What intriguing mysteries does humanity’s past hide? Puzzling archaeological discoveries and unanswered questions in world history to ponder about.

The Mystery of the Number 12 in Ancient Cultures

Number 12 is one of the most mysterious numbers, with many people believing that it has some special properties and meanings. Since ancient times, numbers were associated with mystical meanings. It is a fact that ancient people were totally fascinated with the wonderful mysteries of numbers and developed a whole…

The CERN Experiment & Other Things ‘Blamed’ for a Possible End of the World

A surprising number of people seem to take the rumors about the coming end of the world in December 2012 seriously. Let's explore a few things that, according to superstitious people, could cause it. The CERN Experiment in 2012 This year, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) starts another series…

New human ancestor discovered in Kenya

The history of human evolution might be rewritten once again, after the discovery of fossils in East Africa that show that another singular species of our ancestor, Homo rudolfensis (or simply “1470”), lived from 1.78 million to 1.95 million years ago along with already known ancestors, Homo habilis and Homo erectus, which preceded today’s modern human, Homo sapiens.

The discovery, made by Dr. Meave Leakey (wife of world-renowned paleontologist Richard Leakey) of the Turkana Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, and presented in the journal Nature, made the human family tree of six million years even more complex. (more…)