Are you ready for the brain-to-brain communication? Well, it seems that science is one step ahead of you.

Collective intelligence is already a fact, it is real. Yes, humans can speak to each other without pen, paper or even the Internet. The interesting part about this idea is that we have been able to do this for the whole of our existence. It is built into the wiring of our brains.

It could even originate from that area of the brain that is fabled to be “the uncharted territory”, or maybe not. In fact, there is now a consensus that this uncharted area doesn’t even exist.

Many are with the belief that we have been misusing this area of our brain for centuries going about mundane tasks and never taking advantage of our mind’s full potential. It could be that we have been ignorant on the basic use of our own brain.

The fact remains, we can send messages by our thought processes alone.

Previously, scientists have experimented with brain to computer intelligence communication, which is a primary step toward collective intelligence. Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, speaks of the recent tests conducted by many neurologists, where the thoughts could project images into digital format.

Although these pictures are rather crude, they offer a glimpse of what we are dealing with, the magnitude of what the human mind can perform.

Beneficial Discoveries

So, now we know that we have arrived. We have successfully found a way to send messages from one brain to the other.  We have also succeeded in putting thoughts into images using digital tools. And how does this benefit the human race?

Not only can this prove to be beneficial for technology, this can also help scientists to understand issues such as mental illness, an interesting ailment of the human mind. With proper study, these discoveries can reveal hidden layers of the human condition which have, at times, left neurologists in confusion.

The latest studies

A recent study by an international team of neuroscientists has revealed that adjustments to certain pathways in the brain can cause communication abilities between minds from as far as 5000 miles apart.

Researchers led by Alvaro Pasqual-Leone of Harvard Medical School attached electrodes to the subject’s scalp, in order to record currents in the brain. These currents were then, in turn, translated into digital signals and sent to a controlled output.

A human brain, on the other end of the signal, would receive the message and email the words back to the sender. This served as a successful confirmation of the theory. Apparently, the signals can also be received in a similar format as Morse code. These signals would appear to the receiver as flashes of light in the peripheral vision.

The findings suggest intriguing new possibilities for computer-assisted volitional control/communication of brain states between individuals. The brain-to-brain method may be used to augment this mutual coupling of the brains, and may have a positive impact on human social behavior,” note the authors of the study.

Although these studies are in early stages, it will be interesting to see how far they will go. It makes stories of people who can sense the death of loved ones seem more probable than before.

There may, indeed be a way for us to communicate across oceans and deserts to someone we miss or even dislike. The land of the mind may be so vast and intelligent that we have only touched the edge of its expanse. The secrets revealed will continue to amaze and astound us in times to come.

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  1. George E Moss

    I applaud the fact that scientists at last are convinced of mind-link communication.This is very good news. I would however point out that this knowledge has been known to certain seance groups for quite a long time, and for minds to be able to link and communicate across 5,000 miles is really a serious under-estimation. the distance possibility is unlimited and our group has mind-linked to seance groups on distant planets in other galaxies … We also frequently communicate with those who are now in spirit. Mind’s potential is truly unlimited once fully realized.

    1. Sherrie


      Your last sentence speaks volumes about what I was going to say. The truth is most of us haven’t even tapped into certain regions of our mind. These regions are where you learn to do these things unless they have somehow come naturally. There are rare few that can do this with little effort, especially sets of twins. The thing with twins although is that they have a natural ability because they are already linked at birth and utilizing a region most of us do not use. So, I believe that all it takes is learning, practicing and meditation in order to reach these abilities. so amazing, huh?

  2. Aaron

    To me its scary your mind is suppose to be yours and if someone can enter it without your permission and even attack your character. I fear for many people who may become victims. innocent lives that will be shattered. thoughts consumed instead of thoughts left to flourish and expand.

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