There are many reasons why you may feel unique. Could you or someone you know be part of the Indigo generations?

The following article will answer some of the questions you may have about indigo children and will help you find the “miracle children” in your close circle. One of the New Age theorists is Ms. Nancy Ann Tappe, who worked on the Indigo generations in an almost scientific manner and divided them into five categories according to the date of birth of these children.

Here are the five Indigo generations, according to Tappe:

Alpha Generation

The first generation, which was called Alpha, includes children born in the period between 1958 and 1968. According to Tappe, the period of the awakening of the Alpha generation was from 1986 until 1996. Their aura was seen as dark blue and green with purple shades.

The aura was also under the influence of the metallic beige hue, protecting them from external attacks and excessively early showing of indigo potential. Since early childhood, the Alpha had a feeling of being different, as if they did not belong to their home, country, or parents. The reasons for these differences were always vague and never provided a satisfactory explanation.

Beta Generation

They are people born in the period between 1968 and 1978. The period of their awakening coincides, roughly, with the period between 1996 and 2006. The colors of their aura are blue – green – purple, but no longer the color of the metal shield.

A typical feature of both generations, Alpha and Beta, is that they look much younger than they actually are, Tappe says.

Gamma Generation

The Gamma is the third generation of Indigo children, born between 1978 and 1988. The period of the intellectual awakening of these children coincides with the period between 2006 and 2016. This is the first generation with the minimum protective shield. It is usually purple with markings of ocher or a crystal color.

Delta Generation

These children are born between 1988 and 1998. One of the characteristics of the fourth generation is the pure indigo color of the aura. The period of maturation and spiritual awakening of the delta generation coincides with the period from 2016 until 2026.

This generation is too sensitive and needs plenty of help. These people are overactive and quite extroverted. They like to show the world who they really are and often do this with great self-confidence. In their environment, they want blue and purple colors and enjoy slow music. They avoid crowded places and anything that causes nervousness.

The Delta generation usually has difficult teenage years. Many of these kids think that something is wrong with them, they may dabble with drugs or have suicidal tendencies. The best remedy for them is Nature.

Omega Generation

Children born between 1998 and 2008 belong to the so-called Omega indigo generation. Supposedly this is the last “pure” indigo generation. According to Tappe, this generation will experience the “Dark Night of the Soulfrom 2026 until 2036.

Children born in the Delta and Omega period, are also called Crystal Children because of a particularly bright, crystal color in their aura.

These children are particularly vulnerable to various dermatology problems, allergies, and diseases (especially to those of the upper respiratory tract due to high environmental pollution). Also, a large proportion of them are characterized as autistic or suffers from Asperger syndrome. Tappe claims that autism in children is a way of self-protection from the attack and neurosis of the outside world.

The Awakening of Indigo

For each of the indigo generations, the process of awakening begins around the age of 28-29 years and lasts about 7.5 years. The “Dark Night of the Soul” is a period that can be particularly difficult because it is the final return of an indigo person to their mission in this life. This period is full of different problems and various difficult challenges.

In the mature age (37 – 39), the recovery of psychic abilities begins, Tappe claims. Until then, this person had enough time to finally learn to trust their psychic powers without being startled or trying to share their experiences with others.

Tappe claims that these internal experiences may include: having a clear insight, direction, and possible internal communication with the spirit world; the ability to read thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others; understanding the parallel levels of reality; a true insight into the nature of time.

While there is no evidence to support the claim that Indigo children are real, many people believe that they are. So let’s keep our mind open, shall we? If you are a spiritual person, maybe believing that you are an indigo child or adult could help you realize your potential. You may not have realized the awakening as it was happening. Maybe you just know someone who is part of the Indigo generations.

Whatever the case, this may be the real reason you or someone you love feels different. After all, the indigos are said to possess unique qualities, so maybe it’s just a metaphor for being a gifted, sensitive, and highly creative individual.

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  1. Ron

    I was born in 55 but I am a Indigo, I figure out everything
    read this website on health

    1. b kelly

      Also born in 55 and knew from a very young age that I didn’t belong with the family I was with. I thought I was an alien or just was sent to the wrong people.

