Controversial Theory Suggests Humans Do Not Come from Earth

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In another article, we discussed the possibility that Earth is a prison planet with the Moon as its guardian. Suddenly, Dr. Ellis Silver stipulates a theory that corroborates the prison part of that article. Furthermore, Dr. Silver’s theory comes to give credit to older theories maintaining that the human being is not natural on this planet.

All of these theories are based on the differences between man and the all the other species that inhabit the planet. Dr. Silver’s theory focuses on evidence on how mankind is not suited to live on this planet, along with behavioral patterns that indicate that we are here as a sort of punishment.

We will discuss Sr. Silver’s observations in conjunction with the rest of the theories in order to extract a conclusion.  The basic elements of all the theories put together are:

1. Bad backs

The problems that mankind faces with its spine and back are a clear indication that the original environment is one of lower gravity. Earth’s higher gravity puts strain in the skeleton and the result is the back pains.

 2. Sunlight

Humans, in contrast with other species, cannot sunbath for more than a given time per day without getting sunburned. This indicates that the human body was not designed for constant exposure to the sun.

 3. Illnesses

Dr. Silver stipulates that humans are always ill because they evolved on a 25 hour per day environment instead of 24 as on Earth, and they have not adapted yet. The older theories add to this concept than in many cases, when there is an illness, humans are disabled and cannot carry out their workload, which rarely occurs in the other species.

4. Dislike of the Earth environment

Many people have a profound dislike for all foods that are naturally grown. An equal amount of people do not feel that Earth is their home. Many have reported visions and dreams of other worlds with other circumstances and other living conditions much better than even the best conditions available on Earth. This is even further indication of human beings been brought here from someplace else.

5. Birth difficulty

Babies’ heads are too large, which presents a problem to women when there are giving birth, a problem which may result in fatalities to both the mother and the infant.

6. Growing up

Dr. Silver does not mention this point, which is a major issue for the older theories. In all species that inhabit the Earth, the offspring is capable of doing things in a relatively short time, which may vary from just a few minutes to eight weeks after birth. Human offspring is completely helpless and powerless to do anything for at least ten years before acquiring some capabilities. It takes another five to ten years before it can perform the duties and the requirements of carrying their weight around. Something that is never seen in all other species put together.

 7. Advances

The human being does something that no other species has been observed doing – he uses external ways to overcome his physical shortcomings. Has anyone ever seen an elephant with an artificial leg? Or an owl wearing real glasses?

8. Behavior

Lions and the other carnivores will hunt to eat and they will engage in fights almost always for reasons of reproduction. Most fights in the animal kingdom are actually for reproduction and areas for feeding. And whenever there is a fight, when the victor is declared, the fight is over. There is no observance in any other species than the human being for retaliatory attacks, pre-emptive strikes, and most of all weapon construction in ever increasing lethal potential. Unless anyone has ever seen a mouse with an M-16 at hand and never bothered to inform anyone about it.

For all theories this is the most important argument that shows that mankind is not from here. The inherent violent nature. As stated by a World War II journalist in a condemnation of mankind: “People kill each other because they like to.” (Ernie Pyle, war correspondent – responding to a question posed by Maj. General John P. Lucas). He went on to say that when someone kills someone else, he lives that moment more vividly than any other moment of his life. At that specific moment, he is more than he will ever be again. Has anyone ever observed this kind of behavior in any other species?

Dr. Silver puts this issue into mankind being sent to a prison-like Earth until we learn to behave ourselves. It seems that after 4,000 years of recorded history, things are getting worse, not better.

The book that Dr. Silver published, as per his own words, is not a study, but ideas for debate. Strangely this book comes to solidify other theories like:

  • Mankind landed on Earth on starships that escaped a destroyed world.
  • Mankind is brought here from a reverse universe, either through a random occurrence or through intentional action.
  • Mankind is brought here as an experiment of evolution.

These theories will be discussed along with their features in future articles. The focus on this one is whether there is validity to the claim that we did not evolve on this planet.

As expected, the theory was met with criticism and skepticism from other scientists. But there were also favorable opinions like the one of Prof Wainwright of the University of Sheffield. According to him, life is constantly brought to Earth from other worlds.

Until science finds irrefutable proof as to the origin of mankind, there will always be evidence and circumstances in favor of one theory or another. But it is beyond any reasonable doubt that man is a completely different species than any other of this planet. Science will have to prove why.



