Besides the traditional economic issues, such topics as the application of genetic engineering technology, artificial prolongation of human life, and the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life were discussed this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In the opinion of scientists, in the near future, medical science will possibly acquire means to give people ‘superpowers’. As far as scientists are now working on drugs against disorders such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, it is likely that in the future they will create a medicine that will stimulate brain activity of healthy people.

Scientists agree that the development of supernatural abilities in humans is possible with help of high-tech devices: experiments showed that brain function and memory can be enhanced by the means of implantation of electronic sensors in the body. However, this process is technically difficult and probably will not become accessible to the common people.

Moreover, scientists believe that ten years from now, neurobiology will reach a new level so that intracerebral electronic sensors and transmitters will be widespread.

Still, a question arises: is it ethical to divide society into people who have the financial ability to improve the functioning of their brain and those who do not? Should these medications be freely exposed for sale or some legal basis is necessary?

Another topic is the issues concerning increased life expectancy. The most recent medical advancements have allowed extending human life by 35%. This is good but is accompanied by financial expenditure on social benefits and overpopulation of the planet.

Scientists suppose that the only solution is euthanasia of centenarians because thanks to the development of medical science, even the weakest and most vulnerable people can live up to 90-100 years, a fact that contradicts the law of nature, according to which only the strongest survive.

The most controversial topic was the existence of intelligent life on other planets. The Forum’s experts agree that during the exploration of space, humanity could possibly discover some alien civilization and habitable planets. They believe that the international community should get prepared for the possibility of an encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization and assess potential threats from it.

Also, there will arise the need to set up special services for the identification of extraterrestrial civilizations, which will help prevent a possible threat from space.

However, the experts say that even if extraterrestrial intelligence is discovered, this fact will not really change human life: although this discovery will be crucial for the humanity, it is unlikely that it will instantly affect life on Earth, but will only change the philosophical consciousness of the human.

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