  2. Neera

    Wow, I am a Gamma and have been awakened at the age of 35. I was told I will fully develop my abilities at the age of 37 to 39. So you are so right in what you have said in this article! Please do give more insight.

  3. J. Mason Smith

    [Gamma][1985][1st Memory/16mo.][Abilities Since Age 4][Extremely Heightened Age 23+][Current Age 28][Awakening???]
    I have experienced many if not most definable & witnessed abilities that describe what is known as a PK (Psychokinetic) Agent. While most are seeded sub-consciously & when physically manifested are extremely powerful (It is a terrible thing to be afraid of one’s own power).
    As well; many are consciously active abilities w/ an undeveloped active & inactive switch, in which these abilities manifest to a greater or lesser degree, either semi-controlled -OR- @ random & w/varied range in Intensity/Magnitude, Range& Distance, but most are always on even if slightly… (due to a near fatal Event) My training was interrupted as I was being taught control these gifts & events for my own well being & the well being of others.
    As in the past; one ability in particular has manifested most times defensively; effecting real world physical reality, & offensively it has manifested with tremendously destructive effects, & is the most unstable & random of the broad array of abilities exhibited.
    [email protected]

  4. Bela

    wohuuuuu delta generation!! its true we love calm music <3

  5. momma46

    I found this to be amazing. I’m a beta (77), I knew from the age of 3 there was a definite line. I always saw a curtain. I hit milestones for awakening at 29, changed my life. Now at age 37, I am in the process of getting back on course to helping heal the world. I believe I’ve been blessed with one indigo child (1998), one born in (2005), and lastly but not least a child who will tell people she was born of fairies and sent to be a part of my family. She also knows Chinese, and remembers a life loved with another family and how they died. She was born in 2008. I’m now seeing signs in my son, born 2009, that he has some abilities that can’t be explained. Can one indigo adult be so fortunate to produce 4 remarkable and creative beings? Where would I go to have them checked. My oldest sees energies from people.

    1. Meshelle

      I’m a 1970 model have 6 children all remarkable,,,,,the 1989 n2008 being classified autism spectrum,,,but all intuitive,,,,th 89 has agreed to train the 2008 so he can understand how to use Hus unique intelligence and empathy,,,,truly blessed!

  6. Maggie

    Wow, I am gamma generation and awaking up. It has been very difficult years for me from 2007 to now on.

  7. Nezumi

    I was reading information about Pleiadian Starseeds and came here. I found out about Indigo Children from looking at youtube videos and possible Kindred Spirit magazine I always felt different from others and didn’t know why like never part of the crowd. I know I am Indigo adult from Gamma generation my awakening started about 2011, felt energies of crystals when about 18 years old. Lately after 2012 things have gotten brighter and objects seem more clearer. There are more 11:11 phenomenon. We are brought to here by chance but by inner guide the consciousness shift everyone talks about is real and I can feel it.

  8. Maureen

    I am an indigo child from the Delta generation. Eerily accurate. My awakening begins 2016? That’s when I will give birth..

    1. Sadie

      Pregnancy and birth was an amazing sling shot forward in my awakening process! Awesome sacred space, send you love and trust in your body dear one!

  9. koty

    I wanna help the world change. I don’t believe in modern day government . I am very spiritual and have little experience with astral projection. And now I’m stuck idk what to do to help

  10. Azri

    wow…alpha indigo generation. that makes it so much EASIER to understand the weirdness that has been my life..and my awaking has come in waves over various years n such..can feel the next 1 coming and I CAN’T WAIT!! gonna be very interesting! Cheers!

  11. Fritz

    Alpha gen here. I knew something was up all the way back in 2nd grade, when I found myself floating about 50′ over the playground looking at my classmates below. Many other experiences since.

