I love standing mesmerized beneath a full moon, don’t you?

Well, even if you don’t share that passion with me, you can still take a look – make sure you catch a glimpse of the first full moon on Christmas in 38 years. That’s right! Christmas hasn’t seen a full moon in quite some time. Even if it doesn’t snow, everything could still be draped in a soft white glow! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Beyond interesting

On December 25, 2015, anticipation lends a new perspective on Spiritual fulfillment, and it means more than Santa Clause and dozens of presents.  

This year, the celestial skies present a gift that hypnotizes me each and every time. The universe brings me the brightest moon in quite some time. Oh, did I say me? I meant us, didn’t mean to be selfish.

To add an extra bit of excitement, consider this. The full moon on Christmas was last seen in the year 1977, the year of the release of Star Wars, The New hope! As you know, this year is the release the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens and the presentation of the special Christmas moon. Coincidence? I think not. 😉

Navigating the skies

There’s more! On Christmas Eve, you will be able to view the ISS as it travels the UK skies. It will move from west to southeast from 5:19-5:26 p.m. (GMT). Or is that just Santa’s sleigh?

Then, on Christmas day, the moon will be totally illuminated by the sun at 6: 11 a.m. EST (11:11 a.m. GMT). This is three days after the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice – just to help you understand the timeline.

So, get ready! This holiday season will be momentous in more ways than one! Also, keep in mind, in the year 2034, we will see another Christmas full moon, and maybe, just maybe….it will be time for the release of episode 10 of the new Star Wars trilogy! Keep looking up! You never know what you may see next!

Merry Christmas and May the force be with you! 😉

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