human another planetLooking into the mysterious night sky, we reflect on the existence of other advanced civilizations, we look for ways to contact them. However, few of us wonder who we are and where we came from. Maybe we are aliens on our planet?

Nowadays some scientists, authors of numerous theories attempt to reinforce a hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin of humankind with different arguments. Here they are:

1. Human being from its birth is completely unadapted to living on Earth. According to Darwin, our closest relatives are primates. But they are completely different from humans. Chimpanzees are pregnant for months 7, and gorillas for 9.5, they give birth full-term babies, which weight only 2 kg. In this case a female chimp becomes adult in 8 years old, a male one – in 10. Do I need to explain how children Homo sapiens are in this age?

2. Mathematicians found out that if the force of gravity on Earth was 0.6 of the existing, a man, just like a cat or a dog, could fall down without causing any significant injury himself! Maybe that’s why a human child suffers, cries, is capricious and sick? He feels unbearably hard, painful, and uncomfortable on this planet,which affects him with its gravity.

In mythology of the Dogon tribe in West Africa there is an unambiguous indication to the arrival of their ancestors from another star system, located near Sirius. It is considered very probable that Sirius was once close to the Sun, making a double star system, which doesn’t contradict the laws of celestial mechanics.

It is possible that at some period there were several stars. Subsequently, Sirius has deviated from its original path in the universe, and it has found itself in the part of our Galaxy, where it currently resides.

In mythology of some peoples there is a memory of many suns, among which Sirius was. It also explains why the ancient Egyptians held sacred this star in their religion.

3. On the Earth we obviously couldn’t obtain such an extraordinarily powerful mental apparatus which, as we are assured by scientists, is used only by 3-10%. Mother Nature couldn’t be so irrational, so wasteful, giving a human a mind, which he can use with such a low efficiency.

Perhaps under other conditions mankind would be able to use his mental abilities more effectively. And then our life would be richer, brighter, and more complex.

4. Every earthly creature lives in a 24-hour rhythm. If you hide a rooster in the basement, he will continue crowing in every sunrise. Similarly would behave any inhabitant of the Earth in this situation. It’s natural for them, since their biological clock is from the birth in accordance with earthly rhythms.

In humans everything is different. Being put in a deep cave, after a while he begins to feel days longer than they really are. In 1972 a French speleologist Michel Siffre remained for six months under the ground and completely isolated himself from the outside world. He kept a detailed diary of his experiences. The subjective 151th day of his stay in the cave in reality appeared to be the 179th. Thus from a half year in the cave, he lost a whole month of solar time. Why? Maybe because his biological clock works in the rhythm of a planet, where people initially received their pulse.

5. Human is the only one who has to put on “other skins”. He is not protected from the harsh nature of the Earth nor with a scale, nor with a thick fur, nor with a thick layer of fat. No other creatures on our planet are so vulnerable and dependent on climatic conditions and the vagaries of the weather. Without clothes people in most parts of the Earth are doomed to death in a very short time.

In 1984 American geneticists, studying differences in human genetic material came to a conclusion that all the people of Earth are descended from the same foremother. It happened 350 thousand years ago. But we also know that the Homo sapiens began to appear only 100 thousand years ago. So in what part of the universe was he wandering for the remaining 250 thousand years?

So what characteristics should have this mysterious Planet X, from which mankind has come? The force of gravity on it should be about half of earthly one. The average density is comparable to ours (so there should be a lot of water). The rotation period around its axis is about 30 hours.

There should be no change of seasons (no inclination of the rotation axis), that’s why the duration of day and night is always constant. No off-season. Remember how uncomfortable many people feel in spring and autumn, when circadian rhythms change (end of March and beginning of September). There should not be geomagnetic storms and pressure drops.

On the Planet X there has never been any glacial period. That’s why a warm, mild climate remains for millions of years, and our biological ancestors had no need to obtain a scalp or any other protective coating.

The legend of the Fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden preserves a memory of those favorable times when people didn’t care about their daily bread, but were able to concentrate on their mental capacities and on the creative process, which gave a powerful push to an unprecedented development of the human brain.

If the ancestral home of humanity is somewhere in the depths of the universe, it would be strange if our ‘relatives’ didn’t show interest to us! So maybe the UFO is not a mysterious phenomenon of nature, but just our relatives from the distant Planet X, coming to visit us…

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