In another article, we discussed the possibility that Earth is a prison planet with the Moon as its guardian. Suddenly, Dr. Ellis Silver stipulates a theory that corroborates the prison part of that article.

Furthermore, Dr. Silver’s theory comes to give credit to older theories maintaining that the human being is not natural on this planet.

All of these theories are based on the differences between man and all the other species that inhabit the planet. Dr. Silver’s theory focuses on the claim that mankind is not suited to live on this planet, along with behavioral patterns that suggest as if we are here as a sort of punishment.

We will discuss Silver’s observations in conjunction with the rest of the theories in order to extract a conclusion. The basic elements of all the theories put together are:

1. Bad backs

Silver claims that the problems that spine and back problems humans face are a clear indication that our original environment is one of lower gravity. Earth’s higher gravity puts a strain in our skeleton and the result is the back pains.

 2. Sunlight

Humans, in contrast with other species, cannot sunbathe for more than a given time per day without getting sunburned. According to Silver, this indicates that the human body was not designed for constant exposure to the sun.

 3. Illnesses

Dr. Silver stipulates that humans are always ill because they evolved on a 25 hour per day environment instead of 24 as on Earth, and they have not adapted yet. The older theories add to this concept than in many cases, when there is an illness, humans are disabled and cannot carry out their workload, which rarely occurs in the other species.

4. Dislike of the Earth environment

Many people have a profound dislike for all foods that are naturally grown. An equal amount of people do not feel that Earth is their home.

Many have reported visions and dreams of other worlds with other circumstances and other living conditions much better than even the best conditions available on Earth. Dr. Silver sees is as an even further indication of human beings been brought here from someplace else.

5. Birth difficulty

Babies’ heads are too large, which presents a problem to women when there are giving birth, a problem which may result in fatalities to both the mother and the infant.

6. Growing up

Dr. Silver does not mention this point, which is a major issue for the older theories. In all species that inhabit the Earth, the offspring is capable of doing things in a relatively short time, which may vary from just a few minutes to eight weeks after birth.

Human offspring are completely helpless and powerless to do anything for at least ten years before acquiring some capabilities. It takes another five to ten years before it can perform the duties and the requirements of carrying their weight around. Something that is never seen in all other species put together.

 7. Advances

The human being does something that no other species has been observed doing – we use external tools to overcome our physical shortcomings. Has anyone ever seen an elephant with an artificial leg? Or an owl wearing real glasses?

8. Behavior

Lions and the other carnivores will hunt to eat and they will engage in fights almost always for reasons of reproduction. Most fights in the animal kingdom are actually for reproduction and areas for feeding. And whenever there is a fight, when the victor is declared, the fight is over.

There is no observance in any other species than the human being for retaliatory attacks, pre-emptive strikes, and most of all weapon construction in ever-increasing lethal potential. Unless anyone has ever seen a mouse with an M-16 at hand and never bothered to inform anyone about it.

According to these theories, this is the most important argument to suggest that mankind is not from here. The inherently violent nature.

As stated by a World War II journalist in condemnation of mankind: “People kill each other because they like to.” (Ernie Pyle, war correspondent – responding to a question posed by Maj. General John P. Lucas).

He went on to say that when someone kills someone else, he lives that moment more vividly than any other moment of his life. At that specific moment, he is more than he will ever be again. Has anyone ever observed this kind of behavior in any other species?

Dr. Silver puts this issue into mankind being sent to a prison-like Earth until we learn to behave ourselves. It seems that after 4,000 years of recorded history, things are getting worse, not better.

The book that Dr. Silver published, as per his own words, is not a study, but ideas for debate. Strangely, this book resonates with other controversial theories like:

  • Mankind landed on Earth on starships to escape a destroyed world.
  • Mankind is brought here from a reverse universe, either through a random occurrence or through intentional action.
  • Mankind is brought here as an experiment of evolution.

These theories will be discussed along with their features in future articles. The focus on this one is whether there is validity to the claim that we did not evolve on this planet.

Why Is Dr. Silver’s Theory Unplausible?

As expected, the theory was met with criticism and skepticism from other scientists. For example, Dr. Silver completely neglects the fact that humans share a big percentage of their DNA with other living beings on Earth.

But there were also favorable opinions like the one of Prof Milton Wainwright of the University of Sheffield. According to him, life is constantly brought to Earth from other worlds.

In any case, Dr. Silver’s arguments are rather weak and should be perceived more as an extravagant idea to entertain one’s mind rather than solid evidence.

Until science finds irrefutable proof as to the origin of mankind, there will always be evidence and circumstances in favor of one theory or another. But it is beyond any reasonable doubt that man is quite a different species than any other on this planet. Science will have to prove why.


  1. Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence by Dr. Ellis Silver

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  1. Katherine L

    Some of us are from all over the multiverse and some of us are even here on missions! gasp! lols! This is not new news to the awakened crowd. Thanks.

    1. Paul

      It’s because they are only carnal and have yet to be awakened to their spiritual existence where all truth is known. Mankind is in need of remembered center 🙂
      …in my opinion

    2. Tammie B.

      Katherine, so agree with you! I’ve had the belief for years that we are sent here with missions!Always been fascinated with the beyond.

    3. Beard Oil

      Interesting theories however it fails to critically look at other possibilities. For example bad backs do not affect everyone… Could it be a lifestyle choice causing the spine issues? The birth risks with the big head theory again hasn’t looked to nature. I have seen cows birthing with the same issues, elephants have big heads compared to birth canal also. And so on.

