The life of a creative person is unique. Differences between them and the rest of the world are numerous and intriguing.

Growing up with a creative mind, I saw the beauty in a grain of sand. I saw intoxicating colors in the sky and images in wallpaper. Yes, I know many people see these things, but can they use them as inspiration for works of art? A creative person can, and so did I.

I would often get lost in my creations, poems, paintings and even mud sculptures. I found my muse among the trees of the nearby forest and the myriad intricacies of the raindrop. There was nothing I couldn’t turn into a story. You see, a creative person doesn’t see surface beauty, they look deeper.

The dark side

There is, however, a downside to being creative. There are struggles that only a creative person can understand. These struggles are the only stumbling blocks keeping those who dare to venture outside the norm, from reaching unheard of heights of euphoria. These struggles are crutches and yet fodder for even more beautiful renditions.

OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Possessions

I bet artists seem messy to you, disorganized and just all over the place. Although they may seem a little lazy or even stung by procrastination much of the time, a creative person can be quite anal about their art supplies etc, and they have strange rituals as well-like only using one particular brush on a certain day of the week.  For instance, I am a writer and painter, and I cannot stand mechanical pencils – I mean, I grow angry when looking at them. I would rather write with a crayon, to be honest.

As for my art supplies, I will not let anyone else use them. If you touch my paints, I become furious. I won’t elaborate much, but let’s just say this has happened before. While the rest of my house may be in disarray, my creative tools are in order, numbered and located in strategic battle stations. I mean it, I’m pretty obsessed. But that’s just me.


Nothing I create is ever good enough, in my eyes. Someone can absolutely fall in love with something I write and I can hate that same work. As for painting, if I receive a criticism, I sometimes through the whole thing out and start again. I cannot accept compliments either, for I think they are just feeling sorry for me. It’s a struggle beyond words really, but I tried to help you understand. Creative people are never satisfied with their work.

Mood swings and Mental Disorders

Now I’m not trying to play into stigma here, but many creative persons have issues with mood disorders or disabilities. I am bipolar with psychotic tendencies and anxiety. I also suffer from OCD and PTSD, and this adds  more flavor to the mix. Basically, when I’m able to dodge procrastination, panic attacks, and depression, I can make a mean fire painting or write an awesome short story.

Not every creative person has a mental illness – me make myself clear – but many of the great ones did suffer in this way. It’s no shame here, just a testament to how great things can come from such harsh sufferings. I promise you it can!

Seeing Everything in a new light

Before you get confused, listen closely. There are people who move throughout life in a haze, so to speak. I’m serious, many of us, of them, do not pay attention to the intricacies of our surroundings. A creative person, on the other hand, notices details often passed by.

Artists, writers, and musicians find treasures in the most mundane areas, they have revelations which bloom into songs and fill sketch books – this stems from talking less than most people. Being totally awake and aware brings you kin-ship with the earth, your mind, and spirituality. The waters are deeper than you think, and so is the mind of a creative person.

Introverted tendencies

Those who like being alone and quiet are not hermits, oh no, introverts are highly creative and intelligent. Just because we don’t thrive on being around lots of loud boisterous people doesn’t mean we are unkind or snobbish. A creative person is most times content with themselves, to the point of being introverted in the eyes of society.

I am a loner of this nature on one spectrum, while on the other, I am exuberant. But I won’t get too far into that because my mental illness plays a part in my contrasting character. Basically, introverts are some of the best people and some of the most talented artists around.

But why dwell on the negative?

We should never dwell on the negative aspects of our character, as a creative person. Writers, musicians and artists are too adored to be anything less than positive aspects of our culture. For without the creative person, where would we be?

If you’re creative and struggling with many of these seemingly “flawed” aspects, think about it in a different light. Without your struggles, you wouldn’t be the inspiration you are today. Take your hardships and let them strengthen you, cultivating waves of glorious creations!

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