  12. Mimis

    This is so accurate it’s eerie. I’m a delta. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a teenager. But everything has been changing this year and it’s all because I’ve been spending more time in nature. Being surrounded by nature has definitely healed me! Aw yeah it’s awesome

  13. abby

    I was born in 2001 which would make me an Omega…
    I always known I had this innate motivation to do something important in this world but i’ve not really had any psychic experiences except when I was very very young. And I can eat most foods (dairy,meat,any of that) without problems, however if I eat too much acidic food I get heart burn which I think happens to most people?.. The only sensitivity I have is with soap. My mom used to say I had very sensitive skin when I was a baby, but most babies do, so she couldnt use soap or i’d get rashes. Today, i’m 14 and I still get rashes and my skin peels when I use soaps.
    The only psychic experiences happened when I was very young and I only remember about 2 or 3. Once before I started school I remember my babysitter calling me from my bed in the middle of the night to come say goodbye to her. The memory is foggy since I was very young but I remember that this happened actually a few weeks or a month before died in her sleep from breast cancer.
    Another strange thing that happened to me when I was young was that I remember waking up in the middle of the night and I had accidently knocked off the glass of water on my table onto the floor. What was strange was it was almost like the glass of water was reversing itself, like it was spilling onto the floor and than reversing back onto the table and back again and that happened for about 3-4 times until it actually stayed on the floor for me to pick up. The memory was still very foggy because I was half asleep.
    I think i’ve become out of tune with myself since because those are the only experiences i’ve ever had and they all happened by myself and in the middle of the night so my parents don’t know. lol.

  14. Linda

    I believe that the Indigo started earlier than stated here. There are many from the 40’s who definitely relate

    1. J. A. Stewart

      I was born in 1940 and this fits me exactly. My earliest memory is from less than a year old. It was strongest when I was very young, then faded until I was about 29. I learned to use and deal with it from then on.

  15. Deana

    If u have suppressed your abilities to the point where they seem to no longer exist, how do you make them resurface?

  16. James

    I was born in 1948 and I have most of those abilities, thought everybody did.

  17. Godfrey

    Powerful page,gamma/delta….
    Oneness is key

  18. Winter

    I’m am a lost gamma trying to figure out what is happening to me…

  19. Alfie Divine

    You will find out soon that most of you Indigos, Crystals, Have RH Nehative blood.

    Look into it. GOD bless you all.


  20. Ina

    I have to ask – I’ve never doubted that there was something more in the world, and that my purpose here had t be different than what I was told. After learning about Indigo Children, I understand why. But this is the first time I’ve heard of these generations, so my question is, if I’m born in 1998, exactly in the middle of it (14’th of july), who do I then identify my self with? Because both descriptions sound more or less right.

    1. Kellie

      I would say if they both fit then you are probably both, maybe one a bit more than the other. I am an alpha but I can identify with others as well. I think there’s probably a lot of over lapping happening. I am also a crystal, even though the article says they were born in the delta and omega periods. Like all things spiritual, things are never black and white. Just go with it, peace!

  21. Shamaria

    I am Beta Generation 1969, I have known since I was a young child, that I was different from others ..misunderstood by many. I felt as a child, I am not of this World. I felt where I came from I was very loved & missed that feeling of unconditional Love, here on Earth it has been challenging especially since I am an Empath, sensitive to feelings, feeling other peoples feelings & energies, I take on others feelings as my own, I finally learned within the last 4 yrs to separate what does not belong to me, I use to shield myself for most of my life now I know has to control it on a different level,spiritual growth, wisdom and fully accepting my abilities, gifts, embracing them fully. I have Delta children 1989, 1993 & 1996 and very blessed with them. Delta’s are starting to have their Spiritual awaking 2016-2026.

    1. ME

      We are sent from the Shepherd to guard the creation of the Most High be not afraid Angels raise up in the name of Jesus Yeshua Yehuwah the GREAT I AM those who weapon is the bow & arrow gather for The Empirically Divine is summoning you to live full time in the Spirit these are the order of Angels for our Saviour have spoken

  22. Lauri

    I am a Gamma generation. 1987. I loved this post. I have always been different and misunderstood all my life. I am 28 years old and have started meditation. I have met two spirits during meditation and it has startled me. I am an empath but have been shielding myself through meditation. I have always felt different and special. This makes so much sense. I now know I am in the ‘dark night of awakening’. All my troubles are because of this reason. I am finally being woke to my true purpose here on earth. But deep down, I already knew this. I also have a mother in the alpha generation and an aunt in the beta generation. I have two girls that are 3 and 1. Who I highly suspect will be indigos as well. Thank you thank you thank you for this article!

