Just when you thought everything in life was cut and dry, conspiracy theories come along. Suddenly, everything you thought was true is questionable.

Many years after the tragedy of September 11 and the World Trade Center, conspiracy theories claim it was all a hoax. Conspiracy theories like this one can really make you question everything in your life you thought to be the truth.

Now, it seems like everything is being questioned and scrutinized. Let’s be honest, even when these theories start out sounding outlandish, over time, the logical side of these ideas begins to form in our minds. We actually ponder the truth of these things.

Conspiracy theories about life that will surprise you

Of course, we’re all aware of conspiracy theories, but do we really know how strange they can get? Even though you may have heard a few conspiracy theories, you might not be familiar with some of the craziest ones. That’s what I am here for.

I want to share with you some interesting conspiracy theories about life so you can truly see how far some of those have gone.

1. Airlines are out to kill you

One of the conspiracy theories about life that is circulating is truly disturbing. Could it be that airlines want you to die in a crash? Well, let’s think about this for a moment. Your first instinct while reading this theory is to laugh and brush this idea off, right?

But think of this another way. When there is an emergency landing, you are instructed to place your feet flat on the floor and your head against the back of the seat in front of you. If you know anything about the impact and the body, you would know that this position is a prime way to snap your neck instantly.

The rumor is that airlines would rather you die than have to pay insurance costs for injuries. Think about that for a second. I bet you’re not laughing now.

2. The moon landing was fake

Okay, most people have heard this one before, but for the ones who haven’t, you might find this interesting. There is actually quite a bit of evidence supporting this theory. First off, when the American flag was placed on the surface of the moon, pictures show that the flag was blowing in the wind. Now, read that again. It was BLOWING in the WIND. What wind is present on the moon?

Another point was made about studio lights actually being present in another picture, along with a prop rock labeled with the letter C. Theorists believe that America faked the lunar landing in an effort to keep up with Russian exploration in space.

3. Theory of chemtrails

Could airplanes be manipulating us? Well, according to some people, they are. When you look up into the sky and see those white trails of smoke left behind by airplanes, you might think of nostalgic summer days lying the grass and looking at clouds.

Then again, you might think the government is using those white trails, which are actually chemtrails, to control the weather or pollute our bodies in an attempt at population control. Maybe those “chemtrails” have already affected our minds.

4. Elvis didn’t die in 1977

Elvis Presley was known as the king of rock and roll, and his fans were obsessed with him. Some fans even insist that he did not die in 1977. According to witnesses, there have been sightings in Memphis Tennessee. Although some say he did die in the 90s, others insist he is still alive and is around 80 years old.

5. William Shakespeare didn’t write anything!

There is a wild conspiracy theory which states that William Shakespeare couldn’t write and didn’t write anything he was known for. There are several reasons why people are under this assumption. For one, he was born into an illiterate family, and there was no evidence of any sort of education. Also, on every document that was supposedly written by him, his signature was different.

There are theories about who was the real author of Shakespeare’s plays and other works. Rumor has it that Sir Frances Bacon could have written many of Shakespear’s plays due to the similarities in Bacon’s known published works and Shakespeare’s work. Of course, there are many other theories of other individuals who could have written Shakespeare’s plays, including Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, Christopher Marlow or even multiple writers!

6. The country of Finland isn’t real

Not exactly sure what this means, but apparently, the country of Finland is not a real country at all….at least, this is what the conspiracy theorists say. Of all conspiracy theories about life, this one could be the oddest one yet.

Many people believe that instead of Finland being a country, it’s simply a landmass created by the Soviet Union and Japan. The people who pose as citizens are actually Russian, Swedish and Estonian. It seems that the landmass was used during the Cold War to secure fishing rights. And….I am still left speechless.

Conspiracy theories: fact or fiction?

So, what do you think about these theories? To be honest, some of these ideas do not seem all that far-fetched. As for me, I do take pause when it comes to the lunar landing because a flag simply cannot move on the surface of the moon, but who knows.

Until we have proof of these theories, I guess we will consider what we’ve been told. After all, it could be that everything we think is true is fiction, and maybe everything we think is fiction could possibly be true.

I will let you be the judge of all these things.


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