How to unleash your potential and be happy & successful: self-improvement tips and strategies for brain power, spiritual growth, and personal development

Beliefs that impede success

impede success

Some people have a real talent of creating beliefs about their lives and their goals. It is just unbelievable how wrong they are. The worst thing is that these beliefs are not only wrong, but they are detrimental to people’s lives. However, when people reject these beliefs and focus on the truth, they make progress enough quickly.

Here are 8 most common erroneous beliefs: (more…)

5 tips to increase brain efficiency

brain efficiency mechanismFor working efficiently, the brain must be trained, just like muscles. If you don’t strain your brain, you lose the capacity for learning and thinking. Tips proposed in this article are the classic ways to keep your brain “toned” and to increase your intelligence.

1. Limit your time watching television

Scientists have proved that when watching television the resources of the brain are not used, however it is under tension. The energy is wasted without any benefit. For confirmation of this thesis remember your feelings after much time of watching television. (more…)

Perseverance in achieving success

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. -Dale Carnegie Perseverance is one of the key qualities that you need to reach success. In fact, perseverance is a great tool to use and it requires neither a college education nor a…

Ten secrets to success of Albert Einstein

An outstanding scientist and insightful philosopher Albert Einstein has made his brilliant discoveries not only with the help of existing knowledge, but also thanks to his inner voice and the power of his imagination. Einstein never believed in the impossibility of anything and followed his own secrets of success. Here…

5 basic personal qualities of successful people

Confidence. This characteristic is one of the most important. A confident person has persistence which is indispensable for success. After all, if you insist and move to your goal you will surely reach it. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts. Don’t give up after the first failure, try to get it over and start again. Learn how to increase you confidence here.

Awareness of oneself. Any person who strives for success should realize what he actually is and what he is capable of. He knows (more…)

5 tips for everyday brain training

brain trainingThe human brain is a very delicate and complex mechanism that requires systematic training. You can improve your brain’s abilities with the help of different exercises and techniques which don’t require much time and can be done at any place. Here are 5 simple tips for everyday brain training:

1.As less as possible act “mechanically“. Try to change subliminal  (more…)

Ten tips for time management

time managementTime management is necessary for professional and any other activity. The following useful tips will help you take your time under control.

1. Keep records.

One of the most common mistakes of time management is trying to use your memory to keep many details in your mind. It leads to information overload and confusion in your brain. Keeping records, you take control of your projects and tasks, and you become more organized.

2. List of priorities.

Setting priorities and making a priority list helps you focus on the most important things. Evaluate your goals and make a list of priorities, starting with the most important tasks and ending with less important.Thus,you’ll spend most of your time on what is really important for you.

3. Week planning.

At (more…)