What secrets does the human brain hide? Latest discoveries in neuroscience & cognitive science and unbelievable facts about the human brain

Studies Reveal the Secrets of Genius Brains

What makes a genius? Scientists have long wanted to discover the secrets of genius. Looking for the answers, different researchers examined the brain of Albert Einstein, the prominent physicist and mathematician who is also a timeless symbol of high intelligence and innovative thinking, and found a few distinctive features. You…

Secret of Sharp Memory Revealed

It has been always considered that a sharp memory is a matter of one's capacity to store more information in their brain. Now scientists believe that the main role in this process comes down to an individual's ability to concentrate and filter out the unnecessary information. Scientists conducted an experiment…

Electrical stimulation of the brain accelerates learning

A report presented at the British Science Festival by professor Heidi Johansen-Berg from Oxford University shows that passing a weak electrical current through specific areas of the brain can facilitate the learning process.

During the research scientists examined changes in the brain that occur after a person reaches adulthood. Also changes caused by paralysis were examined. Researchers monitored brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), while the patients suffering from paralysis were learning to develop their motor skills.The aim was to find out whether the (more…)

4 Interesting Facts about Human Memory

Memory is one of mental functions and types of mental activity, intended to preserve, store, and reproduce information. Let's look at some of the most interesting facts about human memory. Thanks to memory, we use our own experience and that of previous generations in everyday life. Is it possible to…