What should you do to become successful? Learn self-improvement tips to develop skills, attitudes, and qualities that will bring you closer to success.

Do You Need Art School to Become a Successful Artist?

For aspiring artists, the prospect of art school can be daunting.  It’s competitive, it’s expensive - but when you get past that, it can be one of the most life-altering experiences for an artist. You get special opportunities, you make countless connections (socially and professionally), and you’ll learn about all…

10 Key Skills of Successful People

If we note the behavior of many successful people in business, economics, politics, or personal development, you will find out that there are at least 10 key skills possessed by all these individuals. 10 Key Skills of Successful People 1. Critical thinking All successful people have a powerful skill of…

8 Simple Techniques to Persuade and Influence People

persuade and influence people1. Framing

This technique is often used in politics. The most popular example of framing is the inheritance tax. Politicians opposed to this tax will call it “death tax”. The use of the word “death” instead of “inheritance” causes all kinds of unpleasant associations.

Framing is a fairly unobtrusive technique, but using emotive words such as “death”, you will have more chances to convince people to accept your point of view. (more…)

20 Tips to Make Your Life More Joyful and Easy

easy life tipsWhen you are young, life seems so simple and clear. Many things come easily, because you are healthy, full of vitality and future plans. Over time, we begin to complicate simple things. But the truth is that life is still simple. It has not changed, we are those who have changed and made it more difficult.

What happens when we become ‘adults’ and mature?

We begin to prohibit, restrain and suppress ourselves, thereby fitting ourselves into the framework of conventions and constraints. Being children, we did not think what to eat, what to wear, what time to go to bed. We were full of carefree joy, fun, laughter, we were just doing what we liked and what would make us happy.

We think a lot about things we didn’t think before. (more…)