    4. Rory

      Through many years of Reiki’ and other forms of meditation and healing have come to believe that I originate from planet Lyra in the Pleiades Constellation.
      I’ve even been there several times through Lucid Dreaming and Astral travel, this might sound insane to some, but as you said for the Awakened this makes sense.

  2. Katherine L

    Now I don’t resonate with all that Dr. Silver states (I don’t agree with his statement on illness. I say; Healthy mind=healthy body) but I do agree with that this is another experiment. A HUMAN experiment. We either learn to live together in peace or perish. Of course there is much more to this experiment.

  3. tom riddle

    if we didn’t evolve on this planet then would anyone care to explain why 90% of our DNA is exactly the same as every living thing on the planet including bacteria plants and fungi

    1. i'm js

      People only use 8-10% of their DNA according to Science. Maybe the rest was put in by whoever made us.

      1. Justin Copeland

        You made a good comment…, followed by a ridiculous religous one counterproductive

      2. Carmo

        People use only that percentage NOW! That doesn’t mean that with further evolution we won’t be able to use more…….

    2. Carmo

      “◾Mankind landed on Earth on starships that escaped a destroyed world.”

      Really? And we forgot all about that wonderful advancede technology?? Seriously?? We are not like other species, because we evolved from beings animals ourselves…And that evolution means among other things, bigger brains/heads, etc, etc… It means we evolved intelectually and phisically we lost some abilities… By the way, there are so many people who have no back problems or sme of the other problems mentioned…

    3. Jerry Greenberg

      Maybe our DNA is common in our type of life-form throughout the universe. We are carbon based type life. There are theories about silicon based type life…

    4. Brodudeski

      i agree with Tom here we are carbon based lifeforms like everything else on this planet with the same amount of base pairs in our cells, both of those facts are holes in this theory and supports that all life on this planet evolved from something very basic

    5. Sorgfelt

      I came to make a comment that the idea is no controversial, that “It’s the truth, it’s actual, Ev’rything is satisfactual”, but you make a very interesting observation. There is a lot of evidence that we came here from somewhere else via Mars and that our genetic makeup has been deliberately altered at various times. One predominant theory is that we are a hybrid of primates that grew up here with aliens. There is also the idea that most life in this galaxy was seeded from one place to another via various space objects, since it has been discovered that some microorganisms can survive such a trip. So, things are not that simple, and “all of the above” could be the right answer.

  4. Slim Charles

    All of these reasons have a simple explanation. Why would we share 98.7% of our DNA with a chimpanzee if we are not very closely related and share a common ancestor just a few million years back.

  5. Manny C

    It could even be that we humans are like a slow acting virus for the earth and have the job of destroying it

  6. Matt

    Actually humans are very similar to mammals who live in ‘packs’ – dogs, elephants, horses, dolphins, apes – the list goes on. They have love, envy and complex relationships but what humans have is language, and as a result, the ability to imagine, predict and remember with greater scope and accuracy, as well as compound knowledge with writing and spoken word.
    Why do we speak? Again, it’s precisely because humans evolved to exist in these ‘pack-like’ groups: Who else would you want to ‘talk’ with in such a way? Lizards? Trees? There is nothing other-worldly about our evolution in my opinion.

    1. Paul

      That’s what happens when we transgress against the Law 🙂
      Thank the Most High that all sin (debt) has been bought with a price 🙂
      When our thoughts (what we say) match simultaneously with the waves of our heart (what we do) and live in the now is where all power resides for all to benefit.
      There is a law for every thought where we have at times been fooled that any of it pertains to you now.

  7. bob

    Makes one wonder, however. Why have we consistently failed to recover and identify a fossil record of the missing link between humans ans pre-humans?

    1. Justin Copeland

      You can literally walk into any appropriate muesem & see for your own eyes though?! You should ask for a Richard Dawkins book for x-mas.

  8. Grant Armitage

    Another possibility is that our DNA is not natural, but was genetically altered by some kind of alien species.

  9. miles

    This man is a fool so many gaps in the theory. Does the fossil record just not exist anymore.

    1. QuestGirl

      Were you born yesterday? Are you fool enough to think we’ve just arrived??? I’m thinkin’ we’ve been here a few thousands of years myself. Remember from your science class….the flow of water erodes that which it flows upon.

      1. Sorgfelt

        Millions of years is a more appropriate time scale. I vote for “all of the above”.

  10. Marcus

    all the points here are disputable, Dr.Silver clearly has lost his marbles, time for him to start searching.

  11. Britt

    Is Dr. Silver a scientologist or something?
    Okay I am a new ager and a pretty open minded person when it comes to spirituality and new ideas about existence. However, I also rely on science and things THAT ARE LOGICAL, which this theory is not.
    Look, I have heard of people who say they don’t feel like they are from here (starseeds, indigo children, etc.) This is a psychological and spiritual thing. The points Dr. Silver made have to do with biology. Biology and consciousness coincide, however they are two very different things.

