Could dissociative identity disorder be connected to astral projection? Are we leaving our bodies and experiencing possession?

I would like to approach my topic from three directions and see if they meet in the middle. Would you like to take the journey with me? When I speak of making connections, it’s not merely from the curiosity that I hold within, it’s also because I have been searching for answers the entirety of my life for strange things that happened to me. So, let’s start with the basics – dissociative identity disorder.

What is dissociative identity disorder (DID)?

Formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, DID is a form of dissociative disorder. Dissociative disorder, alone, is the disruption of memory, mental functions, and consciousness, but with the addition of the identity disorder, victims experience a change in identity, randomly, even to the point of complete separation from the original human “soul”. There is a complete and utter split between the host personality, in favor of alternate versions.

As fascinating as this may be, dissociative identity disorder can be dangerous. It can also display facets of astral projection (consciousness leaving the body).

Let’s take a look at astral projection in order to understand the next direction.

Astral projection, although slightly different from OOBEs (basic out of body experiences), is the operation in which the mind leaves the body with a purpose driven intent. There are two theories on this occurrence, one being a phasing belief and the other being a mystical one.

The phasing belief says that astral travel is simply the mind moving to other locales in the consciousness, other radio stations or channels, so to speak. In this belief, the mind never leaves the body at all, just learns how to phase into new regions of the mind.

In the mystical belief, however, we see the classic out of body travel. The mind actually does leave the body, for undetermined amounts of time, and returns to its physical state later on. During the mystical astral projection, the mind knows it is separate from the body but still feels attached, usually in the form of a long silver “umbilical” cord.

Now, let’s enter another topic into this discussion – possession

The classic interpretation of possession has spiritual roots. Religious beliefs speak of possession as a form of an evil entity inhabiting the human body. There are other forms of possession, however, instances where disembodied humans enter bodies other than their own, either in an attempt to gain a better body or in accidental circumstances. Either way, possession is something up for debate, some believe it is real, while others believe it is just another creative twist of the human imagination.

How can we tie this all together?

Now, I wish to get personal, as I am want to do at times. I am a survivor of sexual abuse – 6 years of relentless attack from another family member which occurred between the age of 4 and 10 years. I endured this hardship beyond the knowledge of any other adult family member, or at least that’s what they claim.

Something else happened during this time and it defies logic. Simultaneously, and some time well after the onset of my abuse, I began to experiment with astral projection. At some point, either before or after my experimentation, I started to experience what the doctors call “psychosis”. Of course, this diagnosis wasn’t present then, I just started to see things and decided to call them my “imaginary friends.” I experienced shadowy figures and doppelgangers of myself.

Now, for just a moment, let me rest my tired typing fingers. Have I lost you yet? No? Good.

Soon after these occurrences, and during one particular episode of abuse, I started to split. Have you ever seen that movie “Split”? Yes, that’s a severe case. Anyway, I began to develop independent feelings, personalities, and traits, which at times would argue with me incessantly. When my abuser was active, I would leave my body and watch something else enter. All the while, I watched from above. It was probably one of the most horrifying incidences of my childhood.

This is where it gets really interesting

After the abuse, and as I carried on with my childhood and adolescence, I started to experience the split more often. It came easier and the alternate versions of myself started to take on a more solid persona, a name, a different color of eye and a strong personality all its own. It took a long time to grow accustomed to my condition, of which I told no one, but after therapists, doctors and child psychologists poked and prodded, I decided to bury it deeper, hiding all the supernatural and paranormal evidence from sight.

There was no way they would ever believe me, and so I learned to live in darkness.

Here’s where I connect everything

There is a scientific standpoint and then there is a supernatural standpoint. In all honesty, they may never be reconciled. I was diagnosed with Manic Depression in 1993, then diagnosed formerly with the Bipolar disorder with psychosis, anxiety disorder, PTSD and OCD. I take several medications to alleviate these strange symptoms and actions.

I cannot say, in good conscious, that I no longer see things that shouldn’t be there. I am sure, however, that I am the soul that as originally planted within this body when I was created. I am not sure if I am the only one present residing within.

Science says this is psychosis, schizophrenia etc etc, but I am not so sure. I remember what I did as a victim in the throws of sexual violation, and I remember the times I read those Omni magazines and practiced tirelessly to leave my body. I remember that I was successful as well.

I am not sure what this means, but I see the connection. Whether it is spiritual, or if it is a figment of my damaged psyche, I may never know. I invite your opinions.

Thank you.


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