Creative people are so unique in their own right. They see the world differently and can see things that so many others fail to.

For the most part, their eyes tend to be more open than anyone else’s. There are a few people who are open to new experiences and seem to take in more visual concepts than others and combine them together in very different and unique ways. This could possibly explain why these people are generally creative.

Are you willing to try new things? Are you open to experiencing different things in life? This is one of the traits that often describe the open-minded personality. It is defined by curiosity, interest, and creativity when exploring new situations.

Open-minded people usually do exceptionally well at a task that demonstrates our ability to create with new ideas. Such an example is: making objects more useful than what they were originally designed for.

There is some proof that individuals who have more openness have an improved visual awareness. For instance, if we see a group of numbers on a screen that is moving, open people are likely to notice the single letter hidden within them.

Anna Antinori from the University of Melbourne in Australia and her representatives are proving that individuals score better when it comes to being open and see more possibilities. Ms. Antinori says,

“They seem to have a more flexible gate for the visual information that breaks through into their consciousness.”

Mind Expansion

Ms. Antinori also explains that,

When the open minded people come up with new uses for things that were intended for something else, it is possible because they see the world in a different manner.”

“People who are extremely open tend to be more prone to delusions and paranoia,” says Niko Tiliopoulos from the University of Sydney, Australia. These same people are likely to see spirits or believe in ghosts.

High levels of openness and the exploration of taking magic mushrooms are similar. Ms. Antinori’s team has discovered that psilocybin (a hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms) expands a person’s openness scores in a questionnaire of personality, and in their experience in various perceptions of binocular rivalry test.

Binocular Rivalry Test

Antinori had 123 university students take a binocular rivalry test. In this test, they all saw a red image with one eye and with the other a green image for approximately two minutes.

In most cases, the brain is only allowed to perceive one image at a time, but most of the test subjects concluded they saw the image flip between the two colors. Some students revealed they saw two images intertwined in a patchwork of the two colors, this is known as “mixed percept.”

It became evident that the students with more mixed perceptions scored higher for being open on a personality survey.

In conclusion, I am to believe that creative people do see the world in their own manner.  They are able to see things that others are not capable of because their mind is free to think of new concepts and ideas.


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