extraterrestrial alien dnaIf terms such as adenine and guanine bring you memories of the school course of biology, here you will see a reason to give to these words a second meaning. A group of scientists discovered that these two, as well as the other building blocks of DNA, can form in space and could have been brought to the surface of Earth by meteorites.

Meteorites found in Antarctica and Australia make scientists believe that the building blocks of DNA exist in space. In order to reach this amazing conclusion the researchers analyzed a series of 12 meteorites collected in Antarctica and Australia.

Inside, the scientists found a ‘treasure’ of molecules that may play an important role in the formation of early life forms. The adenine, which helps build the ‘stairs’ of the DNA helix, was present in eleven meteorites. The guanine, another key component of DNA, was present in eight ones.

Two of the 12 meteorites contain exotic particles that are very rare on Earth, thus demonstrating that the building blocks of DNA must have been formed in space. The discovery confirms the theory that a set of prefabricated sections on a meteorite or a comet could have given rise to life on Earth.

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