    Alright let’s do this:
    1. Bad backs come from bad posture and other factors from over time. Exposure to heavy lifting, strenuous physical activity, etc.. There are many factors but gravity is not one of them.
    2. Not designed for constant exposure to the sun? Tell the people in Africa that then. Melanin is a compound in our skin that develops to protect us from UV rays. That is why our skin gets darker when exposed to the sun. So we naturally develop a protective barrier. Humans are naturally tropical beings, we NEED sunlight!
    3. “humans are always ill because they evolved on a 25 hour per day environment instead of 24 as on Earth, and they have not adapted yet.”… Are you serious? … I have no words. *2 minutes later* I take that back, I do have some. First of all here’s a definition of time: “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.” So time is a measurement, how would this effect our immune system? Exactly, it doesn’t! Our immune system status is reflected from our environment, not time. Please learn biology and human anatomy before coming up with an outlandish statement. I will repeat: Time, which is a measurement, does not effect our immune system. Your environment, diet, and exposure to microorganisms do!
    4. “Many people have a profound dislike for all foods that are naturally grown.” FALSE. The diet of our ancestors was 100% natural foods, and that is the way is was for thousands of years. Humans are naturally hunter-gatherers; leaning more towards plant based foods for optimal health, as our ancestors knew. Humans love fruit! Only in the last 60 years a majority of humans (especially here in the U.S.) do not have a good diet consisting of natural foods. This is due to mass production and fast food. As a culture we have been exposed to loads of sugars, preservatives, sodium, etc..that it has become physically and psychologically addictive. So the dislike comes from modern production, not because we are not from this planet.
    Some People may not feel like they are from here because of social issues, or other reasons (see what I wrote above). I do believe in reincarnation so maybe it has to do with a past life. I don’t know..there’s too many reasons for this argument and it would have to dive deep into psychology and philosophy, which I don’t have time for.
    5. *facepalm* Birth is painful, but a woman’s body knows how to do it. The vagina naturally dilates to make way for the infant. If your statement was true, our population would not be over 7 billion on earth due to fatalities from birth being common.
    6. So by your statement, humans can’t start carrying their own weight until age 20? What do you even mean by that? As in getting a job, our own place, and financially supporting ourselves? If so then yeah. If you mean feeding ourselves, getting things ourselves, and other things that require motor skills, the no. I’m not even going to go on about this.
    7. “uses external ways to overcome his physical shortcomings”. Yes we are very intelligent and have come a long way with technology over time. In primitive days we sharpened the ends of sticks for hunting, we made all sorts of tools for our advancement. Even in the Victorian days inventions were pretty cool. In the last 50 years technology has exploded with awesomeness. However, just because we are very intelligent and enlightened does not mean we are not from earth.
    8. Because of language, science, religion, other cultural reasons, humans can be violent towards each other. We are aware of our emotions, we do not fight based on survival as other species in the animal kingdom do. So Dr. Silver is right on that. However saying that this is a reason we are not from earth is again ridiculous.
    We did not land in spaceships. An experiment? Could be..

    Bottom line: Humans did evolve on earth. We are biologically designed to live and survive on this planet. Science has proven this. Dr. Silver has no evidence to back up his outlandish theory.

  12. John Steiner

    [1. Bad backs The problems that mankind faces with its spine and back are a clear indication that the original environment is one of lower gravity. Earth’s higher gravity puts strain in the skeleton and the result is the back pains.]
    Wrong, it’s that our spines are held upright.

    [2. Sunlight Humans, in contrast with other species, cannot sunbath for more than a given time per day without getting sunburned. This indicates that the human body was not designed for constant exposure to the sun.]
    Lack of body hair is the reason. Certain breeds of dogs and cats that lack hair have the same problem, and even fur covered animals can suffer sun burns.

    [3. Illnesses Dr. Silver stipulates that humans are always ill because they evolved on a 25 hour per day environment instead of 24 as on Earth, and they have not adapted yet. The older theories add to this concept, than in many cases, when there is an illness, humans are disabled and cannot carry out their work load, which rarely occurs in the other species.]
    Most species on Earth have a circadian cycle that is longer than 24 hours.

    [4. Dislike of the Earth environment Many people have a profound dislike for all foods that are naturally grown. An equal amount of people do not feel that Earth is their home. Many have reported visions and dreams of other worlds with other circumstances and other living conditions much better than even the best conditions available on Earth. This is even further indication of human beings been brought here from someplace else.]
    Only with the introduction of science fiction and realistic portrayals of alien worlds. As to the foods, processed foods include more of what we’re hard-wired by evolution on Earth to crave.

    [5. Birth difficulty Babies’ heads are too large, which presents a problem to women when there are giving birth, a problem which may result in fatalities to both the mother and the infant.]
    Not actually unique to humans. There are quite a few species where this is a problem, and for some it’s because of the size of the offspring’s head.

    [6. Growing up Dr. Silver does not mention this point, which is a major issue for the older theories. In all species that inhabit the Earth, the offspring is capable of doing things in a relatively short time, which may vary from just a few minutes to eight weeks after birth. Human offspring is completely helpless and powerless to do anything for at least ten years before acquiring some capabilities. It takes another five to ten years before it can perform the duties and the requirements of carrying their weight around. Something that is never seen in all other species put together.]
    Again, not unique to humans, and is in fact very well understood through evolution on Earth.

    [7. Advances The human being does something that no other species has been observed doing – he uses external ways to overcome his physical shortcomings. Has anyone ever seen an elephant with an artificial leg? Or an owl wearing real glasses?]
    Also not unique to humans. Other animals do in fact use tools to offset limitations to their bodies. We just were pushed further through natural selection on Earth.

    [8. Behavior Lions and the other carnivores will hunt to eat and they will engage in fights almost always for reasons of reproduction. Most fights in the animal kingdom are actually for reproduction and areas for feeding. And whenever there is a fight, when the victor is declared, the fight is over. There is no observance in any other species than the human being for retaliatory attacks, pre-emptive strikes, and most of all weapon construction in ever increasing lethal potential. Unless anyone has ever seen a mouse with an M-16 at hand and never bothered to inform anyone about it.]
    This last one is stunningly wrong. Chimps and other intelligent animals have long since been observed fighting and killing over non-food and non-sex motives. Killing for sport is not at all uncommon. Then there are the animals that rape animals of other species to death. Reproduction isn’t the motive, just gratification.