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  1. You are dumb May 17, 2016 at 12:07 am - Reply

    Bad backs: the rapid rise in brain size of homo sapiens over the last few million years have outpaced structural skeleton changes
    Sunlight: other animals can sunburn, and humans lost their fur rapidly over the last few million years
    Illness: humans are not always ill; some illnesses have been rising in many developed countries because of extremely increased interaction between many individuals and over-sanitation of the environments of children (which prevents proper development of the immune system)
    Dislike of the Earth environment: most people are fine with Earth, and many believe totally preposterous things. This is an ad populum fallacy. Also, anecdotes about supernatural experiences or memories are not evidence.
    Birth difficulty: see bad backs
    Growing up: this was the quick-and-dirty evolutionary solution to the birth difficulty. The genes for premature birth (and hence smaller head size at birth) were present in the population, but the genes for a much larger birth canal were not.
    Advances: lots of animals “use external ways to overcome their physical shortcomings” including tool use in other apes, beaver dams, and termite colonies. This is a very enhanced property in humans but by no means indicative of an alien origin.
    Behavior: Many groups of animals will attack other packs in retaliation, and lots of animals have been shown to engage in fun-seeking behavior (including killing for fun).

    Even if all of these supposed claims about behavior and traits were true, they would not imply that humans were an alien species – the similarities VASTLY outweigh the differences, including the fact that not only do we use the same genetic, cellular, developmental, and body-system structures as other apes, but that we even use DNA at all, and we share almost all of it with our closest relatives.

  2. believer July 4, 2016 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    We were clothes 365*7 , if we need clothes then howcome we are from this planet and howcome we havnt adapted to the climatic conditions and how we are miraculously smart than other species of the earth Mr u r dumb

  3. Soho tim Smokin August 8, 2016 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    I can see where you would say this, especially because of the fact that when astronauts got into space their body clock changed to 24.9 hours, which is what it would be like on Mars. I believe the people that was tested were white people and it was white people who came from Mars because of a war with another planet in this solar system near Jupiter. That planet got the worst of resulting in the Asteroid belt. The catastrophe, cause asteroids to hit the earth killing most of the species here. All of current mankind has been changed by the introduction of Martian DNA. Which would explain the different races, appearing to have developed where they are more concentrated than migration. Meaning everybody has Martian DNA, but it is the white people who introduce it into this earth environment. This would explain it’s warring behavior. The backlash may have come from an outside source that was disgusted at Mars for how it explode the missing planet. This explains the deep gash that appears on Mars. And also why NASA wants to send people back to Mars.

    For the most part. Everybody that mixes a white person with another race, that race looks more like that other race and not white. A white person with a black person will never birth a kid with white skin and blond hair. Unless it came from a tube. And Asian with a Black, with take on aspect of both races.

  4. Greg Maglione August 12, 2016 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    I have often wondered about this. It seems man has moved away from the natural environment. We like artificial climate control, artificial food, artificial living space etc. it seems no other animal has altered the natural habitat as much as man has. Almost as if we instinctively move in a direction that takes us back to where we once were. Australia was the place Britain unloaded it over populated prison system. Are humans all bloaks?

  5. Greg Maglione August 12, 2016 at 1:51 pm - Reply

    Britain unloded it over populated prison system on Australia. You never know.

  6. Judybug June 6, 2017 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Why are there all kinds of animals. Why are they here with us. Like elephants.dogs.birds etc are they for us to use? I think whoever experimented with DNA everything here on esrth including us is the experiment. Why are we all here mix together.It is like holding tank when whoever is done woth the experiment we were put here. Why else are we all mixed together we dont get along and are different than animals. Not all animals ate here for food. So why are they here. I believe we were created to be workers or slaves for whoever. The animals probably had their purpose too. Who knows. I want to believe in the bible but the stories are so hard to believe. In the beginning in genisis it said the serpent was a snake and forever forever to crawl on its stomach.So how could it be Satan to. The ark how did all og the animals amd he umans stay locked up together for a whole year. Did you know the bible was written over a period of 1500 yrs and by 48 diff people so how was it inspired bt y God? If it was written for us then we need an updsted version for our time. Why was eveything all done in the past why did all of it stop. And revalation why is it like a riddle why not just say whst they meant instead of different colored horses and locus. See noone questions anything eveyone is like a robot following each other. Like an assymbly line dont you want to stop it and ask why are we believing and doing all this. Ask questions because something is wrong with this picture. The bible says in the beginning God created this and that when did the giants get here when did the dinasaurs get here he didnt mention any of that in the bible. Why is that left out? We need to ask questions and find out what is really going on. Just saying

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