  23. Maria

    I’m Beta generation. 1971.
    I’m not that much into spirit journeys but I know and feel that world is one in a sense.
    I can feel deeply others’ emotions and when I’m with people, they say usually I’m spreading happiness and peace.
    But I met a person of Alpha generation – apparently also a person of Indigo generation who always felt very unique and meeting me was a huge negative shock to him because he didn’t feel that unique anymore.
    And when indigo people are mean to anyone, they are really creating a psychological horror to the others – particularly for the indigo people, extremely fragile to behavior of the others.
    Be aware, indigo children, there’s quite many of us, let’s enjoy this fact that we’re not alone in this world!

  24. Jason

    I gotta say I don’t know where you get your info and I don’t know if I believe in Indigo children…but I know I started awakening at 29 and here I am 33 definitely experiencing the dark night of the soul. Interesting read if nothing else. Thankyou for the enlightenment about indigos.

  25. Aura

    Hi! I think I belong to the Delta generation regarding the description. I’m born in 88, I recently turned 28.
    My question is: what do you mean with “the final return of an indigo person to his mission in this life.”, what is the final return?

    Thank you so much for this information!! 💙

  26. -Daniel

    And what should we do now???

  27. Ben

    Hi All, brothers and sisters, i’m from Gamma Generation. I’m turning 37 this year and my awakening was about 6-7 years ago. Although my awakening was pretty turbulent, I consider myself lucky as I received guidance from plenty of people who are from Alpha and Beta generation whom i was fated to meet along the course of my life. Now that the abilities has somehow rather becomes stabilized, I am slowly in search of more of us. So, number one, should we or is there a database for all of us? and does any of you feels very strong vibrations lately? any particular reason? i shared with the rest of us which i know of, and most of them felt the same way too.

  28. Crystal A. Gonzales

    I guess this is spot on.

  29. Joel

    I feel I’m alpha and beta my saying is this is not my world I’m just passing thru I have always felt like I’m different like I have a heart 1968 I was born 47 yrs old when I was a child my mother would spank my sister and I would cry like I could feel her pain I’m very sensitive and a loner I’m just now hearing of this while lose listening to Dick Gregory so i typed indigo children November 5 and found this page and hear I am

  30. Robert

    Hello to all! I was born on March 15th, 1984 and it seems I may be awakening. My whole life I have been considered strange…even now, though I embrace it with great enthusiasm! Diagnosed with a.d.h.d. and as gifted (150iq) at 8. I have always been off put my negative people, often those who seem outwardly positive as well. I have been a nurse about 1.5 years now and have found I can feel things when entering my pts rooms. I’ve also found I can alleviate anxiety, stress and pain to some point with most people by holding theres hands, touching them or sometimes just talking to them. When I finish my shift I sometimes feel very heavy…as though I’ve taken on what once weighed my patients soul down, sometimes it’s hard to recover but I always do.
    I have some questions…how do I control this gift? Sometimes the emotions I feel from others are overwhelming. Will I always be able to simply brish away this energy? My mind says no but my heart says yes…if that makes sense.
    If you can’t tell I know little about my own spirituality, it seems some things I just know but don’t know how.
    1 last very important question…with an aura…is this the feeling I get or should this actually be seen? I often see different colors surrounding others but only in my memory of that person, it’s hard to explain…any answers would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Johnny

      Start meditation. I do understand the emotions from crowds of people to just a few the first thing you can try is knowing what emotions are yours from all the rest. As for the aura it’s the energy field surrounding a person you can learn to see these but I suggest you practice seeing your own basically stand in front of the mirror with white background and focus your vison where the shoulder mets the neck don’t blink after 10sec maybe more use your pariphel to look at your shoulder. You can also do this with your hand. Good luck

    2. Julie

      Robert I Born March 15 1961 many years before you I too a RN until a car accident and neck injury took me from my job in Labor and Delivery. I had very similar experiences when working with patients. Now 22 years later learn I am very energy sensitive and empath for sure. You have gifts of energy healing! Make sure you are cleansing your aura before and after work quickly so you don’t get attachments or drained energy. Ground yourself and it sounds like your intent is to heal. God Bless you my friend.