    What the article author appears to have no understanding of at all is that our chemistry is exactly like all other species on the Earth. We use the same twenty amino acids our of a possible two hundred, the same nucleic acids [when other XNA’s have been proven possible] and the other essential monomers of Earth life all within human beings.

  13. Chris

    Humans evolved on Earth. There is ample fossil and DNA records to prove this. We share similar DNA with many of the animal species on this planet.

    Multi-Verse had not in anyway been proven.

    Alien life had not been proven.

    Humans evolving on Earth has been proven.

    1. Sorgfelt

      It is possible for us and many plant species to have arrived here from somewhere else on the scale of a million years ago, and evolved from there, preserving what we see in the fossil record.

    2. April

      Humans evolving on earth has not been proven. Same with the rest of the topics on this site. Just because a bunch of people claim there is proof, doesn’t mean it exists. If any of you want wisdom, pick up a King James bible, begin reading it, and follow it. If you want understanding, believe that Jesus is God per the King James bible and ask him for wisdom and understanding. Or, continue believing nonsense. The choice is yours. Remember, the proof is in the fruit (or consequence of action).

  14. Ken

    This is stupid and “Dr. Silver” needs to have his head examined.

    A “mouse with an M16?” An “owl with an artificial let?” Seriously? That’s your argument?

    We humans make tools, we walk upright, and we have big brained babies. We are genetically related to all other species on this planet.

    Oh, and other species DO engage in retaliatory, pre-emptive and punitive attacks. Look at lions vs hyenas, chimpanzees vs other troops, and cape buffalos vs pretty much everything.

  15. Emalie

    I think that there is some validity to the concept that we are not designed for Earth…our noses are better acclimated for swimming while our lungs are clearly not, we have a tendency for allergic reactions, and *it would appear* that we are one of the most intelligent species as far as being self aware.

  16. charzero

    I believe humans and the related sub types may have been the result of genetic experimentation, whereby the genetic material of a higher intelligence/alien was crossed with indigenous Earthly species, such as the primates (we share a lot of DNA and common physical features with some of them) and perhaps a pig (we have their pink skin, big noses and our internal organs are layed out almost identically). This is why we are so much more advanced than any other species on Earth despite not being here nearly as long.

  17. Devora

    This earth was made for us. Our pre-earth life shows that we are made with what scientists now call “dark matter.” We are here on a probation to prove what we choose. This is the most evil planet in this universe. There is a veil which separates us from other worlds, and other people in the universe, to protect those people from us. We were made to have joy and enjoy each day, to lovingly care for each other. We were made with love, and this earth is not a prison. No guardian moon is necessary. Those who placed us in the bodies our mothers made for us have done this since the beginning of earth time. The earth,our bodies, the wonders of the world were made for us. The other creatures of this world were made as part of our “learning experience.” Other creatures on this earth are not here to learn from us, but to help us learn, and they do so at their peril. Creatures of the earth have chosen to help us and know how terrible we can be. We truly are children of the universe, and not matured very much at all. It behooves us to choose well, does it not? We must pass this life test. Being free from our bodies after death is a bondage. Being reunited with our bodies is a freedom,if we choose well.

  18. InvisibleAxeman

    Dr Silver is either insane or trying to make a career out of exploiting the ignorant dunning-kreugers who think they understand nature and the universe without spending any time actually learning about either. Prison planet? Maybe. But the ‘evidence’ presented is either misinterpreted or just downright wrong. Professor Wainwrights discovery involves small particles of biological matter arriving from space, a perfectly reasonable idea which may or may not turn out to be correct. This is very different from large (human sized) lifeforms being transported here by aliens. I’m relieved so many people aren’t buying into this drivel.

  19. brandon

    I know for a fact I was born here so this is my home. I think the universe has always existed and current life forms exist on multiple planets. There may even be planets out there crawling with dinosaurs similar to Earth 60 million years ago. There may be oxygen rich planets with giant bugs. The possiblities are limitles. I think aliens brought some species here. I think we’re here to grow, get smarter. I know that this planet is our home, and we must protect it.

  20. Captain Peanuts

    I’m sorry to say that while I believe in many levels of being this article is nothing but speculative horse-do-do.
    Bad backs? that’s from sitting down too much.
    Sunlight? does the author know of black people?
    Illness: Humans are always ill – JUST WRONG.
    Dislike of Earth? Wouldn’t we all feel it? How come I’ve never met anyone like that and most people I know love the earth?
    Birth difficulty? How would this be different on another planet?
    Growing Up? “It takes another five to ten years before it can perform the duties and the requirements of carrying their weight around.” WHAT? My one year old nephew is walking.
    Advances: Many other animals have been observed using tools, even if they haven’t, how do you leap to the conclusion we are from another planet?
    Weapon use: Monkeys have been recorded throwing stones, using sticks as weapons.
    We may well be from another planet, but this article is spurious nonsense and fails comprehensively to suggest any credible proof of the theory.

  21. Reynolds


  22. Wisam

    Quran Al Araf 24 God said
    Sahih International
    [ Allah ] said, “Descend, being to one another enemies. And for you on the earth is a place of settlement and enjoyment for a time.”

    1. destardi

      What does allah say about apostasy?????? Keep it to yourself. Cult.

      1. Summer Else

        Well aren’t we being a little bitch. And if the comment had a reference to JesusI s’pose it would have been acceptable? I like the Allah comment. Different strokes for different folks mf.

      2. vivek

        Even Sri Bhagavad Gita said that you are here in Earth a Material world from Spiritual world and Sri Bhagavad Gita is more older than Quran.

