Deja vu is one of the little-known and mysterious phenomena of our psyche. It has happened to many people to feel like a new situation in their life has already been experienced before in all the details. But how and when?

This phenomenon is called déjà vu, which means ‘already seen’ in French. It is an odd mental effect that makes a person feel that they already experienced a situation of the present some other time in the past. At the same time, this inexplicable feeling is not associated with any specific memory and refers to the past in general.

Deja vu is quite common. Studies show that over 75 % of people have experienced it at least once. Sometimes people are afraid of deja vu and worry about their mental health. What lies beyond human understanding always frightens us.

The reasons that cause the phenomenon are still not clear. It might be caused by the processes in the parts of the brain associated with memory and perception.

There is a hypothesis that sometimes the perceived information gets to the memory areas sooner than to the area of the primary analysis. Thus, the brain, comparing the situation with its ‘neurocopy’ already received by the memory, concludes that it already happened before.

Bioelectricity, thought-forms, and quantum physics

The human brain works with the help of bioelectricity. It receives bioelectric energy from the whole body and itself. The two hemispheres of the brain concentrate energy in different ways. The left hemisphere concentrates electrical impulses with a negative charge, and the right hemisphere – the ones with a positive charge.

The potential difference results in a manifold increase of the incoming electrical energy of low-frequency waves. But there is also a high-frequency current, which is perceived by our brain and body as a whole from the environment. This high-frequency subtle energy is used by our nervous system to provide all the physiological and psychological functions.

Science has long proven that no man or any other living being can survive without bioelectricity. At the same time, the brain can also produce this kind of energy. This happens during the process of thinking because as a result of mental activity, dense electricity is converted into the subtle.

Subtle energy has been known to man for a long time. Psychologists call it mental energy. In 1943, Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts suggested an elementary particle of this energy – psychon, an analog of the electron in the dense energy.

Psychophysical studies have shown that thinking is primarily a process of producing subtle electricity with certain characteristics of the information. Psychology cannot yet describe in detail this feature of our thought-forms.

But experimental achievements in the field of quantum physics hint at the possibility of the existence of thought-forms as energy simultaneously in different spatiotemporal continuities.

Experiments show that quantum particles can exist in different places at the same time! Astrophysics contribute to this possibility with the discovery that light from distant stars comes to us from the past, present, and future simultaneously.

So what connection does all this have with deja vu?

Thus, if a person is experiencing deja vu, it may be the result of the information brought by their strong thought forms from the past or future. It could be that we have a wonderful and mysterious at first glance possibility to obtain information from different spatiotemporal continuities connected with us through our thought-forms.

Very strong, sustained thought-forms are created under the influence of strong emotions and motivations. Therefore, very emotional people with dominant behavior are most likely to experience deja vu.

Deja vu is not a mental disorder and there is no need to worry if you are experiencing it. Try to get the emotional satisfaction of this phenomenon and the fear will disappear immediately. Hopefully, further studies on the deja vu phenomenon will help make sense of it and use it to explore the abilities of our amazing brains.

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