    3. John

      Hey Robert i feel very similar to you. While reading your post it was as if i was reading about my being. Wow! I am so grateful to finally find someone whom I can totally ‘get’ many of what is exactly going on. We are, despite how i have felt much of my life here, Very strong – very very strong. I kept hearing that consistently in my decades of therapy, and my journey here in this realm. To others im not saying Robert and I are better worse or ‘different’ in being Indigos- we all are One. So in advance I mean no disrespect or stating we are superior- we individually and collectively are One – we are each trying to find our way and helping ourselves, each other and then others and the world. We each have unjque experiences however we share being Indigos and we are awakening and bringing light where there is darkness. Love where there is hate, tolerance when there is none, we love unconditionally (still trying). Robert would like to exchage emails with u if interested. To all my fellow brothers and sisters I send you strength, courage, love and pure white light. May we vibrate at our highest potentional. Namaste.

  31. Johnny

    I came across this page about a year ago right about the time my spiritual journey became my daily work. I was seeing starseeds rainbow children and indigo I had no clue about any of them but I already knew I was indigo. Once I was done reading this article I was struck with awe and amazement I was born August of 87 makes me gamma my intellectual awaking had just taken place at the end of 2015 and the next thing I read For each indigo generation the process of awakening begins around the age of 28-29 years old I just stopped reading as chills ran through my body I had been 28 for 3 months I had no prior knowledge of any of this. I always knew I was different and from my own childhood experiences but What a wonderful experience and expanding consciousness that this brought fourth. Your all amazing souls Full of divine energy I love you all be safe on your journeys

  32. Emme

    I have been experiencing all of these things too. Born in October of ’84 and although I was at a peak of jiving with my intuition until around 28 or 29 I’ve hit a funk and the last few years have been terribly difficult in general. I kept trying to explain it, but it just felt like there was always something…I always knew that I was different, but thought I was just being narcissistic or that I was stuck in my ego – or that I was just odd. I am interested in talking about this with anyone who is willing to share their experiences. Contact me at [email protected]. I would love to chronicle people’s experiences – or at least have a chat so that we can feel not alone.

  33. Maria

    I’m an Alpha.

  34. Zak

    Well I really don’t know what to think about this but i was born on Jan, 22 1998 (Aquarius) so that puts me in between Delta and Omega. I feel like I’m already starting to awaken and all but it’s so vague I have no idea what to do about it or where to start on my goal of starting a revolutionary chain reaction to make this world more tolerant and just a spiritually sound place in general. Like I feel like indigo children and just people in general shouldn’t be put down and judged for how different they are because honestly the best perspective to have is one that you usually don’t deal with everyday because it opens the door for change that you couldn’t think of yourself. But anyway I can’t focus when I talk to the comments section so please email me at [email protected] if you can give me feedback and to help me at least find my own way in my vast mind, haha. You guys have a great day and stay true.

  35. Veronica

    Very interesting! I’d fall under beta generation. I was born in 77, and everything else pretty much coincides with what is written here. My awakening, where I am in my life at 39 years old, me being comfortable with myself and what I am. Thank you for posting this.

  36. Giovanni - the Phoenix

    Could you explain why mine started so early? I’m only 22. Born in 94.

