If you are into spirituality, you have probably heard about the aura, the subtle body, and the human energy field. But the real question here is: is there any scientific proof that auras exist? Let’s see what science says about the concept of the human aura.

Kirlian photography

In 1939, Soviet researcher Semyon Kirlian discovered a curious effect. He placed an object on photographic paper and passed a high voltage across it. The photography that resulted from this process would show a glowing aura around the object.

This is what later became known as Kirlian photography or the Kirlian effect.

Evidently, New Age spiritualists and parapsychologists claimed that this was an object’s biofield or aura. For example, you can see the Kirlian effect in the photograph of tomatoes below:

Kirlian photography aura tomatoes

Similar photographs of inanimate objects like coins, leaves, and finally, even human body parts have been taken.

Looks convincing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Later studies showed that the Kirlian aura has to do with an object’s moisture. Any living thing, from a vegetable or plant to a human, has a certain level of moisture. It turned out that electricity created an area of gas ionization around the object, which lead to changes in the electric charge on the film.

Thus, scientific experiments showed that Kirlian photography had nothing to do with spiritual concepts like the aura.

People who can see auras – how does science explain their experiences?

At the same time, we all know that certain people are able to perceive energy and see auras. Some even claim that they can see distinct aura colors and offer their interpretation of those.

Again, science doesn’t offer any evidence of psychic phenomena here. Experiments demonstrate that aura readers’ experiences are basically visual illusions. The specific illusion that could explain the visual perception of auras, according to science, is called the afterimage. You experience it when you look at the sun or any bright object and then continue to see its glowing silhouette for a few moments.

But why do some people see auras and others don’t, according to science? Neurologists claim that certain brain disorders and effects may be responsible for those visual experiences. Some examples include epilepsy and migraines.

So, do auras exist?

Unfortunately, to date, there is no valid scientific evidence that auras exist. However, this doesn’t mean that we should entirely refute their existence.

After all, humankind is in the constant process of exploring the universe and the way it works. If there is no scientific confirmation of certain phenomena, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t exist.

A few centuries ago, people believed the Earth was the center of the universe, remember? Scientists who were ahead of their time were executed, such as Giordano Bruno, or misunderstood, such as Nikola Tesla.

I believe we still know very little about the universe in order to claim anything with certainty. So the best approach here is to remain open-minded without believing blindly in anything.

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  1. mothman777

    The subtle body comprised of chakras, meridians etc., is in fact itself merely a more subtle grade of material substance, and not actually ‘spiritual’, but it is nice and shiny, and so people think it must be spiritual.

    The plasma that comprises the subtle material body is, according to ancient vedic knowledge (from which the science of acupuncture originated before the Chinese medical system adopted it), and according to modern quantum physics, non-particulate, whereas each individual soul is eternally particulate in relation to all other souls. Each individual eternal jiva soul is suspended constantly in a flowing stream of prana (chi), within the anahata (heart chakra) in all species of beings, in microbes and all other species in the material world.

    In the spiritual world, all souls are eternally liberated and no longer encased in any restricting external bodily form, so that whatever they will becomes instantly manifest, manifest by Krishna Himself within His own substance, when their will is as perfect as that of Krishna Himself. So this means that if a soul wishes to fly through the spiritual atmosphere around each spiritual planet in an airplane, then Krishna becomes that airplane, and so on. The will of souls in this world, however, is imperfect, thus they are held in appropriate external forms that condition and limit what they can will for, and disease is a concomitant of wishing to live in such an imperfect state of consciousness, a state of secession from the constitutional Higher Self God Krishna, who in fact is the greater part of their own self-cognitive faculty, whilst yet still remaining an eternally individual entity Himself, just as the the sun is needed to make the physical eyes function, so there is a vital eternal constitutional relationship with Krishna, that if avoided, renders each soul very much less self-aware of their own true eternal personalities, forms and qualities. In the spiritual world, Vaikuntha (meaning ‘free from all anxiety’), there is no longer any disease of any type.

    If one were to be the so-called ‘spiritual’ aura energy itself, then just as that energy enters the subtle body and exits it, even forming the vortices that are the chakras themselves, our consciousness also would enter and exit it also, so we would spend all our time flowing through millions of bodies constantly, with no fixed individual identities, which plainly just isn’t happening.

    Each soul is like a spiritual pebble in a river of such subtle energy, around which that energy flows to form the percept of the senses themselves, and then the percept of those senses in the form of gross and subtle matter.

    In the Bhagavad Gita, our communal Higher Self God Krishna tells us that He is the origin of all the substance that exists around each and every other soul, both in this world and in the eternal spiritual world beyond this world, as ultimately, when the true spiritual nature of everything is revealed, all gross and subtle material matter, and all spiritual matter of the planets in the spiritual worlds, is none other than the non-divisible cosmic-sized soul of Krishna Himself, fully conscious in it’s own right.

    Nevertheless, vedic knowledge also admits to the apparent particulate nature of material substance as gross material atoms and subatomic particles, and particles of subtle material prana in the subtle body and so on, but all that substance is actually Krishna surrounding us really, in non-disclosed form in this world, until we change our attitudes to become more kind and gentle towards Himself and each other, and then the true nature of reality is once again disclosed, and we are then readmitted to the eternal spiritual world, vibrating in a variety of eternal forms and natures, that correspond to various eternal forms and natures of Krishna Himself.

  2. leslie

    Although it is somewhat difficult for the logical mind to grasp…having an inner view of my chakras and light,I can accept the concepts trying to be conveyed here. Like a car waiting for the traffic light to inevitably change, in my career iam waiting for the next window to open that reflects my next level to present. This is very close to my level of practice. If there is a way to get a hold of one of these “cameras” i am definitely interested!

    1. Tim?

      Well, thats what we are seeing, the electromagnetic emissions from out bodies. This is essentially how EEG/EKG etc machines work

  3. jack

    well this is wrong, an aura is an energy can that can only be detected supernaturally, electricity and light are real and therefore not auras

  4. Doug

    Hi – for those people seeking information on the technology that allows this and similar studies, Google:

    Dr Konstantin Korotkov

    He is the inventor of the GDV and has many books published on his research. We have utilized Dr Konstantin’s technologies during a number of advanced meditation workshops hosted by Dr Joe Dispenza. The results are simply astounding and were also captured by another amazing neuroscientist, Dr Jeffrey Fannin using advanced brain mapping techniques. Combined, these two tools identified how the ‘correct’ application of meditation can alter the bodies electrical and magnetic signals… The results of this are astounding and have been scientifically captured for latter release.

  5. Luki

    finally, the days are near, when things are set right – the invisible matter deserve our attention same and more then solely the physical one…
    If God is invisible, than, it is His world we are discovering

  6. kamlesh sharma

    Let’s do it need desperately

  7. bob

    seeing your aura is impossible, but we do have an energy field around our body. The energy field is not an electromagnetic one though, it has nothing to do with magnetism.

  8. Hatsu10011

    i believe aura really exist and i think its dangerous to learn or to study because once you understand it will allow you to do something good or bad that mankind could ever imagine, that’s why no one is showing how to study or learn it, for now im using the most possible way to unlock it ” meditate ” ( just saying what’s on my mind ^_^ and sorry bout my english XD )

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