concentration for successMany people experience difficulties when making important decisions, when it is necessary to focus and think seriously about something. But instead, their head is a mess, and they can’t make any decision.

The reason is lack of concentration. Our attention is dynamic and constantly strives to move from one object to another, which makes people scattered. Therefore, you should learn to train your concentration skills.

Concentration is a criterion for evaluating the mental activity of a person. The first sign of intelligence of a child is his ability to focus attention on something. People who are capable of focusing on an object for a long time are the owners of a strong mind.

Concentration is very important for the successful management of any business as it is related to the continuous process of decision-making. The quality of these decisions is directly related to the ability to concentrate on the problem without being distracted by unimportant things.

So what will help focus and make the right business decision? Consider these ways to enhance concentration:

Guided Meditation

This is a type of activity, in which you should keep your mind focused on an object or phenomenon, such as candles, music, your own breathing, etc.

As a result, the nervous system calms down, relieving fear, aggression and stress. There is a surge of strength, energy and joy.

Cyclic actions

When you go somewhere, mentally divide the path into stages. When you start a cycle, mentally say to yourself “start!” and follow the way with such a degree of concentration, as if you were walking on a rope. After finishing the cycle, say to yourself “stop!

Intermittent attention

Put a small object on the table in front of you. Within five minutes concentrate on it. When attention shifts to something else, gently bring it back to the subject. Count how many times it happened.

If you show strength of will and perseverance, already in a couple of weeks of training you will experience a significant improvement of your concentration.

It will become easier to concentrate on the tasks required to perform. Thinking will become more flexible and precise, which will use all your potential for making the right decisions and achieving the desired success.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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