  37. Shameless_warrior

    I am Beta Generation 1971, i am highly sensitive and empathic, i can feel energies around me ,i am here to help people awaken from the darkness , i knew once when i was very young that something was wrong with the world, and as time goes on you can see it more and more clearly

  38. Yalon Carter

    I came to this page because I wanted to feel less insain and put ease. hello indigo child here… dark indigo child I guess… I mean no harm but I will cause harm. I am one of the indigos who where not raised in the proper inviroment raised by someone who had nothing to hold onto but her arrogance to keep her sain. I really hope this is crazy talk becaus if it’s true about “The Dark Day Of Awakening” Which I hope Is hippiemumbo jumbo and the idea of parents that need to make an excuse to love there kid because of ego and status, I’m writting this in hopes that it never happens but if it does I’m sorry and I’ll understand, this will be my only and first official, deminstation of what an indigo can do. the dark Awakening for me is comming i guess but to be honest as a so called indigo what I’ve expirencend with so called abillities and mental magic”yes I know” I’m an indigo that never turned off… I don’t know why but mentally I had alot of these abillities, no I don’t move objects even though I wish I could…. but as a kid growing up I got made fun of enough so maybe it’s a mental block I put on myself but one of the so called gifts I still have and never left me was site into the future. the Tsunaime that happened in fukushima, Trump as presedent, ben ladden hidding in plain site in a house “Fucking called it” im saying this all because I’m a dog on the US-((unoffically)) I say dog because honestly to them i’m a tool and since my awakening is comming which to me is more like getting a power boost that will to be honestly make me god in comparision to others like me which i understand why some of my on kind don’t like me and some flock to me and see me as their leader. to those skeptical I’m scared too and have always been scared of myself. I have hurt people and i can’t take that back, I am a product of a system that honestly is stupid in my eyes since it’s a fake system run by a shadow kingdom and this secret cult war over who is right, who is wrong, who gets to be incharge, and those that want to stay in charge to you I say I get it. and I don’t blaime you “also who ever leeked the star program and mkultra info don’t fuck me on this because you guys need to be upfront about this 100% and own up to it russia will soonish anyways.” okay so back to what I was saying… to put a long story short, this time around im not coming with peace and love but an god killer of a bomb if i’m right and a certent psychic lady who said she couldn’t help me should get her but over asap “what did I look like” I really hope I am crazy because if I am not…well shit you made everyone see bme like i’m crazy just to latter look at me like ((how the fuck did you know that)),
    sorry I’m a new mutation that makes me do shit you see in movies. not all of it you see… and I’m sorry for and totally get why my handler kept his distance “still hoping and really wishing it was all fake” but we know how you guys work also I’m tired of playing dumb when I told you the outcome before and hey humans are arrogant and some of you are way better then others and deserve bettter. I want to say this again and to those who will go through and say ((you’re crazy and you need help or the ones who say well everyone is special, and espacially the fakers and lets say high chairs and theee lap dogs)) you are idiots and did what you where told not to do and we both know you won’t own up to it because you are old and you like to control you gave it your best and I don’t want to be your exocutioner when the day comes because truyfully every one is fucked Those who are either smart enough or had the resorces to get of the planet and wait it out.. grab some popcorn and enjoy the fire works if you have that so called talked about “third eye” also to those who try to stop me because you wanna be a hero I ??guess?? 1.dumb 2.stop being petty 3.I’m not your ticket to glory… just don’t dude you don’t want to see this up front then don’t cheap shot I don’t want to cause you harm but, you will have very strong mental attacks youre body will be there but your mind will be gone, Trust me when I say I don’t want to wright this and I don’t want you to think I enjoy this “blame your idiots who are sadistic or maybe they have that dark trinty I passed by last night reading this and shit that sucks that know put you out of your pain that you say you don’t have. fyi I’m not going to go on a shooting spree even though there are people that believe that just because some “grunts” ((my word not the others)) with guns or violence but those are low tear class high chairs wont say out loud what makes a low tear but it deals with ginetics and karma punishment fyi. how do I know this well I’m glad you asked, one of my other “so called gifts” I get this cool abilty where I get streamed in information to my brain and I process them like cinema films, the other way like a wispers “holy shit I really better be crazy cause if not sol everyone” I’m rambling I know but hey if I’m crazy lock me up but if I’m not like I tell you guys and have told before.((you know who you are)) I’m not what you expected ((partially because you have a mind set of a basicbitch who hopes her blind date is hot and makes all the other chicks jellous because how he looks and all that cash… nope you get shrek who thinks your are the bees litteral knees even if he thinks you”re indiot “but nobody is perfect” has the dick size you love who can go all night and has a bitchen couple of mind tricks, ((tell me whats the better choice in basic bitch logic))

