Does water have memory? It is possible for water to function as the computer RAM memory storing in its “brain” every interaction that occurs in its immediate environment?

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of nature“.

Indeed, there can be no life without water. But what are the secrets hidden in this amazing part of nature? How did it emerge on Earth? Questions that perhaps only the water itself could answer…

Water is what unites all mankind and life in general. Our body consists of 60% to 70% water. The planet’s surface is mostly covered by water.

The amazing water

Scientists have concluded that some properties of water are unique and can not be explained entirely by the laws of physics.

For example, water is the only chemical compound that can exist in three forms: liquid, solid, and gaseous – at the temperatures that our planet naturally has.

Does water have memory?

The unpredictable behavior of water concerned scientists in the 1950s and 1960s. Unable to explain a series of unpleasant incidents such as deaths of scientists and intelligence agents after drinking water, they resulted in a conclusion that initially seemed incredible:

What if water has memory? What if by some unexplained mechanism, it manages to “save” information, much like a computer?

In the next years, a series of experiments in various countries of the world have shown that water “recorded” and “saved” any outside influence. According to the study author Jacques Benveniste and his team of researchers, it “remembered” anything that happened in its surrounding environment, and anything that came in contact with water left a “mark” in it.

However, the scientific community didn’t accept these results as valid and regarded Benveniste’s experiments as a way to promote the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water

Masaru Emoto’s experiments suggest that water doesn’t just have memory, but its structure could be affected by the emotions of people. According to Emoto, water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions.

With the help of a technologically advanced tool Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, the researcher studied the crystalline form of water and made photos of the changes brought to it from the various environmental and human influences.

  • What are the musical tastes of water?
  • How does it react when it is talked to with love?
  • How does it respond to thoughts and intentions?
  • How much does water suffer from environmental pollution?

According to Emoto’s, the results of his experiments suggest that different kinds of music and people’s thoughts, feelings, and words directly affect the crystal structure of water, which seems to react like a living entity.

Emoto put labels on bottles of water with expressions of human emotions and ideas. Some of them were positive, for example, “thank you” and “love”. Others were negative, as the label “You make me sick, I will kill you.

He claims that the water reacted to these expressions. According to him, the water with positive messages made beautiful crystals and that with negative messages – ugly and deformed crystals.

Below are the photographs of water crystals from the book by Emoto:

water before meditation
Tap water crystal before meditation
water after meditation
Tap water crystal after meditation
water mozart
The reaction of the water to the music of Mozart
water heavy metal
The reaction of the water to the heavy metal music
water love
The reaction of the water to the word ‘love’
water-i will kill you
The reaction of the water to the phrase “I will kill you”
The reaction of the water to the word “fool”

Are the results of Emoto’s experiments valid?

The above images and Emoto’s claims provoked an international reaction in the scientific community and beyond it, which led to the fact that his research was taken seriously by some scientists and was heavily criticized by some others.

As such, Dr. William Reville, a professor of biochemistry at University College Cork in Ireland, believes that there is little evidence behind Emoro’s claims. First of all, the results of the research were never peer-reviewed but were only published in an alternative science journal. Secondly, other studies, aimed to confirm Emoto’s results, failed to show a similar effect on water crystals.

According to Dr. Reville, Emoto’s research lacks valid scientific methods and sufficient experimental controls since the formation of water crystals can be influenced by many factors. It means that the results of Emoto’s experiments are very subjective and could be easily manipulated and are prone to human error.

“It is very unlikely that there is any reality behind Emoto’s claims. I have no reason to doubt Emoto’s sincerity, but his work bears many hallmarks of a pseudoscience”, said Dr. Reville.

Are you convinced?

As you can see, the scientific community has found faults in both Benveniste’s and Emoto’s experiments rejecting them as valid, even though both scientists made bold claims, giving us some food for thought.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Does water have memory and consciousness of its own or is it just a fancy idea inspired by New Age claims?

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  1. Matthew C

    Water is not the only element that can exist in three states of matter. Mercury does it, too. In fact, all of the elements, of which mercury is one, may exist in solid, liquid, or gas forms.

  2. joyce

    is it possible that the souls who were thrown into the water or sea during slavery are trapped and cases the hurricanes to go south . I was wondering because I read somewhere that all hurricane starts in Africa

    1. Kara

      This is such a beautiful comment. So glad to see such a question asked in response to an article. This woiod be my question too. Not everyone would think to ask this. Thank you.

  3. Vina Prasad

    After reading Dr Masaru Emotos water research I did the water and rice experiment. The results was amazing.
    Take 3 jars,fill each with equal amounts of rice and water. Write Hate, love and ignore on the third one. Every day say positive thoughts to the love jar and negative to the hate. Ignore the last. After several days record the results for yourself.

    1. Dawood arsalan

      Tell me about results

    2. Mukesh

      i am eagerly waiting for the results…

  4. Aj

    This is amazing your study is really cool. Post another one real soon. You are the best

  5. Csaba Sztoika

    Hi everyone!
    Yes is a interesting article.
    There a big effort to get higher understanding and feeling to be true!
    I am part of a startup and water and light, our main area of synthetic biological engineering to creating a new art of data computing! I happy to got chance to write here! I wish you all a merry Christmas and a great ideas for the post Corona pandemie to change our world! Be blessed, Csaba

  6. Ivan

    “According to Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, water is able to duplicate the qualities of any material with which it once interfaced. Numerous other scientists and researchers also have found water to possess the innate capacity to retain a memory of the molecular properties of any substance it once contained.” And much more has been written about it. Fascinating.

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