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Technological advances in the area of education: distant education, educational software and digital learning techniques

Learn while you Earn with the Popular Online Degree Programs

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Earning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job.  The new generation is increasingly turning their interest to [...]

What Impact a Good College and Faculty Have on Your Studies

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Students start questioning themselves regarding the importance of the college from their high school life, which way to go and what subject to choose, becomes their primary concern and top priority. The role of the college and faculty in a student’s life is inevitable as college is the place which opens doors of new opportunities and prepares you to enter the competitive world of today. Obviously when [...]

Expanding Your Mind – Learning For Success

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When learning, it’s important to broaden your horizons as much as possible; this means reading widely, and learning more about subjects that you might not normally be interested in. It also means making use of the many free and inexpensive resources available to you on and offline, as well as changing how you learn; doing so can help [...]

How Students Can Benefit From Using Social Media

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No man or woman is an island… …but when you’re a student, life can feel quite isolated, given all those hours spent studying in the dusty library, attending tiresome lectures and grappling with the mind-boggling jargon of some of those blasted text books. As you stare wistfully out of the window, you observe the rest [...]

10 interesting facts you didn’t know about the Internet

By |2017-11-26T17:18:13+03:00August 3rd, 2012|Categories: Education & Technology, Futurism & Technology, Weird & Unbelievable Facts|Tags: , , , , |

Today everyone uses Internet as a means of communication, studying and entertainment but still there are plenty of amazing facts about the Internet we couldn’t imagine! Here are some of them: 1. The well-known social networking website Facebook (founded by Mark Zuckerberg) now has more than 520 million registered users. If Facebook was a country, [...]

Possible to upload knowledge into the brain!

By |2017-11-26T17:15:04+03:00January 19th, 2012|Categories: Education & Technology, Futurism & Technology, Uncommon Science|Tags: |

Recent advances in science and technology can be used to obtain the martial arts skills, learn to drive an aircraft or to speak a foreign language, without leaving home. Researchers from the Boston University and the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories «ATR» (Kyoto, Japan) affirm that the mechanism of “uploading” knowledge in the human brain can be [...]

The future of e-learning

By |2017-11-26T17:15:00+03:00January 5th, 2012|Categories: Education, Education & Technology|Tags: , , , , |

The distance learning has a goal to make a learner obtain all the necessary knowledge and skills completely independently, without participation of other people. It is still not possible, but we should admit that over the past several years the distance learning (e-learning) has covered a large number of learners all over the world. The [...]