If you are an old soul, you may often ask yourself deep questions about what it is to be human, what your life purpose might be and who you truly are.

An old soul often feels nostalgic for something they are not sure exists and homesick for a place they can hardly remember. They may also feel a deep connection with a time long past.

At times, they may be lonely for something without knowing what it is they long for. They may find it hard to fit in with the world and cannot understand the obsession with material things and ego nature.

Every now and then, they will get a feeling of connection without knowing where it came from or what it means. This causes them to ask some questions with deep meanings.

In trying to make sense of the world, old souls will often ask themselves the following 5 deep questions.

1. What is it to be human?

Old souls understand that human life is just one form of existence. They may wonder what they were before being human and what they might be after. They intuitively understand what Einstein stated – energy is never destroyed, it is only changed.

Old souls wonder what the point of their human experience is, why they have chosen this existence in this lifetime and what they need to learn from this journey.

2. What is my purpose here on earth?

Related to the above question, old souls specifically ask what their purpose on this earth is. They understand that human life is a learning experience and they wonder what they are here to discover. Old souls may sense that they have a purpose for this lifetime but find it frustratingly hard to grasp.

Alternatively, they may be clear about what they need to do and have an inner feeling that guides them towards this purpose.

Old souls have a strong sense of conscience and a deep desire never to cause pain, as they understand the interconnected nature of all life. They may get frustrated with themselves for getting caught up in human dramas and forgetting that this life has a deeper meaning.

They can also sometimes forget to embrace the human experience they have chosen and get lost in the mind or the spiritual life.

3. Who was I before I was me?

Old souls may remember glimpses of previous lives. Young children often remember these experiences, but we often forget as we grow up in the material, rational world.

But for the old soul, these remembrances sometimes pierce through into our current lives giving a sense of something lost, something remembered, and something more than our human journey.

For this reason, old souls often experience nostalgia and déjà vu. They may also experience bliss moments when they remember who they are beyond the physical body and merge into the oneness of life.

4. What is the real meaning of life?

As they understand that this journey of life is just one of many their souls will take, old souls often ponder the true meaning of life. They wonder what it is all for and why there are suffering and hate.

They find it difficult to understand the human capacity for destruction, control, and greed and this can make them sad. Old souls often experience depression and grief and they feel the pain of others suffering deeply.

They may also find any kind of conflict and disharmony unbearable. Old souls understand that any form of hatred is self-hatred as we are all connected.

Old souls may constantly search within themselves for the answers to these questions and try to share their deep understanding of our interconnectedness with others in order to bring about peace and harmony.

5. Who am I?

As a result of asking all the above questions, the old soul often begins to realize that they do not know who they really are. They begin to see that they are not just a human being in a physical body and they begin to question their true nature.

As they understand the interconnectedness of all things, they realize that they are part of all creation and that all creation is part of them. They suddenly understand that just as the wave is not separate from the ocean, their true self is not separate from all of creation.

With this understanding, all sense of I and myself changes. The constant chattering of the egoic mind becomes irrelevant. Old souls cannot necessarily hold on to this understanding at all times.

They will occasionally be sucked back into the illusion of separateness. However, this understanding can help them overcome some of the sadness that they experience when faced with an imperfect world.

In answering these deep questions, old souls can begin to enjoy human existence for what it is, a unique experience that is part of spiritual growth. The answers to these questions can reassure them that there is a purpose to life. With this understanding, they can balance their spiritual and human needs.

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  1. Don

    All of this is familiar to me excepting glimpses of previous lives. I had a difficult time developing a strong spirituality until I began a study (layman study) of relativity and quantum theory. It proved things cannot be as we normally see them and think they are – especially that there is no deep material reality. It gave me a foundation to stand on and look at a whole new universe of possibilities.

  2. Sonja

    Found this a very worthwhile read, with much truth, thank you.

  3. jeanine galvan

    beam me up Scotty …:) peace

  4. Nsubuga John

    I,like the topic but in our country there little access of internet cafe and some time no good phone to access the topic

  5. Gary

    Perhaps we each create our own reality. Is there a reality beyond that of our 6 senses?

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