Ever heard the expression “spouting yellow bile”? That could be your choleric temperament!

Choleric temperament is based on the four temperaments system. This system is one of the world’s oldest types of personality theory and is based on an ancient medical concept – humourism. Humours refer to bodily fluids that are present within the body and according to the different proportions of those fluids defines one’s temperaments.

These four temperaments are:

What is a choleric temperament?

Choleric literally means “yellow bile”, so people with a choleric temperament are quick to anger. They are described as yellow-faced, lean, hairy, proud, ambitious, revengeful, and shrewd. Imagine a person fuelled on testosterone and you get the picture. As such, you rarely get females with a choleric temperament, although it is not out of the question.

People with a choleric temperament are the alphas of a group. They like to take leadership roles and make the rules for everyone else to follow. However, they do not take criticism well and if offended will confront and even humiliate their detractors. They will certainly react and challenge opposing opinions, and this includes bullying other people.

Afterall, these people are never wrong. Cholerics are all about winning, and at any cost. They will say what needs to be said, do what they need to do and lie if the situation warrants it.

You’ll often hear people with a choleric temperament saying things like ‘I say it how it is’ and ‘That’s my opinion, deal with it’. They will tell it to yo straight and speak their minds and won’t bother to sugarcoat it for you. Your feelings don’t matter to them. They believe in being cruel to be kind and tough love. They have thick skins themselves. You’ll never see them crying or upset.

Famous People with a Choleric Temperament

  • Julius Caesar
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Adolph Hilter
  • Bill Gates
  • Donald Trump
  • Michael Jordan
  • Oprah Winfrey

It is important to realise that the traits of the choleric temperament can be further broken down further into three combinations. These are:

  • Choleric-Sanguine – strong
  • Choleric-Phlegmatic – moderate
  • Choleric-Melancholy – mild

These combinations can affect the choleric temperament and increase or decrease the intensity of the above traits. For example, someone with a choleric-sanguine temperament might be a bully in charge of a large company, feared by his employees and known for his extreme outbursts. On the other hand, a person with a choleric-melancholy temperament will have much milder traits.

Do you have a choleric temperament?

If you think you have a choleric temperament, check and see if any of the following apply to you:

Sign of a choleric temperament 1: Results-focused

You want results and you have the end game in mind. You are always moving forward towards achieving your goals and nothing will get in your way. Not relationships, colleagues, even family. You are highly motivated and have a desire to win at any costs.

You will manipulate those around you to achieve your goals.

Sign of a choleric temperament 2: Independent

Cholerics are extroverts who think for themselves and do not rely on others when making decisions. They have the confidence to forge ahead and are blunt and to the point. This makes it difficult for other people to get close to them. In fact, their personal lives and relationships can suffer because of this.

However, because they like things to move quickly they can become easily bored.

Sign of a choleric temperament 3: Decision-makers

It is the choleric’s way or the High Way. There is no other way. You will never get this temperament type ceding decision-making to people beneath him. It is their decision that counts, they are always right so why would they give this power up?

And make no mistake, it is a power, and these types of people love it. There will be no negotiating when a choleric temperament is in the room.

Sign of a choleric temperament 4: Born Leaders

These types were born to lead, or at least, be in charge, They are assertive, strong-minded, believe in themselves and are confident. It is true, they do have some pretty negative traits as well. They do not like to be challenged and will use bullying tactics to force others into submission. They will not listen and are not openminded.

However, in times of crisis, you want someone who is fearless and prepared to take the lead. And that is the choleric temperament.

Sign of a choleric temperament 5: Fighters

Talking of fearless, these types do not crack under pressure. In fact, it makes them stronger and more determined. They love a good fight and will push hard to achieve their goals. So don’t pick a fight against a choleric temperament unless you have some serious ammunition.

Sign of a choleric temperament 6: Neglectful

Because choleric personalities are more interested in their goals and achieving their results, they do not invest time and energy into their relationships. This can include spouses, partners even family members. Even worse, if you don’t fit in with their vision of the future, they’ll drop you like a ton of bricks.

On the other hand, with choleric people, you know where you stand. They will let you know what they want and how they wish to proceed. If they think they could have a future with you, they become very dedicated partners, sensitive to the slightest sign of rejection.

If you see yourself with any of these signs, chances are you too may well have a choleric temperament!


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