Can the human mind influence the physical world? The human mind and energy field have always been rumored to have some form of effect on the surrounding of a human. These rumors have been studied in great detail in the past five decades.

There have been a few researchers who conducted experiments in this field and achieved results suggesting that the human brain might have a certain effect on the surroundings.

One of the pioneers in this field of research is The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory that has been trying to study the exact nature of the effect that the human mind has on the outcome of a random event generator.

According to the research conducted in PEAR and its outcome, when left unattended, Random Event Generators produced a result that abides by the laws of chance. But with a user operating the generator, willing the results to be either higher or lower than expected, the results seem to show variations from the expected result.

These variations are not huge in magnitude but enough to draw the conclusion that the human mind could indeed have a certain effect on the random event generator even if it is a minimal one. Through research, it was also suggested that both the Random generator and the human mind are affected a tiny bit by each other.

There are many reasons why this field of study has been avoided by researchers for a long period. Human energy is not something that anyone can see with the naked eye. And of course, it is not something that could be easily detected in a laboratory. Most often than not, those who believe in this form of energy rely more on spiritual and religious ideas and not science.

Some scientists are trying to study the link between the physical world and human consciousness using a controversial method known as Kirlian photography or bioelectrophotography. This technique works on the assumption that the human body and mind along with the physical machine constantly generate fields of energy.

This method is claimed to depict these energy fields in the form of light, thereby making the energy fields visible to the human eye for examination and measurement. However, the methods of Kirlian photography have been disproved and are considered pseudoscience. You can read about it in more detail in the following articles:

So can the human mind influence the physical world? While this topic remains controversial, it could also be that we still know very little about the world around us as well as our own brains. Moreover, there are other branches of science that make similar assumptions and provide quite tangible results.

You can read about it in the article Can the Human Mind Influence the Physical World, According to Quantum Mechanics?

Such research can open abundant avenues to be explored in the future. The results of these kinds of experiments imply that our way of thinking could affect the physical world in a subtle manner. This means that positive thinking and positive thoughts of individuals around the globe could eventually lead to a more happy and joyful global environment.

Could it be that the potential of the human mind is beyond our comprehension and far more tremendous than we originally believed? Whether it is so or not, we don’t know yet, but hopefully, one day, we will learn.

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  1. riz


  2. yasin

    i think vibration is basic things that can effect human physical matters,

    vibration can be changed by changing feelings and feelings can be changee by changing thougts

    Feelings are more important than thoughts,if you have negative thoughts but still manage to have good feeling that would not be a problem until you have bad feelings

  3. Ayperos

    I believe that human mind can affect physical world. Brain’s capacity is way too huge and nobody really knows what it is capable of. I mean, we are already capable of healing ourselves. But, at this time, we use between 5% and 10% of brain’s total capacity (if I’m not wrong). I mean, that’s kind of poor :). I believe evolution and science will allow us to fully use our brains, or at least half of it’s capacity. But also think like this – at for example 7% of brain’s capacity, we are already capable of many things. What would come with using for example 30%? Would we already be capable of “moving objects” or maybe reading thoughts? Who knows. I’m really fascinated by this.

  4. Dave Moye

    Nice article. I am quite fascinated with this concept. I would be interested in any other links/studies that show real concrete proof. I have wanted to do a similar experiment but with a large group of people and random event generation outcome (something like a coin flipper but with 1, 10, 100, and 1000 people all “willing” the same outcome). If you know of anything like this please let me know.

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