Strategies for self-analysis and personality tests that will promote self-knowledge and will help you figure out your unique purpose in life.

The Surprising Link Between Music Preference and Personality

Most people are aware of how music affects our moods. However, you may be more surprised to learn about the links between music preference and personality. But what genres are linked to personality styles and can listening to your favorite songs really change your personality? In this post, we’ll take…

What Does the Way You Walk Reveal about Your Personality?

walking personalityThe clothes you wear, the way your walk, your facial features, the tone of your voice, your body language, the music you prefer and your hobbies can say a lot about your personality. Everything connected with someone shows different parts of his personality, and, having some knowledge of the relevant psychological topics, you can see what you have never noticed before.

For example, your gait not only reflects your personality, but also your current mood. If you feel happy, then, most likely, your gait will be energetic, and the speed of your walk will increase. When people feel confident and bold, they move with big strides, and, as a rule, outrun their friends while walking.


4 Self-Analysis Questions That Will Help You Solve Any Problem

Sometimes it is difficult to objectively analyze a personal problem. This is where various useful techniques of self-analysis can help you sort through each painful issue. In this article, we will take a look at an effective way of analyzing a painful problem by Lise Bourbeau. Self-analysis is imperative to fully recognize our…