Today, distance learning via the Internet is becoming more attractive for many people and even companies. There are several reasons:

1. You can take lessons at any convenient time/location
2. You have a wide range of training programs to choose
3. Online courses are frequently updated and contain contemporary knowledge
4. Teaching methods are being improved constantly
5. There is no need to spend time on the road to a language school or any other type of school
6. You can study with minimal financial expenses

Distance learning opens the door to the most prestigious universities regardless of what country you live in. Even the financial issues lose their significance since the distance learning courses are 40% cheaper than the classroom ones.

There are two main types of distance learning: synchronous and asynchronous learning. In the first case, lessons take place on-line that in essence is similar to ordinary classroom lessons. Asynchronous learning presents an archive of lectures or other materials that may be accessed by students at any time.

The next point is the so-called event control module which is responsible for lesson planning. In other words, the distance learning system provides a virtual schedule of learning stages. For example, a student has to read a certain document, watch a video, listen to a lecture, then take a test. After passing it, they may continue to the next piece of material.

In fact, it’s similar to the classic education system when students have several attempts to take a test/exam until they pass it. But in the case of distance learning, there is a great advantage: all the detailed statistics are available at any time that provides major opportunities for objective analysis.

However, depending on the individual learning style, distance learning is not suitable for everyone. First of all, you need to have good reading comprehension skills. Some online courses provide audio and video materials, but the majority of information is available through written text.

Then, you should be able to resist constant distractions and motivate yourself since the distance courses are free from the constant supervision of an educator. And finally, you have to set your own goals and be able to work on your own and complete your tasks on time.

So, distance education is not suitable for all types of learners and subjects, but due to its advantages and the increasingly developing technologies in near future, it may be implemented into the educational system of all levels.

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