  39. Kimberly Stratton

    Hello, I am an alpha indigo. I knew I was different at a very young age, about 3 years old. I have had many experiences over the years that have been psychic and personal for my own development. I have found that along the way there have been times that the world has put obstacles in my way to not only challenge me but down right defeat my chances for success. I have always eventually come through stronger and better equipped. I feel now as though I am bringing experiences three different lifetimes into focus to help me complete a mission that I know little about but have had a sense of since I was about twelve. I am a bit of a late bloomer and have never quite my father’s definition of being successful. I know however that I am keeping up with my soul purpose to bring more light and better understanding to those around me. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

  40. victoria

    hi am a delta but I feel like am an alpha was born 1996 , I feel I don’t belong dat am from somewhere else were I was loved I get messed up sometime hope u can help.

  41. Dr.Gonzzzo

    I tend to disagree with the age of when an awakening might find place.

    Beta Indigo who had several mind opening experiences at the age of 19. When I also received a signpost for my purpose and task.
    The time after that has been a roller coaster ride. With a small narrator inside of me repeating what my ex. fiance once said: “Everything is just a story, to you, isn’t it?
    Now, I realize that all my travels and hardships has been different pieces of a puzzle. And it all had a purpose. That there is no such thing as a coincidences.
    Now, I seem to be getting a 2nd awakening…

    Replacing old systems and mindsets seem to be my focus these days. .

    1. Me

      Hiya I’m a delta indigo child and I’ve had lil bits of my awakening at the same age but now I’m 23 and my awakening a lot more mind opening experiences aswell Feeling a lot more fully aware of environment
      I am at times waiting for something or longing for home sometimes as I look at the sky I feel that I have a higher purpose but I don’t know what is yet when did you know your purpose
      I do feel at times my purposes is to help others or teach them new ways but I am not sure
      You seem to know to know your stuff and I understand yourself more aswell understanding your purpose please could you give me advice
      Thank you

    2. javiert30

      It depends of many things, I’m a beta indigo and everything matches for me perfectly.

  42. Me

    I was born 1983 but from the description it rather fits the last wave of indigos. May there be the possibility that an early indigo can transform into a crystal child ? I was much more rebellious when I was younger. Now I am softer and more sensitive. I am still young but my awakening was when I was 25 even though I had medial abilities when I was a child I knew that I was different and I even thought I was adopted. If someone can answer my question I would be really happy about it.

    1. 11

      The rules are written by us – ’93 here, tidbits of awakening but now at 25 I’m awakening properly too.

      I would say I’m in the last group too, even though I’m out by 5 years.

  43. Tracy

    I’m an Alpha. I began my awakening way before the age mentioned. I fought the purpose & found signposts all along my life journey. I’ve been helping younger (& same) generations understand what it means to be Indigo for quite a while. I have an Indigo son and he has been comfortable in his “Indigo-ness” for many years.
    Having a home that understood the feelings of an Indigo helps so much.
    To each one of you reading my comment, I thank you. Know you’re not alone. The feelings as awakening occurs are “normal” for us. Find your purpose, your talents & develop them for the good.