    2. ThereIsNoGod

      Allah also says to kill anybody who opposes Islam, the hadiths write of Muhammad raping his 9 year old wife, who he married at 6 years old, Allah says it’s okay to cut of ones hand for stealing, which in poor countries is harder to avoid. Allah says many disgusting and evil things so let’s leave that disgusting imaginary friend in our imaginations because it’s a man made God just like the rest of them.

  23. Sloan Bashinsky

    I personally have seen an extraterrestrial space craft operating above me in broad daylight, making maneuvers and doing things with a cloud which no Earthling air ship or rocket could do. But that’s perhaps an aside. I have seen and been spoken to and have spoken to supernatural beings who/which do not need or use manufactured vehicles to get around and who are not bound/limited by Earthling science, such as, hmmm, the speed of light. I am run by these angels, ongoing. It started, dramatically, in early 1987, with a visitation and them telling me, briefly, what lay ahead for me: I would be pushed to my limits. No way I can prove any of it by human methods. I don’t need to prove it for me. The angels, and my own two eyes and ears and senses, including my physical, emotional and soul senses, proved it to me beyond any doubt, beyond any belief. Where does that leave Earthling science and religions? For me, it leaves them in the wading pool, or perhaps still on the steps leading down into the wading pool. The angels tell me, human beings were seeded here. They did not evolve from monkeys here. The Pleiadeans were in on it. But they were not alone. This is an experimental planet. The minders are farming it and human beings in ways Earthling science cannot grok, nor imagine. Not likely Earthlings will be permitted star travel, as violent and destructive as they are. Perhaps their stint on this planet is running out of time. The Earthling soul survives physical death. Many species are like that in the creation.

    1. rj

      Would love to talk to you about this information. I always value unusual events and claims. Just interested in this story on a deeper level

    2. troy

      I tried to read the Quran- I got as far as “Abraham was a good muslim”…ok…well, Islam was not created until 500AD….Abraham lived and died at least 3,000+ years prior to the inception of the Quran/Islam. Soooo, I had quite the problem with that and well, didn’t read line for line any further. Compared/contrasted from that false prophecy to the Bible…and the biggest question: How can Islam view Christ as a “good man” or a “prophet” if they don’t believe he was the Son of God. If someone is lying about who they are they are NOT a good man and would be a FALSE prophet like Muhammad….just saying…Christ was (1) either telling the truth (2) blatantly lying and is guilty of heresy or (3) he was insane. Not a lot of options…but texts from the Quran didn’t leave much wiggle room to believably skew the Bible for those that can read….

      1. Enlightenment

        Because the Quran teaches that Jesus was never the son of a God or that he lied. In contrast they teach that the Bible is a corrupted propaganda written by man to create a new religion. They believed Jesus was real, and that even some stories from the Bible happened, but happened differently.
        I have read a few of the ideals and verses and can see, even though I grew up Chrisian, that it can have validity and credibility. Simply my friend, it is one ancient word against another.
        The same goes for Judaism.

  24. Eddie G T

    This is ridiculous.
    Looking at this from an evolutionary stand point:
    1. We weren’t meant to live as long as we do now to have back pains.
    2. Many species can not sunbath for extreme periods of time – not just humans
    3. That is not why we get ill, we become ill when pathogens invade our body through openings and even if the day suddenly became 23 hours or 25 hours long, our daily circadian clock we would adapt to the new change.
    4. WRONG. You are so wrong…. I don’t even need to explain this one. People will eat as they please. Don’t extrapolate a few people who don’t agree with whole foods to the rest of the human population, and PLEASE. A simple dream of another world doesn’t validate anything. I sincerely doubt the majority of us “humans” share such a dream on a daily basis
    5. I validate your statement but this really doesn’t prove anything about our origins. It’s irrelevant actually.
    6. Many mammals – which humans are classified under – are unable to care or fend for themselves for the majority of their early life. This does not make humans special in any sort of way. For example: with out the care of their mother, lion cubs wouldn’t last a week without the care of their mother. Unless lions and all other mammals are also extraterrestrial I sincerely doubt we are too.
    7. No comment here. First valid point he’s made, but please understand that it took us over 10 thousand years to reach this point: the last 200 years accounting for 98% of all known advances in technology. If we were truly of a greater species I sincerely doubt it would have taken us this long to advance technologically wise.
    8. Oh my god… This guy needs to read up on psychology, hunan history and animal pathology. As of right now I’m too tired to explain this but basically all you need to know that “Dr.” Silver is pulling information out of his ass and labeling it scientific.

    Everything concluded: Do your own research, think for yourself. I am saying that it is not possible for our origin to be somewhere beyond earth, I’m saying that these reasons are not scientifically back by any professional article to be considered valid. Honestly I could have given 8 better reasons in 10 minutes if it wasn’t for the fact that I deem this article no more worthy of my time.

    1. Henry Petters

      Let me add some things:

      1. Apes and our ancestors stood on four legs; the spine compressed when we stood upright.
      2. Humans don’t have fur/scales/feathers/other protective coating.
      2a. Insinuation that “home planet” didn’t have a sun. Hmmmm…..
      3. Animals get sick too!
      5. Brains evolved faster than female pelvis bones could react.
      6. Humans are likely to stay around and care for their children for longer periods of time, especially since we (ideally) mate for life.
      8. Most animals aren’t aware of the concepts of revenge, strategy, collective organization, etc.

    2. Rick

      You all person saying about history..and history was a mystery I wanna say only you feel what you like or dislike and what you want only but anyone knows that what Earth planet feeling…I think you don’t know I tell you.. we giving every time pain to the Earth and is time to return the favour.

    3. cains

      We actually don’t give a shit about your opinion. Keep it to yourself.

