You might be surprised by the number of people who suffer from some sort of mental illness.

Why I, myself, suffer from bipolar disorder. So I can relate, to some degree, with some symptoms of other mental issues. My condition, for instance, deals with mania and depression, which mirrors depression and anxiety, although there are slight differences between the two.

I understand this because I deal with mental illness. For others, although, who do not suffer from mental illness, understanding isn’t quite so easy. To help us, we must help them. I’ve seen something interesting that just might help.

A Comic That Perfectly Explains Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Two people teamed up to create a cartoon that explains anxiety and depression. What better way to embark on the road to recovery, or rather the road to maintenance, to be exact. After all, many mental illnesses can only be treated.

Nick Seluk, an artist who created the famous Yeti webcomic, and Sarah Flanigan, who reads his work, teamed up to create a version of Sarah’s idea for mental illness. It seems that Sarah understands the struggle with mental illness and how it can be chronic at times.

For those of you who do not suffer from some form of mental illness, which I sometimes think we all do, there are ways to understand your friends, your loved ones, and coworkers who fight this beast day in and day out.

Through their work, Seluk and Flanigan bring a visual interpretation of how depression and anxiety work. A cartoon shows two sides to an individual represented by stick figure blobs, basic in design, which relays different situations and feelings to a regular stick figure who represents our true identity (the one who truly suffers).

What can society take away from this?

Depression and anxiety are basically an amped-up feeling of sadness and a debilitating mixture of impatience and irritation. When an anxiety attack occurs, life can seem unbearable, much like deep depression and thoughts of suicide. Yes, suicide.

These thoughts occur more than we want to admit. We see one character frowning and dark in color while the other character is shaking and sweating, while still light in color. This is the basics of emotions. Although medications help, the severity of these disorders can still make their way to the surface of our psyche.

dealing with depression and anxiety

No Motivation

With both anxiety and depression, it is hard to get anything done. Depression weighs on us and then when anxiety appears, we are too nervous to attempt what we need to do. These emotions can be crushing.

dealing with depression and anxiety


When we waver from day to day, between depression and anxiety, those around us cannot understand. If they see us getting a lot done on Monday, and then Tuesday, we cannot get out of bed, then they wonder what’s wrong.

They question us about why we cannot perform the same as we did in the past. Uggh! So irritating. It’s almost as if depression and anxiety are working together to defeat the victim, which is the real you!

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

No Energy

Mental illness can affect your life in many adverse ways, including health. One day you may feel paranoid and the next useless. Our energy is zapped and so we give up for the moment. Sleep is always a good way to ward off the imposing characters of depression and anxiety.

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

Sometimes They Go Away

There is a little good news, and although this is temporary, it can give you a break. Sometimes, depression and anxiety take a vacation. That’s right, on some days, you feel normal, and this is when you can get things done.

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

Prepare for Battle!

But hurry up! You never know when they will come back and so you should get as much done as possible. Catch up with housework, write or paint. This is the time to remember who you really are.

This is normal time and this is the time you should prepare yourself for the next battle. Put on your helmet, your breastplate, and grab your sword. The war against depression and anxiety will happen again.

dealing with depression and anxietydealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

dealing with depression and anxiety

I’ve been there and done that. I will live with mental illness but know how to deal with it, well sort of. Unfortunately, those who do not suffer from mental illness may never understand, but we can keep on trying to illustrate this issue in ways that can help them… and help us as well.

Stay strong.


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