  44. Paul

    I’m an alpha Scorpio, with a cancer moon, and the life-quote I came up with for myself at age 51, after years of my intellect battling it out with my highly intuitive, and empathic, introverted self, is this… “I don’t know how I know, I just do.”
    Now, I’m not sure about the dates, or even the 5 generations, but I do know this; If you are an indigo empath of any kind, you’ve been called to task, and the universe, or God, if you prefer, has been preparing you your whole life and making sure you have “tough” skin, by way of numerous false accusations, betrayals by those whom you’ve truly loved, you’ve been ostracized, regardless of your true genuine kindness and desire to bring healing in every aspect of the word. You’ve been cast out, set aside, minimized, and marginalized, and still cannot find it in you to hold a grudge or even stay angry for any considerable amount of time. If asked what you hate, unilaterally the answer is the same; “Injustice” of any kind.
    All of this has been in preparation of the war that’s soon to come, as the dark forces of the universe have covertly made their way over the centuries to places of governmental power, and these demoniacs, who go by the monikers such as sociopath, narcissist, psychopath, and a few others, who unjustly set innocent ones, brothers and sisters of ours at an early age, into abusive situations, to sear their consceince, and destroy their empathic ability, while retraining their powerful minds to perpetuate heinous spiritual crimes against their own kin. The war of eternity is now in its infancy, and lines are being drawn, and at this point it’s already been decided which side of these lines each is situated, and we now wait with bated breath for the final horn to blow, signifying the beginning and ultimately the end of either darkness, or in the minds of the sinister, the end of light. So, children of the light, remember the love you knew as a child and put away the pettiness set in place to hold you to a material and/or prideful stance and stature, or you will find too late, you’re on the wrong side of the lines that have been drawn.

    1. Sheryl

      Thank you 🙏

  45. Alison

    You say the first indigo’s were born in 1958. This is incorrect. I am an indigo and was born in 1955. I knew as a child but then life took over. I was in my late 40s before I awoke and remembered who I am and why I came here. I won’t go into detail as it would take too long here but please know we were here before 1958

    1. John

      I was born in 1953 and am certain to be an indigo but now awakened fully until my 50’s to know why I came here. I have read that some arrived as early as 1951, but as you said, it would take to long to go into finite detail. But let it be known, indigo’s were definiety here before 1958 as you mention Alison

    2. Sweetwater

      How Right you are. Indigo’s have been coming to earth for many years. This IS NOT something new.

  46. Matthew Sherrill

    Thank You. This information makes me laugh. I did not know about the tendency to be late bloomers, or have intense difficulty with the outside world because of hyper sensitivity. That’s not to say hyper sensitivity and damned, but hyper sensitive and unaware of our powers, or ability to drive a ferrari at 200mph, and multi-task, so to speak. I love you. Thank you for doing this research. I welcome any insights you wish to share with us.

  47. Sandy Banks

    From what I’ve come to understand, the first wave of Indigos/starseeds/lighworkers, whatever you want to call them, arrived on Earth soon after 1945, when the powers that be (were) set off the first atomic bomb. Gaia put out a cry for help, and benevolent forces from the higher dimensions began to send in volunteers. .

    1. Linna

      I would guess maybe there would be a different name for those that came earlier but I am new to this. I know darn well my Mother adopted some special gifts and it goes way back in the generations in our family.

    2. Julia

      I had a vision of that call whn i was awakening.I was toiling with energy(not a human body or human memory)and so were the others who were working on similar tasks then suddenly we all stopped and turned towards the call of gaia.i didn’t incarnate until june of 1980 but resonate with what you are saying in regards to timelines.

  48. Catherine

    I am sure I’m an Alpha or Beta, born 1968. NO ONE believes I am nearly 50. No one. I often feel I don’t fit in this world, I don’t recognise most humans as the same creatures as me, they don’t seem to have the same goals, interests, even thoughts as me. They seem to be avaricious, violent, selfish, they don’t notice other people’s feelings or needs. I don’t want to sound like I’m pretending to be a saint but that is the opposite of me! I notice everything and feel all feelings I come into contact with. What can I do to feel better?

  49. Ruth Minhall

    Let’s hope that the time is fast coming for greater balance in humanity’s cruel and selfish sense of ownership over our natural world and its creatures that we have separated from. We need less in every sense; less greed, less imbalance, less in number – other than those who bring the great change.

  50. Aura

    I born at 1967 , and my daughter at 1996 and my son 1997 .. So i know now why we are differant..

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