  25. Randje

    Its not going to be an easy answer. Different races were seeded at varying times, for varying purposes. That is the reason for so many creation myths. All were given particular stories & instructions. There were beings stranded here against their will, by my research. But many came of their own voliton, out of a sense of adventure, or dissatisfaction with where they were. The story of the “Fallen” ones who went with Lucifer also can be looked at a bit more scientifically. This is definitely an experiment. And it has definitely been sabotaged.

  26. Dianne

    The Ascended Masters teach that earth is a schoolroom provided to us so that we can learn our lessons and return to our original divinity. Beings on other planets who never descended or those who have ascended out of the physical plane are not confined to earth.

  27. Tim M

    This theory is dangerously close the scientology story of Xenu.

  28. Spudsmchippy

    i’ve always been an outdoor kinda person. As I kid I spent my time fishing,hiking,and making the woods or nature my play ground. I’ve always felt I didn’t fit into nature like all the other creatures and animals. Like everything avoided me. As soon as a deer or bird saw or herd me it was panic mode? So over the years my belief became that “we” humans are like an ant aquarium and we are watched and checked on. This article did make me think about the fact that maybe we aren’t allowed to “star gaze”. Looking but no touching you could say. We are a crazy species…most driven by money,power,possession,greed,ect. Plus all this research and stuff ok I get it and it gets me thinking but I’ve felt this way since my teens maybe it was the but I’ve always believed that because of the fact of how we do and don’t fit in on this plant. My first time posting hope it makes some sense? Keep your stick on the ice and follow your heart.

  29. Jessy Johnston

    This is the dumbest drivel I’ve ever read. Here’s my rebuttal by line:
    1.) “Bad Backs”. Humans are hardly the only animals with bad backs. Take a visit to any horse farm and look at a 12 year old sway back mare. Gravity causes bad backs, and human beings walking upright exacerbates that. Also, bad backs manifest with age… it wasn’t until less than 100 years ago that the average life expectancy of humans rose above 45 years old. Arguably, back problems are more pronounced now because our bodies are exposed to gravity longer, not that there’s “more gravity here than where we came from”.
    2.) “Sunlight”. This is debunked through a basic evolutionary gap called “clothing”. If you notice, almost every society/culture around the world located within proximity to the equator, the locals have dark skin. This isn’t accidental, this is evolution. Likewise, that dark skin significantly reduces likelihood of skin cancer, even in massive numbers of these cultures that wear next to nothing. The cultures everywhere else in the world where clothing, and the climate dictates that. 10+ thousand years ago, the act of clothing oneself, from that point on, removed the evolutionary need for darker skin, so skin lightened and body hair began to thin. The traits that protect skin from UV rays were no longer necessary and faded in humans that didn’t live at the equator.
    3.) “Illness”. This one makes my brain hurt. We get ill because the earth is a hostile environment for about 99% of living things here. Viral and bacterial illnesses cycle around the globe in intervals, and the people in those areas adapt to the version that they’ve been exposed to. As that version loops around, it encounters other factors that mutate it like converging with other versions, environment, etc. So when that virus or bacteria comes back around the following year, it’s no longer the same version we encountered previously, so it affects us differently. This is why there is no cure for the common cold.
    4.) “Dislike of the Earth Environment”. This is probably the dumbest and most unsubstantiated claim I’ve ever read. I’m not even going to address this because it’s THAT farfetched. It doesn’t even make sense.
    5.) “Birthing Difficulties”. Sorry to burst his bubble, but all species encounter birthing difficulties. This is hardly a human condition. And babies heads aren’t “too big” as this article insists, because we’ve been successfully birthing babies and propagating and evolving our species for a few million years.
    6.) “Growing Up”. This is in fact a fairly unique trait to modern humans. Out of every species on earth, we have the longest youth-dependency period. However, it’s important to add that the physical size, strength, or independence of human beings is not our apex evolutionary trait. Our brains are. Society is. Human beings have, on average, shrunk in muscle mass by lack of need. Our skeletons are not as robust and bones not as dense as our most recent predecessors. Our brains have concocted ways of replacing brute strength and agility with machines. The need for immediate ability to fight or flee that is found in other species isn’t needed in humans because we live in societies, not alone. Again, this was an evolutionary trait that developed over time, and then became more pronounced as our societies favored education and sheltering of youth. Not 200 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for an 8 year old to be working in a mine.
    7.) “Advances”. This one is my favorite to speak on. This happened with us, for no other reason than our brain size. We have the largest brain to body ratio than any other species on earth by a long shot. This is why we survived, this is why our ancestors survived, and why we didn’t become extinct like the trillions of other species that once existed but weren’t adapted to their changing environments.
    8.) “Behavior”. Again, our brains come as a catch 22; with that larger brain, comes emotions. All of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly. With those emotions come anger, hatred, manipulation, and war.
    I don’t mind entertaining the idea that life didn’t originate on earth. It’s a reasonable theory. However, modern human beings weren’t plopped here by aliens. If you’re a believer in the more accepted and scientific based idea of extraterrestrial origin, you’re likely not thinking we crashed a spaceship and crawled out of the wreckage, you’re thinking the more reasonable and realistic theory that a bacteria laden meteor hit earth and that was the seed of all life on earth. This drivel in the article is unscientific, unsubstantiated in any way, and pretty much makes me want to start punching people in the face.

    1. Earth is our parent

      Well done mate, and thanks for that meteor bacteria theory it is new and interesting to me.

    2. brad

      You were more harshly gentle than i below you, lol.

  30. hasan

    It’s unreal…

  31. Tushar

    So its true, we come from the line of The Twelve Colonies of Kobol since the Cylons annihilated their world.

