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Distance Learning today

distance learningToday distance learning via the Internet is becoming more attractive for many people and even organizations. There are several reasons:

1. You can take lessons at any convenient time/location
2. You have a wide range of training programs to choose
3. Online courses are frequently updated and contain contemporary knowledge
4. Teaching methods are being improved constantly
5. There is no need to spend time on the road to a tuition center/ educational institution
6. You can study with minimal financial expenses

Distance learning opens the door to the most prestigious educational institutions regardless of what country you live in. Even the financial issues lose their (more…)

Electronic dictionaries replace the paper ones

electronic dictionaryThe term “computer dictionary” has already become ordinary. Usually it means a dictionary on your computer that in essence presents a content of a similar paper dictionary, equipped with convenient search tools. But in fact electronic dictionary is a special lexicographic object, which can contain many productive ideas that are not popular in paper dictionaries.

So let’s focus on problems of the classical paper dictionaries.

1. The bigger is the volume of the dictionary, the fuller is a description of lexical units the more difficult is to use.
That’s why in the market of paper dictionaries there is a big number of rather primitive but easy to use dictionaries, which replace professional publications which are not suitable for fast retrieval of information. A typical example (more…)

Swiss Diploma is a key to a successful career in the hospitality industry

ihttiSwitzerland is considered a pioneer in the field of hotel, tourism and restaurant management, and the majority of top managers in this area were trained in Swiss universities. One them is IHTTI (International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute) of Neuchâtel, a lively university town located near the Neuchâtel Lake at the foot of the mountains.

The secret of success of the IHTTI is its connection with the former hotel EUROTEL, one of the most famous hotels in Neuchatel. As a part of their training all students make their internship in all the hotel services. (more…)

Higher Education in Italy: An Overview

Each year, the Italian Ministry of Education establishes a number of quotas for foreign citizens in the universities of Italy. First of all, foreign students have the right to enter the course Laurea Triennale (a bachelor's degree), to be given a degree of the 1st level. The basic requirements for entry…