Have you ever heard the word clairsentient? It’s an unusual ability and you could possess it without even knowing. Below are the signs you might have it.

There are some people in this world that seem to have unusual abilities. You know the ones, those that can sense when the phone is going to ring and know exactly who it is on the other end. Or others than have feelings of foreboding for a loved one, and then find out they have been involved in an accident.

It is said that we all possess some degree of psychic ability, but perhaps the least well-known of them is one called clairsentience.

What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience means ‘clear sensing’ and is described as the psychic ability to perceive the physical and emotional state of others, whether it is in the past, present or the future, and without using the five normal senses.

It is an extremely heightened form of empathy and allows a person to feel energy in an intuitive way.

This energy could come from a person or an inanimate object, the point is that a clairsentient feels every kind of energetic vibration which allows them to see beyond the physical world.

20 signs you could be clairsentient

There are signs to show that a person is clairsentient, but many of these can be confused with an empath.

So if you only agree with a few statements, it is more likely you are an empathic person.

  1. You don’t like crowded places and tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious if you get stuck in a crowd.
  2. You can immediately sense the atmosphere of a group of people as soon as you enter a room.
  3. You find it extremely easy to relate to others and can put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Your intuitions about people are always right.
  5. You can feel others’ pain and sadness and this often upsets you as you experience it so strongly.
  6. You have the ability to sense the energy of your surroundings, especially if something violent took place there.
  7. You experience physical symptoms such as a tingling sensation on the head or a tapping or nudging.
  8. You have heightened senses of smell and taste and sometimes find certain foods bitter or sour.
  9. You get sudden flashes or thoughts that can cause you to deviate from your original course of action.
  10. You experience amazing insight which can materialise in more mundane events, such as driving down a particular road to avoid a traffic jam, or avoiding something more serious.
  11. You are prone to experiencing sudden bursts of sadness or happiness which, if not based on your own experience, could mean you are experiencing someone else’s feelings.
  12. You get sudden chills or goose bumps for no reason.
  13. You might have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety or some other personality disorder in your life.
  14. You might turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate the pressure of feeling all this energy all the time.
  15. You notice sudden temperature rises and drops in rooms with no reasonable explanation.
  16. You have felt a presence either walking behind you or in a room with you when there was no one there.
  17. You often feel the sensation of walking through a spider’s web.
  18. You have experienced the feeling of someone patting you on the back, stroking your hair or touching your hand when no one was there.
  19. Your mood fluctuates depending on who you are with at the time.
  20. You know instantly when someone is lying or telling the truth.

If you think you are clairsentient

You might have always felt that you were different from those around you. You may have been bullied for being too sensitive at school but are known for being a good listener.

To make the most of your psychic gift, you have to become more aware and start listening to what your body is telling you.

Quieten down the constant thoughts going on in your head and allow yourself to breathe and relax and take notice of your body.

If you want to develop your clairsentient ability, by becoming familiar with your body’s responses and feelings you can understand the world through this precious psychic sense.


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