  32. Rosemary Moore

    Of course we didn’t come from Earth, we came from Heaven. Where we already had life and wisdom and knowledge of God. And yes, Earth IS like a place or punishment because it is a place of learning – we are here to learn and to love, not just to mindlessly reproduce!

  33. Rick

    Humans is different from others is true human have the imagination power is a big thing but no one cares about this everyone can do something special but they not trying to do I want to say everyone make something for our next Generation.

  34. Hartford

    Me thinks we thinks too much about where we came from as opposed to where we are going. But we are curious. Some just don’t want to believe we are a product of dirt. Of course we came from somewhere else like everything else on Earth. Commonly known as a big bang. We are not perfect. Like everything else on this mossy rock we can be destroyed. We are bugs on an apple. “We are a fluke of the universe.” Maybe we were exiled here as punishment. An evil breed.

  35. Hartford

    Forgot to say I love this site. It has become my morning ritual to get the old brain open. Thanks.

  36. JackXavi

    First of all we have to remember what is positive and negative are! As you’ll know that if we absorb more negative then it will lead to that road and likewise for positive. The choice is yours to decide. Peace people !!

  37. Frederick Couch

    Interesting postulation. However, I would not call that a theory, since a theory needs actual evidence or real experience to derive a pattern from. All of the examples given here can be explained in very normal ways, through evolution.

    Real experience –> Hypothesis –> Theory –> Law. There is an order to it.

  38. brad

    Is this guy supposed to be intelligent? How about billions of people without bad backs?
    2 Humans are also not designed for constant immersion in water or methane. They aren’t designed to fly in such a light atmosphere, they….
    3 REALLY – we need a 25th hour and we won’t become sick. Nothing to do with toxic GMOs. Nothing to do with pesticides and herbicides lacing the most toxic, least nutritious food on the planet. Nothing to do with a “medical system” that has DAMAGING standards of care, pumps you with toxic drugs and more toxic vaccines. Nothing to do with poisons in our water, over one third of our oxygen missing, radiation, heavy metal poisoning….. Nope – 25 hours, and we KNOW this because??? Was an environment made in which sick (and controls) were put in an artificial 25 hour environment? This assertion seems a tad RETARDED.
    4 So – your kid is raised with chemical “food” laced with poisons and chemicals that are increasingly proven to be addicting – and when those addictive substances are not available – it isn’t withdrawal, or trained preferences – it is a throwback to life on another planet. Gotcha. Right. Check’s in the mail.
    Memories of other places? Nothing to do with what one is reading or watching coloring one’s dreams. It is just me who has dreams reflective of what i’ve been immmersed in. Great fantasy novel of Patrick Rothfuss – and a dream with a similar tone is there. SciFi – that might be present. Suspense – there might be suspense. Studying about the next farm season and all kinds of ag stuff happens. But nope – another world. Gotta be.
    5. What can be said. The human race died out hundreds of thousands of years ago because babies heads blocked the pelvis, the baby died, the mother died. End of story. When our second child was born in our apartment in SanFran w/midwives and friends – a warm olive oil rub made that aspect a non-issue, totally. But that is because a warm olive oil rub there and then is alien technology that we stole…
    6 In some societies, children bring in food before age of 10. In some societies, children of early teens were renowned warriors, scouts, and hunters. Physiology is not the same, and most of the actions of the animal kingdom are more controlled by instincts. Is he stating that we are designed wrong? On WHICH planet (and how is the 25 hour thing going to help) is the human growth cycle going to be part of a similar growth pattern for all beings of that planet? He needs to find a planet wherein the human time for growth is the norm for the local equivalent of their animal kingdom.
    7 – advances. Really, this technical farce of a civilization is better than what more “primitive” societies had? They didn’t have homeless, abandoned old people. Prisons. Life = enough clean air, water, and food to survive. Shelter – domestic and portable (clothes) and a reason to live: and i prefer to live in love without damaging others. Not that my raging sarcasm here is indicative of that…We have crows using string to pull up food. Other animals using tools. We are in a unique position re: being land based, having manipulative digits, etc. All this ignores the intense genetic sharing we have with other animals and microorganisms. So perhaps he’s saying we ALL came from somewhere else?
    8 Spiders and geese are known to rape. Discount the technological weaponry because that is a distraction. Not all humans “like to kill” and the single quote of a single man,in unique circumstances which he deeply believed in – is NOT definitive of the human race.
    Mother Theresa is a refutation. Mahatma Gandhi is a refutation. To PROVE his point he needs to find a (25 hour) planet in which there are “people” who are basically all militaristic – since he implies that this IS our major distinctive nature. Heck – guess i have to go back and un-leave the US Army because i was a conscientious objector. Convince them to give me another hour per day and a weapon so i can have my “most alive moment”…
    Tell you what – talk to Viet and Mideastern vets that have killed, and see how it HURTS them – even though they were intensely alive then, because yes – if you weren’t FULLY TURNED ON to every stimulus possible you might not survive the next minute, much less that patrol.
    Second to last sentence “But it is beyond any reasonable doubt that man is a completely different species than any other of this planet.”

    Can you say definition of “species”? We aren’t quite aardvarks.

