Using photons, Australian scientists managed to create a model in which quantum particles can move back in time. As it turned out, the laws of standard quantum mechanics may be violated at the same time.

Physicists from the University of Queensland in Australia set out to simulate a computer experiment, which could prove the possibility of time travel at the quantum level, predicted in 1991.

They managed to simulate the behavior of a single photon passing through a wormhole in space-time in the past and engaging with itself. Such a trajectory of a particle is called a closed timelike curve, i.e. a photon returns to the original space-time point and its worldline closes.

The researchers studied two scenarios.

In the first, the particle passes through a wormhole, returning to the past, and interacts with itself. In the second scenario, the photon, forever enclosed in a closed timelike curve interacts with another, ordinary particle.

According to the scientists, their work will make an important contribution to the unification of the two great theories in physics, which till this moment had little in common: the Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Einstein’s theory describes the world of stars and galaxies, while quantum mechanics studies mainly the properties of elementary particles, atoms and molecules,” said Martin Ringbauer of University of Queensland.

Einstein’s General Relativity allows the possibility of traveling back in time to the object, which gets stuck in a closed timelike curve.

However, this possibility can cause a number of paradoxes: a time traveler could, for example, prevent his parents from meeting each other, and thus make his own birth impossible.

In 1991, it was suggested for the first time that time travel in the quantum world can prevent such paradoxes, since the properties of quantum particles are not precisely defined, according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

Computer simulations created by Australian scientists allowed them to study the behavior of quantum particles in such a scenario. At the same time, new interesting effects were revealed, the occurrence of which is considered impossible according to the standard quantum mechanics.

For example, it turned out that it is possible to accurately identify the various states of a quantum system, which is quite possible if we remain within the framework of the quantum theory.

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  1. Lawrence Carson

    Models such a the “verbal” ones and the “math” ones are just that … they are only “models” or “maps” representing My Assumed Perceptions of the “Factual Territory” of an extremely mystical Territory.

    This math model is just that, but … it may be pointing to a Territorial Reality that is hiding behind the mirror of self-expression. What we might experience some day is .., Our infinite mind state of “Awareness” .. “Consciously Discovering” that each and every momentary state of quanta remains fixed in that specific time-date special stamp and therefore a quanta of energy of today … can never find itself … via some black hole elevator … as it once was “Once Upon A Time.” And that is because quanta changes and the quanta knowing of today will never self-recognize the quanta of being … way back when … all things were and always have been … thing-ing and singing in and with .. the Music Of The Spheres. Happy Hunting In An Amazing Expedition Deep Into The Geography of The Meta Mind.

  2. Angus Kootenhayoo

    Cheers Anna LeMind
    First nice write up and if you don’t mind I want to reblog this…

    What I find peculiar with this is: the simulation is fundamentally flawed. If you let me expound a little here; The basis of the underline simulation suggest Einstein’s theory of the nature and speed of light is true. What if I told you it was wrong? Yes it has been proven, but (with fore finger up in a cusp hand), what if the nature upon which the test were made are flawed?

    In a few words “Gravitational time dilation”. Now what I propose is a controversial idea, indeed, yet needs to be voiced. What if, nay, the fact is Atomic Clocks themselves are subject to gravitational changes and inherent to their nature run slower as they get farther from the stronger gravitational fields and what the test only proved was that very fact.

    Our focus there fore should be on making a clock that is not effected by gravitational changes…

    Well, there it is
    Angus K

  3. Victor Wen

    How accurate is this simulation?

  4. A

    They only talk what could happen, what can be, assuming how it will be. I searched a lot of details via the internet but only meanless talks like it will create multiple paradoxes but none of them is exactly: like how do you create a wormwhole? Is easy to suppose what will happend if you send something or someone back in time. i have a million teories. But why they don’t public the exact facts? What techonlogy do they use to make does tests?

  5. Chelsea

    Something I practice often is when I have a serious decision to make or I need questions about the future to be answered, I go into a deep meditative state and imagine myself from however far into the future I need the information from, and the future me tells me what I need to know.
    It seems ridiculous until I look back at myself 5 years ago. I was very overweight, in a tumultuous relationship, unemployed, depressed and hopless. Back then I had just started to learn and understand more about the mind, body, spirit connection and I made up like an imagonary friend game where I would imagine talking with the 2014 version of myself, giving me advice and promising certain risks were worth it. I look back now and I know that I have become the vision I had of myself in 2008. 2014 Chelsea made a lot of big promises to 2007 Chelsea. She gave me images of my future that promised me that I would become everything I wanted to be, inside and out if I took some risks and just embraced the process…damned if it’s not exactly that way!! Weather it was the law of attraction, manifestation, or a genuine gift and vision of the future, it happened. By all accounts the world I live in know is an eye-rolling, laughable, impossibility for 2008 Chelsea. Whatever cosmic reason for it, I get messages from the future me and I have an edge over others because of it.

  6. Chelsea

    …^^^ and the funny thing is, even now when I don’t have anything in particular to meditate on and I just feel greatful, I like to go back and give the right advice to younger versions of myself. I see the 250 lb. ball of tears lying in bed wondering how she’s going to pay rent while her boyfriend is cheating on her and I slap and scream strength into her and tell her not to be a victim to the world anymore and to go shock the nay-sayers by being more than anyone ever expected.

  7. Jayce

    Well, looks like it is time to go back in time, find the computer and destroy it before humans figure it out and use it for “war” advantages and drastically change the course of history.

  8. mad sad

    and the funny thing is, even now when I don’t have anything in particular to meditate on and I just feel greatful, I like to go back and give the right advice to younger versions of myself

  9. Mark C. Zawko

    Hmmm? I find this interesting yet it is not my perspective at all. I think some are meditating maybe a little too much. As far as particle physics are concerned it is close and yet still no cigar. Its a simulation and I am not too sure I buy into this simulation because of my experiences are more in the area of dimensional theories that no one will elaborate on. I believe these dimensional theories have more plausibility for the time/space travel than this does what-so-ever. Yet, you’ll have to come to y our own conclusions once the books are complete. I will attempt to show evidence in the following; Ufology, the Paranormal ( and Dimensional Theories ) with actual pictures Then I am concluding it with ” The Correlation” tying all of these phenomenon together. I am not a scientist, nor schooled in physics or any scientific areas other than through my contact experiences. However you decide to put these correlations together from your “Perspectives” will be up to you? The only thing I can say are these two things; 1) Don’t shoot the messenger! 2.) “Believe What You Will”

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