Does Human Body Have a Self-Healing Mechanism?

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self healing mechanismModern civilization accepts as real only what is visible and measurable. The existence of a phenomenon is ascertained through the analysis of its mechanism and examined from the results and consequences.

But science often gets puzzled by phenomena for which there is no reasonable explanation as it happens in cases of self-healing, which have become increasingly common in recent years.

The fact that the body is affected by the spirit is generally accepted and reflected in language, since in our daily lives we often use such common phrases as “take my breath away” when being scared or shocked, “break my heart ” when suffering from emotional pain and other similar idioms that connect the feelings and emotions with the body.

What happens when people find a solution without the intervention of science in difficult medical cases or when a placebo pill is enough to fix an injury suffered by the human body? Is it about willpower or faith, is it a kind of miracle or does human indeed have the ability to heal himself?

According to the studies of cellular and molecular levels of the human body, there is no doubt that the nervous, hormonal and immune systemsinteract between them. At the same time, the magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography make it possible to see what brain structures are activated when someone takes a drug that contains no active ingredient and then record the reaction of the organism.

Despite the reluctance of traditional medicine toward the phenomena of self-healing, more and more doctors recognize that traumatic events that happen to a person affect his immune system and that positive thinking and belief in good results of the treatment are beneficial in the course of a patient’s health, and thus the way of thinking in the scientific community is gradually changing.

The fact is that the imagination, relaxation and meditation, sometimes even prayer, can bring about changes in the body. Perhaps in the future, the self-healing mechanism of the human body will become one of the greatest scientific discoveries.

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  1. Otto Bhan April 3, 2014 at 12:50 am - Reply

    It would seem from the lack of responses to this post, that you’ve touched a nerve that is mute in most.

    Any honest self-realized doctor can admit to a 30% placebo effect as a recognized rule of thumb in their work. All doctors know they never actually heal a patient, rather they work to reduce trauma, disease, infections and the like to create a more normal stable physical state in which each patient’s mind/body/spirit may getter heal themselves

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Does Human Body Have a Self-Healing Mechanism?