Having dreams about breaking up can be extremely distressing and worrying, especially when you feel that you have finally found the love of your life and you intend to stay with them forever.

But don’t worry – like all dreams, it could mean any number of things and shouldn’t be taken completely at face-value. Seeing dreams about breaking up, more often than not, can mean something completely unrelated to your love life. It could be pointing to other areas of your life that need addressing immediately.

Many people ignore their dreams and do not give sufficient time and effort to understand them, brushing them off as silly or unimportant. Dreams very rarely (if ever) predict a future event. If understood correctly, they can be valuable tools to help us improve our lives and steer ourselves in the right direction. Think of them like a compass or a map – they are there to help us when we are lost and unsure of where to go next.

Every relationship is different, and every person is unique, so there is no one correct answer as to why someone sees dreams about breaking up with their significant other. It can depend on any number of different factors – from the length of your relationship, whether you are married, if you have children, your past relationships or even on your overall mental health and happiness levels.

Following are the most common dreams about breaking up, why they are occurring and practical steps you can take to move ahead positively to avoid such dreams in the future.

Something or someone in your life could be causing you consistent stress.

If in your dream your emotion following the breakup was indifferent or passive, this is a strong indication that there is something or someone that is causing you chronic worry in your life and needs to be let go. This does not necessarily have to be your significant other. It could be a friend, a co-worker or even a relative.

Consider all the people you are in contact with on a day to day basis. Is there anyone who is not necessarily being a positive or helpful influence? Is there is a recurring issue that you are putting off resolving? If any of these apply to you, then addressing such issues can take the burden off from your soul and put an end to dreams about breaking up.

If you are not married to your partner, and you dream about them leaving you, this is actually a positive sign.

According to dream interpretation books, this means that not only will you both survive the tough situations ahead of you, but in reality, it will help you to bond even more. If you are a girl in love, this kind of dream is a sign of your love strengthening – you are becoming more and more attracted to your partner, and this is absolutely mutual.

If you are married to your partner, dreams about breaking up could mean that there are some family-related problems that you and your partner are neglecting to communicate about. It could also mean that soon you will have problems caused by your partner’s parents. There will be a lack of understanding between you, and this will negatively affect your married life if not dealt with positively.

Some of us can remain calm and rational after experiencing such dreams. But for others, being left by a partner can be truly frightening.

In your relationship, if you are powerless and have no control over things like finances, the idea of your partner leaving could truly be frightening because you could be left with nothing. In examining dreams about breaking up, you are actually examining your beliefs about your relationship.

Insecurity in your relationship is problematic because it leaves you in a state of anxiety and can have serious consequences for your mental wellbeing and health. The best way to address these underlying issues is to have open and honest communication with your partner, or even a qualified therapist if your dreams continue to concern you.

Perhaps the most obvious and straightforward reason for these dreams could be your fear of abandonment and relationship insecurity.

You have a fear of having your heart broken by your partner, and possibly feel inadequate for them. Look at your relationship for reasons that you suspect your partner would leave you, and talk things out with them. Being transparent and honest is the best way to solve such issues in a relationship and to avoid a build-up of issues that can cause problems in the future if not dealt with now.

As long as you are open to making positive changes that encourage your growth, dreams will always be a helpful guide and insight into the way you think, feel, and process your life in your subconscious mind.

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