  39. Chrissy Lynn Castro

    How about this, all ancient cultures say the same thing! They all say their origins are from the stars and they all built megalithic structures that correspond to the place in the stars they say the human race originated from! Academia is teaching that these people never interacted, they never exchanged ideas or culture but yet they all say the same exact thing! They all built huge structures that pinpoint or correlate to the place they say they came from! They all built to align with either Sirius, Orion’s Belt, Taurus, Pleiades and there is a lot of information to prove this is so! Read Wayne Herschel’s website because he makes a compelling argument and he shows you irrefutable proof of what he says! From the comments I read on this page some of you may be a touch to arrogant and self centered to consider his words but others who visit and read might not be! While, I don’t agree with or think that Islam is in any way related to the God of Judea or Christ, I know Christ would not appreciate anyone bashing or dishonoring anyone else period! Christ, taught and only brought love and acceptance as his teachings. He even told his disciples that he spoke in parables so they wouldn’t understand AND NEITHER WOULD THE MASSES! Truth is being hidden because peace is not profitable and that remains true into present day! It is far more lucrative to breed war and inequality and strife then it is to live in balance with nature and more importantly, each other! Stop hating one another or letting denominations of different faiths, teach you how your better or less than one another. The whole point of religion is suppose to bridge the divide and bring people closer but instead it breeds contempt and hate for your fellow man! I think these are the secrets and the mysteries that Jesus was teaching and the reason he said few will understand and hear is because man is so self centered and egotistical about what he thinks right and wrong are! Jesus’ message was loud and clear, put your differences aside and see the plight of your fellow man and hold all human life sacred! ALL HUMAN LIFE IS SACRED, CHRISTIAN, MUSLIM, JEW, BUDDHIST, HINDU…ALL HUMAN LIFE!

  40. You are dumb

    Bad backs: the rapid rise in brain size of homo sapiens over the last few million years have outpaced structural skeleton changes
    Sunlight: other animals can sunburn, and humans lost their fur rapidly over the last few million years
    Illness: humans are not always ill; some illnesses have been rising in many developed countries because of extremely increased interaction between many individuals and over-sanitation of the environments of children (which prevents proper development of the immune system)
    Dislike of the Earth environment: most people are fine with Earth, and many believe totally preposterous things. This is an ad populum fallacy. Also, anecdotes about supernatural experiences or memories are not evidence.
    Birth difficulty: see bad backs
    Growing up: this was the quick-and-dirty evolutionary solution to the birth difficulty. The genes for premature birth (and hence smaller head size at birth) were present in the population, but the genes for a much larger birth canal were not.
    Advances: lots of animals “use external ways to overcome their physical shortcomings” including tool use in other apes, beaver dams, and termite colonies. This is a very enhanced property in humans but by no means indicative of an alien origin.
    Behavior: Many groups of animals will attack other packs in retaliation, and lots of animals have been shown to engage in fun-seeking behavior (including killing for fun).

    Even if all of these supposed claims about behavior and traits were true, they would not imply that humans were an alien species – the similarities VASTLY outweigh the differences, including the fact that not only do we use the same genetic, cellular, developmental, and body-system structures as other apes, but that we even use DNA at all, and we share almost all of it with our closest relatives.

  41. believer

    We were clothes 365*7 , if we need clothes then howcome we are from this planet and howcome we havnt adapted to the climatic conditions and how we are miraculously smart than other species of the earth Mr u r dumb

  42. Soho tim Smokin

    I can see where you would say this, especially because of the fact that when astronauts got into space their body clock changed to 24.9 hours, which is what it would be like on Mars. I believe the people that was tested were white people and it was white people who came from Mars because of a war with another planet in this solar system near Jupiter. That planet got the worst of resulting in the Asteroid belt. The catastrophe, cause asteroids to hit the earth killing most of the species here. All of current mankind has been changed by the introduction of Martian DNA. Which would explain the different races, appearing to have developed where they are more concentrated than migration. Meaning everybody has Martian DNA, but it is the white people who introduce it into this earth environment. This would explain it’s warring behavior. The backlash may have come from an outside source that was disgusted at Mars for how it explode the missing planet. This explains the deep gash that appears on Mars. And also why NASA wants to send people back to Mars.

    For the most part. Everybody that mixes a white person with another race, that race looks more like that other race and not white. A white person with a black person will never birth a kid with white skin and blond hair. Unless it came from a tube. And Asian with a Black, with take on aspect of both races.

  43. Greg Maglione

    I have often wondered about this. It seems man has moved away from the natural environment. We like artificial climate control, artificial food, artificial living space etc. it seems no other animal has altered the natural habitat as much as man has. Almost as if we instinctively move in a direction that takes us back to where we once were. Australia was the place Britain unloaded it over populated prison system. Are humans all bloaks?

  44. Greg Maglione

    Britain unloded it over populated prison system on Australia. You never know.

  45. Judybug

    Why are there all kinds of animals. Why are they here with us. Like elephants.dogs.birds etc are they for us to use? I think whoever experimented with DNA everything here on esrth including us is the experiment. Why are we all here mix together.It is like holding tank when whoever is done woth the experiment we were put here. Why else are we all mixed together we dont get along and are different than animals. Not all animals ate here for food. So why are they here. I believe we were created to be workers or slaves for whoever. The animals probably had their purpose too. Who knows. I want to believe in the bible but the stories are so hard to believe. In the beginning in genisis it said the serpent was a snake and forever forever to crawl on its stomach.So how could it be Satan to. The ark how did all og the animals amd he umans stay locked up together for a whole year. Did you know the bible was written over a period of 1500 yrs and by 48 diff people so how was it inspired bt y God? If it was written for us then we need an updsted version for our time. Why was eveything all done in the past why did all of it stop. And revalation why is it like a riddle why not just say whst they meant instead of different colored horses and locus. See noone questions anything eveyone is like a robot following each other. Like an assymbly line dont you want to stop it and ask why are we believing and doing all this. Ask questions because something is wrong with this picture. The bible says in the beginning God created this and that when did the giants get here when did the dinasaurs get here he didnt mention any of that in the bible. Why is that left out? We need to ask questions and find out what is really going on. Just saying

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