It is known that the subconscious part of the mind ‘knows’ much more than the conscious one. But can our bodies perceive the future without us even realizing it?

A meta-analysis of U.S. scientists has shown that the subconscious mind switches on before our conscious awareness is activated, warning us about something that is going to happen in the very near future, without stimuli from the surrounding environment.

How Can Your Body Perceive the Future, According to This Study?

Researchers of Northwestern University analyzed the findings of 26 previous studies that had been conducted from 1978 until 2010.

What is not yet clear is whether the person has the ability to foresee future events without any indication from the environment,” explains the leading author of the study Dr. Julia Mossbridge of the Visual Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory of the university.

For example, if an office worker is playing computer games and is wearing headphones, they obviously cannot hear if the boss is approaching.

Our analysis showed that if we are in full coordination with our bodies, then we can see some changes 2-10 seconds before and close the game in time,” says the expert.

How Does It Work?

This phenomenon, according to scientists, is called presentiment or intuition and could be described as a perception of the near future. However, the views on this phenomenon differ.

“Personally, I would call this phenomenon anomalous anticipatory activity,” says Dr. Mossbridge. “This is an anomalous phenomenon and so far we cannot explain the biological mechanism behind it; perhaps quantum biology could give us some answers.

I call it anticipatory because it seems to anticipate future changes in our physiology (cardiopulmonary, skin changes and changes related to the nervous system) in relation to an important event without any known evidence.”

The paper was met with a good deal of skepticism, as expected, with certain scholars saying that the results are biased. At the same time, the researchers don’t suggest that their results indicate that there are any psychic powers like clairvoyance.

According to the research team, the observed effect stems from some natural processes that take place in the human body, which simply remain unexplained for now. It could be that there are some physical mechanisms that allow our bodies to perceive the future to a certain extent.

After all, the scientists talk only about the nearest future and purely physical responses of the human body, so there is nothing parapsychological or esoteric about this claim.

These interesting findings are published in the journal «Frontiers in Perception Science».

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