What if I told you that your digestive tract was a physical location in your body that you could clean to help end the trauma, loss, and difficulties in your life?

And what if, by unclogging your digestive tract, you could experience flow, energy, and heightened awareness all over again? Well, guess what: you can and here is how.

We’ve all heard the saying: “You are what you eat”.

This statement is true, in large part. However, this saying actually describes the ‘negative’ side: that what you consume and allow into your body becomes a part of you, shapes your life, and eventually influences your energy, which fully impacts your destiny.

So what is the positive side?

On a physical level, the healthy nutrients you eat are supposed to be absorbed by your colon. However, if the accumulated foods and drink you consume are too acidic, or are mildly (or heavily) polluting to the body, this diminishes the electrolytes within your digestive tract and allows acids to trigger the production of a form of mucus throughout the digestive system.

Your colon, in particular, will protect itself against absorbing the acidity or poison, by producing a layer of rubber-like protection (that some refer to as mucoid plaque). If you don’t change your eating habits, this layer of plaque will grow larger and larger.

As the plaque coagulates, it retains various substances such as drugs, heavy metals, yeast, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, even emotional memory, and more – all of which combine to interfere with your energy levels, nutrient assimilation and ability to shed weight.

Did you know?

Physically: There are still remnants of the steak you ate as a teenager in your bowels.

Lethargy, skin and joint complaints like eczema, gout, or rashes, also mean your body is blocked and it cannot achieve the flow state experienced in abundance during your youth.

Mentally: Thinking the same thoughts over and over create *physical* pathways in your brain and heart. In Indian philosophy and yoga, these are called ‘Samskaras’. These stored ‘patterns’ repeat over and over, until you are able to end and replace them.

Spiritually: Like a radio station, you are continuously broadcasting to the universe your dominant thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints on life.

This creates your energy levels, your outlook on life – and ultimately what you can manifest, or achieve, in this lifetime.

What is actually stored in your digestive tract

Within this layer of plaque like the rings of a tree trunk, a story is built up over time: of portions of the unassimilable food you have consumed in the past, and even of emotions you may have suppressed, stuffed down deep inside, of trauma from your childhood, or of issues you have ‘eaten away’ (to help you cope with them when they originally occurred).

Are you the kind of person who continuously experiences a feeling of “holding on”, or who finds it challenging to let go in life? For example, this may be an inability to lose weight/keep weight off, to feel an abundance of energy in your life, or to attract exactly what you desire. Then it is highly likely that you have a clogged colon, which is frustrating your ability to reach your goals, your desired weight, increase your vitality, and efficiently use your food.

The healthy state of your colon governs how easily and effortlessly you can:

  1. Lose weight – and keep it off
  2. Increase your energy levels – and consistently have abundant energy
  3. Let go and release what you don’t want

Think about this for a minute…

What this means is that everything you have consumed (and especially trauma experienced in the first seven years of your life), is physically stored in your colon. This is because your physical body’s natural protective response is to cling, to store away, to suppress.

This suppression could be what is behind the majority of eating disorders and, in particular, obesity. People eat because they think it helps with releasing emotions. However, the coping mechanism of eating could actually be storing the negativity of the original emotion deeper inside you.

And what blew my mind is that, spiritually, your digestive tract is linked to your root chakra. It is known as the most powerful chakra because it is the root, the red, the most powerful point in your spirit body that broadcasts your feelings just like a radio station.

Well, if this radio station is clogged up with these stored foods, emotions, and trauma, then could that be what you are broadcasting continuously to the universe? The stored feelings, or food pollution, trauma, and suppressed emotions – so that that is what your universe is mirroring back to you?

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple – a physical cleanse of your digestive tract and, in particular, colon. Once you complete it, you will discover that everything starts to flow so much better on all levels (physical, mental, and spiritual):

  1. You have more energy, more vitality, and more clarity in thinking
  2. You lose weight
  3. The parasites in your body leave, and
  4. You start to experience the feeling of ‘flow’ in your life again.

Ask yourself: How clearly do you think and how vibrantly do you ‘feel’ right now?

How can you expect to be energetic, thin, and happy when you still have the mucoid plaque clogging up your colon and making you unable to absorb the full potential of high-quality nutrients you receive through a healthy eating plan?

Until this plaque has been removed from your colon (yes, pretty much everybody has it!) the body cannot readily absorb anything properly (even your B-complex vitamin).

In other words: if you want to achieve the outcomes you desire, you need to unplug & de-clog your digestive tract and colon, in particular, first.

Because actually: You are what you absorb.

By : Simon-Robert: Thomson.

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