quality of life, by specific training. At least this is what we hope for.

With neuroimaging, scientists can identify those who require targeted help due to the risk of future failures. However, there are ethical questions about this route as well. Personalized education should not be catered exclusively to those with a higher chance of failure. Instead, differentiated programs could be united with standard education to provide extra help for those who require more.

One person at a time

Non-invasive brain scan imaging can actually warn us of many things to come. They are more predictable than psychic readings and visions, apparently, creating clear pictures of what the future brings. From physical to mental help — we can know what to expect from the moment of birth, and that is simply astounding.

However, can these indicators talk us into further failure through the knowledge of our impending problems to come? Whether or not the MRI becomes a routine test in our early days, is left to be seen. One question remains: If you had an indicator of your future failures, would you really want to know?

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